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Are you considering buying an Illy espresso machine? These machines are suitable for home use, office, and professional use like cafes.

Illy is an Italian family-led Company that was founded in 1933. It is known for its velvety coffee taste, which is from Arabica beans. The brand uses the iperEspresso capsule to brew coffee and espresso.

Best Selling Illy espresso machine

Bestseller No. 1
Illy ESE Single Serve 100% Compostable ESE Coffee and Espresso Machine (Red), 10.2 X 12.5 X 4.33
  • BREWING OPTIONS: Single Serve machine for easy espresso preparation. choose between two brewing options; an espresso and lungo
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: ESE uses 100% Compostable illy ESE pods and other ESE pods
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Compact design Made in Italy
  • EASY USE: Power Save Function with auto-shut off, Auto-ejection of pods into container that holds 9 pods, Programmable volume control
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.2 X 12.5 X 4.33, 1 litre removeable water tank, coffee not included
Bestseller No. 2
illy X9 Espresso Machine, 4.8 x 10.5 x 10.6, Red
  • Effortlessly prepare Espresso and coffee with easy to use one-touch operation
  • Compact design with fully frontal use (4. 80" X 10. 60" X 10. 50")
  • Room for two cups and the commands make it possible to memorize and select two different Espresso sizes
  • Water tank: removable, Can be refilled even when the machine is in function; capacity 0. 70 liters (23. 70 oz)
  • Works with illy iperEspresso capsules
Bestseller No. 3
illy X1 Espresso Machine, 13 x 9.8 x 10.60, Red
  • illy x1 anniversary Espresso and coffee capsule machine in Red finish
  • Easy capsule operation for Espresso or brewed Coffee. Compatible with illy iperEspresso capsules only
  • Automated Coffee shut off for controlled volume
  • Steam wand froths milk for cappuccino and lattes and heats water for tea and hot chocolate
  • Machine Dimensions 10. 6" (W) x 9. 8" (D) x 13" (H), 1 liter water tank, 5 bar pump

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Even with other brands that use capsules to brew coffee, Illy brings creativity and competition into the market. 

If you are not sure which espresso machine to buy, then this guide is for you. We have everything that you need to know about the Illy Espresso machines.

Guide to Buying the Best Illy Espresso Machine

Illy espresso machines come with different features and price. Here is what you need to know before buying an espresso machine from Illy:

  1. Versatility

If you love taking different coffee drinks, then you need to consider a versatile espresso machine. Not all Ill espresso machines can make more than one beverage.

For example, the Illy Francis Francis Y5 brews different coffee beverages. Also, this type of espresso machine works best if you are making coffee for several people. 

But, if you are comfortable with a cup of coffee or espresso, it may not be necessary for you to buy this type of machine.

  1. Quantity

Illy espresso machines differ in terms of capacity. If you are buying an Illy espresso machine for home use, you can consider buying one with a big capacity. 

For instance, the Illy espresso machine with a 40 Ounce water reservoir can be a good fit for you. 

  1. Size

Before buying a coffee or espresso machine, you need to consider the storage space in your kitchen or office. Most of the brands have a clear indication of the size of the product.

Therefore, you need to check the size before shipping the machine. Confirming the size, helps you select one that fits the space on your countertops.

  1. Price

Having a budget helps you manage your finances and go for the quality. It comes in handy when you are targeting the high-end espresso machines. 

Illy espresso machines come in a range of prices. Most of their espresso machines are high-end. If you are working on a tight budget, you may consider comparing with other brands.

You can get an Illy espresso machine below $200 and a high-end one for more than $500.

  1. Maintenance

Maintaining the cleanliness of an espresso machine means fresh beverages in every cup. Illy espresso machines have an automatic descale feature.

The purpose of the descale function is to remove calcium buildup from unfiltered water. The buildup interferes with the original taste of the coffee brewing. 

It also compromises the durability of the machine. Descaling the Illy espresso machine maintains the freshness and flavor of coffee brewing.

  1. Convenience

How convenient is an espresso machine? The Illy Y5 espresso and coffee machine uses technology to brew your favorite drink. It uses an app to brew coffee from a mobile device.

You can brew your coffee beverage as you carry on with other tasks. In addition to this, it alerts you when you are running low on capsules. Such an Illy espresso machine is convenient for an individual who is on a busy schedule.

List of Eight Best Illy Espresso Machines

Illy has a range of espresso machines for coffee lovers. The Italian Illy espresso machines are among the best in the market today. They have different features that give you value for your money.

Not only do the espresso machine make different drinks, but it also uses a two-stage process to brew from the iperEspresso capsules.

