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With all the innovative coffee brewing methods existing today, you may find it difficult to decide on your go-to method.

Even then, knowing how to make your coffee brew at home is a life-changing skill. Naturally, if you regularly get your caffeine fix from your favorite coffee shop or by a touch of a button on your Keurig coffee maker, it can be a little overwhelming to learn how to brew coffee at home.

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Despite this, it’s important that you start by identifying the type of coffee you want and what goes into making it. That way you’ll easily be able to choose your preferred and best coffee brewing method. 

Regardless of the kind of coffee maker you use, the important thing you should have is high-quality ingredients.

This guide will take you through six unusual methods for making coffee, and hopefully give you more exciting ways to brew your coffee in different ways. Keep reading and learn more ways to help you in your pursuits for that perfect brew.

Below is a summary of the brewing methods and the type of brewer you can use.

Method Of Brewing Type of BrewerDescription
Dripping or FiltrationChemexBrews 3- 4 cups at the same time. Produces rich and aromatic brew. A well-designed brewer that also serves as an art piece
 Cold BrewProduces unique tasting coffee with no bitterness. Makes extra remains fresh for 2 weeks
Using SteepingFrench PressGives you unique and distinct flavors. With the right instructions, it’s easy to use. Can brew large coffee pots without replicating the process
 Siphon or Vacuum PotIf done right it’ll get you the best tasting brew. Includes temperature controls. Lets you manage brewing timehas controlled stirring of grind
Using PressureEspresso MachineWhen warm, it brews fast. Makes highly concentrated and sharp brew. Different apparatus available for both home and commercial use
 AeroPressPortable so you can take it anywhere and won’t risk breaking it. Made using BPA-free plastic material. Very versatile while lets you  customize your brew. Produces clean, and great tasting cup of joe

6 Different Coffee Brewing Methods in 2020

Regardless of the type of coffee machine you’re using, what’s important is that you’ll be using top-quality ingredients. Next, let’s explore six top coffee brewing methods for you to try min 2021.

We will only be talking about actual coffee and not instant coffee. Also, make sure that you use the best coffee beans before making your favorite brew.

Using Dripping or Filtration

Drip or filtration method is among the oldest, fastest, simplest and cheapest methods to make coffee. It seems like new, progressive, and funky looking drippers are being invented each month.

We’re going to cover cold brewing, pour-over dripping. As a reminder, start by using whole coffee beans and ensure you grind them fresh for the best tasting brew.

This brewing method is relatively simple: you pour water over the freshly ground coffee beans that are sitting in some sort of filter.

With the help of gravity, the water will pass through your fresh grounds resulting in a clear, light-bodied, and clean tasting brew. Consider using a gooseneck kettle in controlling the speed of your pour.

With the filtration coffee brewing method, less is more – the majority of drippers are small, inexpensive, and portable. Plus, they are a great way of brewing small batches of excellent tasting coffee.

The filtration or dripping devices you may want to know about and that we’ve covered below include the Chemex and the cold-drip method. When you use any of these methods, you’ll end up kicking your favorite brew up a notch from your regular coffee.

1. Chemex Coffee Brewing Method

This Chemex brewer is an elegant and beautifully designed glass flask that uses a Chemex paper filter that’s 20-30% heavier compared to other filters.

Like the coffee cone, you pour hot water over the grounds in the Chemex paper filter. The brew then drips into a bottom flask which also acts as its carafe.

How to use
6 Unusual Ways to Brew Coffee At Home 17

The main benefit of this brewer over other drippers is its capacity. This brewer lets you make 3 – 4 cups at once, rather than 1 or 2. Also, you can even get a 10-cup Chemex brewer with a water capacity of 50 ounces. Plus, it’s perfect for entertainers.

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Similar to other drippers the process of brewing is not a matter of throwing grounds in the filter and then douse with water. Rather you’ll have to practice the finer details about the water temp, grind size, and coffee volume. However, once you do be ready to be blown away.

Who It’s For

If you’re looking for something that will also work as an art piece then this brewer offers you just that. You’ll love the fact that it can brew 3-4 cups at one time.

