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It’s an everyday ritual for many of us to slowly drink a cup of our favorite coffee in the morning, especially before a long day full of events. However, we don’t always pay attention to how that everyday coffee might influence how we feel, our well-being, and overall health.

So, investigate the list of main benefits and disadvantages that our favorite beverage brings with its delicious taste.

Benefits of Everyday Coffee

1. Detoxification

Antioxidants aid us to remove harmful toxins from our bodies. That has a positive influence on all the body organs, including the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help with acne and make your skin glow. So, learn more about grounds and brewing methods to get the best benefits of coffee antioxidants.

2. Empowers brain performance

Thanks to its antioxidants, coffee can reduce the risk of developing brain diseases and depression. It also improves short-term cognitive performance. That’s the famous effect that everybody knows: get a cup of coffee to boost yourself before the long day. For some people that effect saves their mornings and empowers them to cope with life challenges.

 3. Helps to lose weight

Coffee is a natural diuretic, so it takes part in the body’s digestion cycle. It also boosts your metabolism, so calories burn faster. But don’t consider it the solution for a bad diet. It can only be an additional factor for weight loss, so don’t put too much hope on it.

4. Reduces the chance of Type 2 Diabete

Such coffee compounds as chlorogenic acid and quinides are powerful antioxidants that have been thoroughly studied by scientists. Those antioxidants help our bodies to regulate blood sugar and process glucose better. Decaf coffee is a better choice in that case because caffeine may minimize this benefit.

coffee with milk
Benefits and Disadvantages of your Everyday Coffee 4

5. Contents good nutritional elements

Your cup of coffee provides you with some of the essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy living. Those are vitamins B2, B3, B5, and the minerals manganese, potassium, magnesium, and others. Coffee contains them in small amounts, but it’s still good to know that coffee is somewhat beneficial to your diet. Some nutrients together with antioxidants in one drink – that sounds like a good deal.

6. Gives you extra power for workouts

Fitness experts recommend having some coffee before the exhausting session to the gym because the caffeine helps to keep your body alert, so you won’t let yourself give up too quickly. It will make you feel boosted and ready to burn some fat, especially if with an empty stomach. So if you feel like you need more energy for your exercises, give it a try to have a cup of coffee before you begin.

7. May protect you from Parkinson’s disease and dementia

Those diseases partially depend on eating habits, level of physical state, and mental activity. Several scientific pieces of research show that coffee lovers have a much lower risk of getting those. There is no guarantee that coffee saves you from that, but it’s an interesting fact for all coffee lovers.

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Disadvantages of Everyday Coffee

1. Time-consuming

Making coffee by yourself takes some extra time every day, especially if you roast and grind coffee at home. It can become a daily pleasurable ritual for some of us, but a rapid lifestyle doesn’t always give us such a chance. Buying a high-quality coffee machine can easily solve this issue.

2. May disturb your sleep

Even though coffee gives us extra energy during the day, it also may cause trouble while falling asleep. Some people encounter a vicious circle in which they take too much caffeine in the morning that doesn’t let them sleep at night. That makes them drink even more coffee in the morning, ending up with sleepless nights. The solution would be to reduce the level of caffeine that you take, and never drink coffee 6 hours before bed.

3. Over-consuming can make you constantly anxious

It’s important to consider the right amount of caffeine in your daily coffee. Too high doses might negatively influence your blood pressure, cause irritability, stress, and overall health. If you feel like something keeps bothering you for no reason, try to reduce the number of your daily cups of coffee.

4. You might be caffeine sensitive

That term means that some people are intolerant or even allergic to caffeine. Depending on the level of caffeine sensitivity you might be experiencing some issues from slight inconveniences, like little digestive problems, to huge ones, like pain or breaking out in hives. In that case, you definitely need to visit your doctor to check on your health. Then it’s better to switch to decaf coffee or exclude it from your diet at all, even though that might be a heartbreaking experience.

coffee beans
Benefits and Disadvantages of your Everyday Coffee 5

5. Negative environmental impact

In the modern world, a big number of coffee farmers don’t pay much attention to what their business does to the soil. Unlike the organic coffee beans, the cheap kinds of coffee that you will commonly see on the shelves of your local stores are the ones that weren’t grown naturally. That means that the coffee wasn’t grown in the shade as it naturally does, but was cultivated under the sun in intentionally deforested areas. Cultivating coffee on the same land for 15 years causes the soil to be devastated, so no other plants can be cultivated there for years.

6. May cause serious health issues

For people with hypertension, drinking everyday coffee may cause elevated blood pressure for some hours after consumption. For others, it may cause dehydration and dizziness in cases of excess coffee on a daily basis for long periods of time. So make sure not to become a coffee addict, and remember that overall health is much more important than the temporal energy boost.

7. Increases cholesterol level

This might be disappointing for you if you are a French press coffee lover, but you have to face that truth until it’s too late. The consumption of unfiltered coffee may raise the level of “bad” cholesterol. You should pay attention to that while choosing the coffee brewing methods so that you use paper filters to limit the amount of cholesterol that goes into your everyday cup of coffee.

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