Here is a summary of the espresso machines we will be discussing in this section. 

Illy espresso machineVersatilitySize(W x D x H)Water reservoir capacity
Francis Francis X7.1Espresso, cappuccino, latte, lungo10.2 x 11.4 x 12.640 Ounces
Illy iPerEspresso Home X9Espresso4.8 x 10.6 x 10.523.70 Ounces
Francis Francis for Illy Y5espresso, coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, steamed milk, hot water8.5 x 11.2 x 9.630 Ounces
Illy X1 Espresso Machineespresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte10.6 x 9.8 x 1333.8 Ounces
Illy y3.2 Espresso and Coffee MachineCoffee & Espresso3.94 x 11.73 x 1030 Ounces
Illy Y5 Espresso & Coffee Machine(with Bluetooth)Coffee & Espresso5.7 x 11.2 x 9.630 Ounces
Francis Francis X1 TrioLong, normal, or ristretto espresso, cappuccino, steamed milk, hot water9.84 x 10.24 x 11.8140.5 ounce
Francis Francis 208003 X8espresso13.38 x 7.8 x 12.5940-ounce

Francis Francis X7.1 Iperespresso Machine

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Are you looking for an espresso machine that makes cafe-quality beverages with a touch of a button? Francis Francis X.71 is an easy to use, Italian espresso machine that uses a touchscreen and buttons to brew coffee. 

Unlike other capsule machines, the Francis Francis X.71 uses a two-stage process to make espresso from an iperEspresso capsule. The brewing technology does not allow the coffee to come into contact with the espresso machine.

Each capsule has 7 grams of  Arabica coffee. To make lattes, you need to froth milk. The Francis Francis X.71 has a Panarello steam wand to make milk froth for milk textured drinks.

  • The X.71 Illy espresso machine comes with a sleek design that blends well with most kitchen countertops. The available colors are red and black.
  • It has an automatic descaling feature to remove calcium buildup and water impurities.
  • It has a large water tank that has a capacity of 40 Ounces.
  • The espresso machine makes creamy, delicious espresso within thirty minutes.
  • To achieve a balanced, high-quality coffee, Illy blends nine varieties of 100% of Arabica coffee.
  • Choose from a wide variety of capsules- that is, lungo, decaffeinated, medium, and dark roast.
  • Unlike other espresso makers, the brewing technology from iperEspresso capsules does come into contact with the machine.
  • The Francis Francis X.71 is easy to use with a touchscreen display to make a selection.
  • The auto-stop feature controls the amount of espresso pouring into your cup.
  • There is minimal cleanup as the illy espresso machine uses capsules to brew coffee.
  • The cup warmer feature keeps your cups warm for coffee brewing.
  • The X.71 Illy espresso machine is versatile, allowing you to brew coffee, espresso cappuccino, and lattes.
  • The capsules require a disposal plan, unlike using pre-ground coffee.
  • The iperEspresso capsules are only compatible with the Illy espresso machines.

Illy iPerEspresso Home X9 Coffee and Espresso Machine

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The Illy espresso machines come in different, stylish designs. The X9 Illy espresso machine has an elliptical shape that adds style to kitchen countertops. 

It has a water capacity of 23.7 Ounces, and it makes espresso drinks only. The cup warmer feature at the top of the machine holds two cups.

The X9 espresso machine can brew two cups at the same time. To brew espresso, it uses the Iperespresso capsule. 

  • The Illy X9 espresso machine has a removable water reservoir. You can refill water while it is in the brewing process.
  • It accommodates two cups and with a command, it memorizes and selects two different espresso sizes.
  • The stylish design of the X9 espresso machine gives it an appealing design.
  • It uses buttons to select and enter commands for two in-cups volumes.
  • The LED light lights up the cup as the machine dispenses the coffee.
  • Similar to other espresso machines, the Illy X9 espresso machine brews using the Iperespresso capsule.
  • The X9 is not versatile. It only brews espresso drinks.
  • The water tank is relatively smaller.

Francis Francis for Illy Y5 Milk Espresso and Coffee Machine

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Having a versatile espresso machine means you can brew different coffee beverages at your convenience. The Illy Y5 espresso machine has more advanced features as compared to other coffee machines from the brand.

It allows you to brew six different beverages. That is espresso, coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, steamed milk, and hot water for tea. 

It features a removable milk reservoir. This machine makes milk-textured drinks with a ‘one touch milk’ button. You can store the milk in a refrigerator to keep it fresh before brewing.