Again, pour-over brewers are suitable for those who enjoy a short yet focused morning routine and aren’t afraid of experimenting.

Although drippers are believed to be “entry-level” manual brewing tools, using one will require much care and focus. Add a grinder, and a scale and you’ll reach brewing perfection.

This brewer is for you if you only want to make 1 or 2 coffees every morning, or you are someone who likes traveling with your brewing device.

Resulting brew: As mentioned above, the Chemex filters are about 30 percent thicker than those used on other drippers. That means you’ll brew richer tasting coffee.

Grind type required: Try out different grounds depending on your preference. However, try grinding between coarse to medium ground coffee.

  • Brews 3 to 4 cups at once
  • Produces rich and aromatic coffee
  • Well designed brewer that also serves as an art piece
  • Can result in under or over-extraction
  • Not suitable if you only want 1 or 2 coffees

2. Cold Brew Coffee Brewing Method

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Cold drip brewing is pretty simple and involves submerging your fresh grounds in room temp water for around 8 to 12 hours. Then the brew is poured through a filter. You can prepare your brew using a cold brew maker, or simply use a mason jar.

Is this brew like hot coffee, only that it’s cold? Simply put no. With lots of patience, you’ll get a unique, strong, and intense tasting brew that has a great smooth finish. Additionally, it has no bitterness or acidity. Also, you won’t have to ‘enhance’ its flavor with sweeteners or milk. And that means you can experience the origins of your coffee beans and where they come from.

Also, based on the type of coffee you decide to use, the resulting profiles may be strikingly chocolaty, tart, or fruity and rich. 

The best part about cold-brewed coffee is that it remains fresh for a maximum of 2 weeks. Therefore, you can fill up several old jars in your fridge. Thus from one brewing cycle, you’ll be caffeinated on this great-tasting brew for days.

Who it’s for

The cold brew is perfect for you if you live in a hot area. Also, it’s a great option for people who experience the usual sharp peaks and crashes after taking regular coffee.

This type of coffee will give you a caffeine high and you won’t experience the crash. Therefore, it’ll keep you mentally alert, and also calm.

The brewing time is between 10 to 24 hours thus you’ll need lots of patience. First, get your grind right, and then set up your cold drip brewer as it’s intended and you are all set.

However, this brewing option is not for you if you’re impatient. That’s because this brewer is pretty slow.

Resulting brew: You’ll get an intense and strong-flavored brew without any type of bitterness. The whole flavors of your chosen coffee bean are on display. Above all, it has a very smooth aftertaste.

Grind type required: The best grind for this brew is Coarse ground similar to thick sand

  • Doesn’t cause caffeine crash
  • Unique tasting coffee with no bitterness
  • Makes extra remains fresh for 2 weeks
  • A slow process that requires patience

Brewing via Steeping

Steeping is a different word for immersion which is also the longest standing and fundamental method of making coffee.

You directly mix coffee grinds with hot water which allows the two to do their magic. You then separate them while keeping your coffee, and dump the wet grinds. Sounds easy, right?

Nonetheless, there’s a huge difference between under and over steeping your coffee; too early and you get a weak brew, or too long and you get a typically bitter brew.

Fortunately, it is easy for you to learn how to correctly steep your brew. Also, when it’s done right you’ll get a uniquely flavored drink. Thus you’ll uncover flavors from your coffee beans that you never thought existed.

One very common way of steeping coffee is through the use of the French press (we’ll discuss this brewing method and the vacuum pot in detail.​

3. Vacuum Coffee Pot (Siphon Coffee Brewing Method)

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This method is also referred to as the siphon pot. Brewing your favorite cup this way is exclusive. That’s because it’s a combo of different brewing methods; the full immersion brew (since your grind is immersed in the water). Also, the Vacuum Coffee Pot uses the siphon action for creating the perfect tasting cup.

This is not an easy way of brewing coffee. It requires a lot of effort and a long process, so it may not be suitable for daily use (unless you have time in your hands).