  • The Illy Y5 espresso machine has a hot water dispenser for tea.
  • It has an automatic milk frother for making cappuccinos and lattes.
  • The Illy Y5 espresso machine has a 30 Ounce water reservoir.
  • The versatility of the espresso machine allows you to brew 6 coffee beverages.
  • It comes in a compact size with an easy to access front panel.
  • You can adjust the cup support to brew into a travel mug.
  • With the Illy Y5, you can program the amount to brew.
  • It has an autostop feature to control the amount of beverage pouring into the cup.
  • The touch buttons are not reliable.
  • The price of the Illy Y5 is high.

Illy X1 Espresso Machine

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The Illy X1 espresso machine is compatible with the iperEspresso capsules only. It makes cappuccino, latte, coffee, and espresso beverages. 

It features a removable tray to allow brewing in travel mugs, espresso, and cappuccino cups. In addition, it has a 33.8 Ounce water reservoir. 

  • It has a 15 bar pressure pump for espresso brewing.
  • The Illy X1 has an automatic shut off to control the amount of coffee pouring. This feature helps to avoid coffee spills.
  • The Iconic design gives it an appealing and attractive look.
  • It is a versatile espresso machine.
  • The steam wand makes creamy foam for cappuccinos.
  • It is only compatible with the iperEspresso capsules.
  • The cup warmer function warms the cups for brewing.
  • For a beginner, the Illy X1 may be complex to use.

Illy Y3.2 Espresso and Coffee Machine

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The Illy Y3.2 has a 30-ounce removable water tank. It is not as versatile as other espresso machines. You can only brew coffee and espresso with the Y3.2.

It has a capsule drawer that holds the used iperEspresso capsules. In addition, it makes espresso and coffee beverages using different capsules. 

  • Brew coffee and espresso using the iperEspresso & and iperCoffee capsules.
  • It features a 19 bars pressure pump.
  • The Y3.2 makes coffee and espresso with a touch of a button.
  • It gives the users an easy to use experience.
  • The Illy espresso machine has a drawer that collects the used capsules.
  • The compact design gives it a stylish look for kitchen countertops.
  • It is convenient as it brews coffee and espresso as you need.
  • The espresso machine has two programmable settings to allow brewing in different cup sizes.
  • It lacks versatility. You cannot brew latte or cappuccino with the Illy Y3.2 espresso machine.
  • The espresso machine lacks a cup warmer function.

Illy Y5 Espresso & Coffee Machine, Bluetooth, Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled

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The Illy Y5 Espresso machine makes use of technology to brew and order capsules. To brew coffee using your mobile device, you need to download the mobile app first.

Illy Y5 is a smart, home coffee and espresso machine that reorders capsules using the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS). It makes customized beverages from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Connect the ‘My Illy Machine App’ using the Bluetooth technology. To brew coffee from the iperEspresso capsule, this machine uses the two-stage process. 

To brew coffee from your mobile device- start by downloading the app, activate Bluetooth, and set up the DRS. This way, you can make espresso and order capsules while using your phone.

  • It allows you to customize the volume and temperature of your coffee or espresso.
  • The mobile app notifies you when you are running low on capsules.
  • Brew espresso or coffee with a touch of a button.
  • The glass body and steady aluminum makes it a choice for office use.
  • The DRS app reorders capsules from Amazon.
  • The front control panel and 30-Ounce water reservoir gives the user more convenience when using it.
  • For faster brewing, use Bluetooth technology to make your drink.
  • Despite the technology that comes with the Y5 espresso maker, it brews espresso and coffee beverages only.
  • The DRS technology can reorder capsules even when you are not ready for a new purchase.
  • It does not have a cup warmer function.

Francis Francis X1 Trio Espresso Machine

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How do you love your espresso? Francis Francis X1 Trio allows you to brew espresso your way. The original X1 became iconic among espresso machines, with a distinctive yet clean design. Named “retro-futuristic” by Wired magazine, this Luca Trazzi-designed machine consistently mixes delicate, captivating lines with unique shapes.

The X1 Trio Coffee machine reliably brews fabulous coffee, notwithstanding the user’s encounter and capacity. The X1Trio machine employments units as it were. The Body is made of steel. The wrap-up could be a baked-on powder coat epoxy.

The 18 bar pump guarantees sufficient weight for the idealized extraction. The Trio head allows for a brief, medium, or long coffee utilizing the same handle. Just like the other Francis Francis! machines, the evaporator is brass, the brewing head is chrome-plated brass, and the double electronic indoor regulators control the coffee temperature and steam temperature. Effortlessly identifiable images, lights, and sounds make this machine client-friendly.