While some swear by the great tasting brew it yields, some consider it to be a novelty brew style.​

This brewer needs a source maker for it to start brewing. Also steam is crucial as it helps get everything going. Once the steam is released, it forces liquid water through an internal siphon. Again, the steam continues the coffee making action provided that it is at the ideal brewing temperatures.

Who it’s for

This brewer is perfect for you if you are into coffee making devices and you’d like to try something exciting.

The time needed to brew using this device is about 10 minutes. All the same, it’s worth noting that cleaning your siphon pot is quite involved. Plus you’ll have to carefully follow the recommended steps.

However, if you’d rather have a fast and easy coffee brewing method then avoid getting this brewer.

Resulting brew: This brewer will give you an extremely clean and flavourful brew – provided it is done correctly. Also, because your brew only comes in contact with glass, you’ll have the purest tasting brew you’ve ever had in awhile.

Grind type required: For the best results, you may want to use a coarse to medium grind which is similar to what you’d use for a Chemex brew.

  • Provided it is done right it’ll give you the best tasting brew
  • Includes temperature controls
  • Lets you manage brew time
  • has controlled stirring of grinds
  • Since it’s an advanced coffee-making method, be ready to make mistakes
  • Pretty fragile
  • If you want a coffee, the whole process can be tedious

4. French Press Coffee Brewing Method

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French press brewing method involves the immersion of your coffee grounds fully in water. The mix is then filtered using a metal strainer. The metal filters let undissolved coffee particles and oils to pass into your cup.

​This method gives you a full-bodied brew. It has a denser and heavier texture than the pour-over. That’s why, although French press coffee is tasty and black, it blossoms with cream or milk.

This brewer is very easy to use, it’s pocket friendly (almost) and will give you a cup with a distinct feel and taste like no other brewing method.

If you enjoy using the French Press remember to use the right grind for your coffee. That’s because this little known yet super regular mistake spoils French Press coffee.

Who’s It For?

Although this brewer is available to everyone, it works mostly well for those who enjoy their brew with breakfast. This is because the French Press acts as a serving carafe plus it’s available in different sizes. 

This method is easy though it’s not super fast, neither is super slow. The entire process from boiling your water, to steeping as well as plunging, it’ll take you about 10. During steeping, your French press needs your undivided attention.

Despite this, brewing a French press is easy. However, brewing the best French press is a bit harder. In general, when you follow some set instructions, you’ll brew what you want with no problems.

Resulting brew: This method gets you non-harsh unique and aromatic coffee that’s filled with flavor, more so to your beans. However, it will have some sediments, so avoid consuming the last few sips in each cup

grind type required: The best grind size for this method is the coarse grind. If using very fine grinds means you’ll get particles jammed in your filter. Also, some will pass into your finished brew, resulting in over-steeping thus giving you a bitter cup.

  • Has a unique and distinct flavor
  • With the right instructions, it’s easy to use
  • Can brew large pots of joe and not have to replicate the process
  • The taste might not be what you expected
  • Steeping is challenging to perfect which can mess up the French press

Using Pressure

When you mention pressure brewed coffee, some people will think of the word ‘espresso’. However, it’s worth mentioning that there are many more ways of brewing using pressure than the use of the standard stock espresso maker.

Coffee made using pressure simply describes a brew that’s extracted using pressure. This then results in quicker extraction times while giving you a more intense cup of coffee (if compared to other brewing methods)

Next, let’s look at the most common ways of making coffee using a little pressure. Here we’ll look at the AeroPress brewer and the espresso machine.

5. Espresso Machine Coffee Brewing Method

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The espresso machine like the Breville BES870XL helps keep you caffeinated thanks to the great brew it makes.. And today they are available in various sizes and shapes with numerous gimmicks and features. But don’t let the flash machines confuse you though since the fundamentals are the same.

 It works as the pressurized water is forced through a puck/chamber of finely ground beans, and then it’s passed through a filter. This then gives you what’s called espresso shots.

Are Espresso machines expensive? The answer is both Yes and no. By this we mean, you could spend as much and as little as you want.

Even then, settling for one can be quite overwhelming. Despite that, the best place to start is to decide the kind of espresso maker you want.

You have several that you can choose from home from manual lever machines, semi-automatic espresso machines, smaller portable espresso machines, or fully automatic machines. Also, if you own a cafe – you have commercial coffee machines.

For those who are more artisanal or old fashioned, you can get a lever espresso machine. These are more hands-on since you have to pump them with your hand and it’s an excellent way to make exceptional coffee.

If you prefer that your brew is all done for you, then the super-automatic espresso makers are a great choice. But note that they’re expensive.

Who it’s for

The espresso machine is best for you if you enjoy a milky brew (i.e. a latte). It’s also for you if you like a sharp and fast hit of caffeine. The thing with Espressos is that they’re unique and no other apparatus can reproduce a nice shot of espresso.

This brewer is not for you if you’d rather have a subtle tasting coffee or if you don’t wish to invest hundreds of dollars in your coffee maker. Also, this isn’t right for you if you don’t have counter space for the machine or if you’re someone who travels often. Then the espresso machine won’t serve you well.

The brewing time for espresso machines depends on the machine you’ve chosen. A commercial machine might take 15 to 40 minutes before it warms up. While the home-based machines need about 3 minutes. After it’s warmed up, however, you’ll get your fix within 20 to 30 seconds.

Depending on your machine, some will give you an excellent shot almost automatically, while the manual or more commercial types require a higher skill level. For best results consider using espresso beans and a good tamper.

Resulting brew: When done right, you’ll get sharp, strong, espresso shots that are full of flavor. Also, you could add hot water to make an Americano for it or froth some milk for milk-based coffee.

Grind type required: To make espresso you require a fine and consistent grind. One tip of the trade is to pinch your grind and see what happens. You should have the grind clump up in your fingertips). If it’s too fine then it’ll clump excessively, and if it’s too coarse it doesn’t clump at all

  • Once warm, it brews fast
  • Price and quality vary from super expensive to relatively cheap
  • Makes a highly concentrated, yet sharp brew
  • A cheaper coffee maker often gives you less than perfect results
  • Occupies lots of kitchen counter space
  • Cleaning is tedious

6. AeroPress Coffee Brewing Method

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The AeroPress brewing style has a huge following among the traveling community of coffee lovers. It looks more like a science project instead of a coffee brewer. What’s more, it makes the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

This brewing method combines immersion (here coffee grounds and water steep as it’s in a French press) and filtration (which uses paper filters like in pour-over). This plastic apparatus was created by physicist and engineer Alan Adler, who was after a quicker brewing method than regular drip coffee.

To prepare it, you’ll need to get your paper filter, place it in your device, put together the two plastic apparatus. Then add water and coffee then plunge. Soon you’ll have a concentrated coffee brew that you can dilute with hot water.

Also, many say it makes the best cup that they have ever tasted.

If you get an AeroPress you’ll be getting an uncomplicated 3 piece device that lets you make great-tasting coffee with little effort. What’s more, this coffee brewer lets you make cold brew, regular coffee, and it can also brew almost-espresso.

Who It’s For

AeroPress is for you if you enjoy a clean, quick, and great tasting brew. Or if you’re someone who loves camping then this brewer is right for you.

It is perfect for the minimalist, traveler, or coffee aficionado. This brewer has inbuilt features such as numbers which means that you won’t need a special kettle or a scale.

However, after you’ve figured out how to operate it, it’s pretty easy. Thus brewing will take about 1 minute. Also, note that the AeroPress method requires an initial investment.   

There are several ways you could use to brew AeroPress coffee. However, if you’re pressed for time, you can do this within 60 seconds after the water is sufficiently hot. We should also mention that cleaning up this brewer is a breeze.

Operating the AeroPress brewer is easy. Also after you have mastered the standard AeroPress coffee, you could start experimenting with other brewing techniques.

This brewer isn’t for you If you aren’t open to the idea of using paper filters and wastage. Once done, you’ll get a brew with a beautiful taste and color. It gives you a more ‘clean’ tasting brew (which differs from what Moka Pot or French press produces).