  • As with all FF machines, the design is primo. The construct quality is additionally very vigorous with a body of steel. The switches and handles feel like they’ll last forever. The portafilter handle feels overwhelming and strong. The unused hardware appears well thought out and makes it harder to abuse the machine. Kettle auto-fills when purge; won’t let you run the pump when in steam mode.
  • Requires a really fine crush to induce great coffee out. Not conceivable to utilize sufficient coffee/tamp difficult sufficient when utilizing off-the-shelf ground coffee – indeed the Illy coffee it ships with. Comes with a weak plastic alter.

Francis Francis 208003 X8 iperEspresso Machine.

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Most of the Illy espresso machines use the two-step process to brew espresso. The Illy X8 uses this method to brew. 

It has easy to use controls, like the LED display, making it easy to read and interact with the machine. 

  • It has a steam wand to make milk froth for espresso brewing.
  • For maintenance, it has an automatic descale function that cleans the machine after a period of brewing.
  • The Illy X8 comes with a one year warranty.
  • It uses the two-stage process to brew velvety, creamy espressos.
  • The espresso machine has a 40 Ounce removable water reservoir.
  • The Illy X8 espresso machine has a manual shut off.

Pros and Cons of Using Illy Espresso Machines

Similar to other brands, there are benefits and drawbacks to using espresso machines from Illy. As you consider buying either of the machines from the brand, this is what you should know beforehand:

  • Automatic descaling: Illy espresso machines have an automatic descaling feature to remove buildups.
  • Easy to clean: since it uses capsules to brew, the espresso machines are not in contact with the coffee brewing.
  • Capsule brewing: to brew coffee or espresso, the Illy espresso machines use iperEspresso capsules which are 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Sleek design: the Illy espresso machines have an appealing design that blends well with most countertops.
  • Warranty: the Illy espresso machines have a one year warranty that guarantees maintenance within this timeframe.
  • Pricey: most of the Illy espresso machines have a higher price compares to other brands.
  • The Illy espresso machine can be tough to use, especially for first-time users.
  • Not all Illy espresso machines are versatile.

Illy Espresso Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Illy espresso machines are easy to use. If you are using this type of machine for the first time, here are some answers to the questions that you may have:

Q. How does the Illy espresso machine brew coffee?

Espresso machines from Illy use pods to brew coffee. The pod, commonly referred to as the iperEspresso capsule, contains 7 grams of 100% Arabica coffee. 

The Illy espresso machine uses a two-stage process to brew coffee. It results in a balanced, crema-topped espresso. 

Q. Can I reuse the iperEspresso capsule? 

Yes, not all Illy capsules are disposable. You can reuse them with your ground coffee. It helps to conserve the environment by managing plastics disposal.

Q.Which is the best Illy espresso machine for home use?

To conclude that a specific espresso machine is the best, it should meet your coffee needs and budget. Each of the espresso machines above is the best. 

However, most high-end Illy machines have more features -like the cup warmer, steam wand, adjustable volume, and auto-stop brew. Using this guide, you can decide whether an espresso machine is the best based on your preference and espresso needs.

Q. Which flavors are in the iperEspresso capsules?

Illy espresso machines use capsules to brew coffee beverages. They come in a variety of flavors. If you do not want too much caffeine in your cup, Illy has the decaffeinated specialty.

Other options are lungo, dark roast, medium roast. Each of these options is from the Arabica beans. But what is in each specialty?

Decaffeinated: this is coffee that has 97% of its caffeine removed.

Lungo: this is a medium roast capsule with more coffee volume for brewing in a larger cup. 

Dark roast: roasted in high temperatures, this coffee is robust and has an intense flavor.

Medium roast: it has a smoothly balanced, sweet flavor with notes of caramel and chocolate.

Q. Are there alternatives for Illy espresso machines?

Yes. There are other brands in the market that offer espresso machines. They will differ in price, features, size, and type. Espresso machines are either manual or automatic. In addition, they are designed for home and professional use.

There are also capsule machines like the Nespresso and Keurig espresso machines. Other brands to check out are Breville, CapressoKrups, De’Longhi, Mr.Coffee, and Flair espresso machines.

Is an Illy Espresso Machine Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a capsule espresso machine, then Illy is worth considering. It is a simple yet stylish espresso machine with different features.

Despite the difference in price and features, the Illy espresso machine is a better choice for a coffee lover. The capsules have Arabica coffee, and you have different flavors to try.

The Illy brand understands the convenience that comes with an espresso machine. They have gone ahead and designed an app, ‘My Illy Machine App,’ which is compatible with the Y5 espresso machine. 

If you’re looking for such convenience, ease of cleaning, and stylish machine, then Illy espresso machine is worth buying.

With this guide, you can now make a selection. The features of the espresso machines from Illy gives you value for your money.  

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