AeroPress brewing method is versatile and allows for improvisation. The brew you get has a mouthfeel that’s silky and delicate.

Grind type required: The best thing with AeroPress is that you can achieve different results depending on your grind size. Therefore, you should pick the right ground size depending on your mood.

  • Portable thus lets you it anywhere and not risk breaking it
  • Made using BPA-free plastic
  • Very versatile thus you can customize your brew (have fun with it)
  • Gives you a clean, and great tasting cup
  • Uses Paper filters which leads to wastage
  • It lets you brew only two coffees per cycle, so if you want to make coffee for several people it could get tedious

Coffee Grind Sizes And What They Are Used For

The key reason behind using the right size of coffee grind for your preferred brewing method is so that you can avoid over and under extracting the coffee during brewing.

What’s more, using the right grind size can noticeably change how your final brew will taste. Again this will also determine whether you’ll have the best tasting brew you’ll ever have or an undrinkable bitter drink.

​Even then, realize that to ensure that you have the best grinds each time takes some practice. Plus when you don’t have the best coffee beans grinder, then you might not get the best tasting cup.

Here are 7 common grind sizes that will get you started as you experiment with a variety of different brewing methods.

Coarse Grind

This grind size is comparable to sea salt. The coarse coffee grinds are commonly used in brewing French Press coffee.

Extra Coarse Grind

This grind size looks like crushed peppercorns. The extra coarse grind is often used for cold brew methods of brewing coffee. Also, it’s often the biggest setting on many burr coffee grinders.

Medium-Coarse Grind

Its appearance is like coarse rough sand. The medium-coarse grind is often used in the Cafe Solo, Chemex, or Clever dripper brewer to name a few.

​Medium Grind

This grind size looks like the consistency of normal sand. It’s among the most frequently-used grind sizes. The medium grind is typically used for drip brewing methods like the AeroPress, automatic drip coffee machines, siphon coffee makers, and cone-shaped pour-over machines.

Fine Grind

The fine grind is a little finer compared to table salt. This grind coffee size is perfect for the Stovetop espresso maker or espresso maker. It’s the most popular grind size that’s always sold as pre-ground coffee.

Medium-Fine Grind

It looks finer than sand, however, not so fine thus can clump together. It’s the best ground size for pour-over brewers and is at times used in vacuum/siphon brewers.

​​Extra Fine Grind

This grind size has the same consistency as flour. You’ll rarely mill your coffee beans to this consistency unless you love Turkish coffee. Note that most coffee grinders cannot attain this fine grind size. Therefore you’ll need to get a specialized Turkish coffee grinder for this type of grind.

Extra coarseCowboy Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee
CoarseCoffee Cupping, Percolator, French Press
Medium-coarseChemex brewer, Cafe Solo Brewer, Clever Dripper
MediumAeroPress(using 3+ minutes brewing time), Cone-shaped Pour-over Brewers,Siphon Coffee maker, Flat Bottom Drip Machines,
Medium-fineAeroPress( has 2-3 minutes brewing time), Cone-shaped Pour-over Coffee Makers
FineMoka Pot( or Stovetop Espresso Machine), Espresso,AeroPress (gives 1 minute brewing time)
Extra FineTurkish coffee

Which Coffee Brewing Method Should I Choose?

Are you wondering which of the top brewing methods above is right for you? Realize that this will depend on your preferences and needs. Regardless of the type of coffee machine you’re using, what’s most important is that you use high-quality ingredients.

Remember that using fresh coffee beans makes all the difference — so make sure you grind them to get the best grind size and consistency for your preferred method.

Also, it can be tough to master the right grind size as you start in the coffee making world. However, once you figure it out the whole process will get much easier. Besides using the right water temperature and checking that you measure your beans accurately, your coffee grind is one very critical and often overlooked step.

All in all, choosing the right brewing method will depend on your desired outcome. Therefore, make sure you follow the given brewing instructions for the best cup of coffee!

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