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Since its founding in 1910 Hamilton Beach has remained a popular kitchen appliance.

Hamilton Beach coffee makers are popular for their reliability and affordability. They offer lovers of coffee a great opportunity to enjoy their drink without any need to stress their wallets.

You don’t have to worry about the same plain ol’ coffee pot that doesn’t come with customizations or whistle. Hamilton Beach coffee makers come in various shapes and sizes with many features that guarantee you quality tasting coffees.

Bestseller No. 1
Hamilton Beach 49902 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Combo, Single Serve & Full 12c Pot, Black - Fast Brewing
  • 3 WAYS TO BREW. Brew a single 10 oz. cup with a pod or 14 oz. with coffee grounds or brew up to 12 cups using your favorite ground coffee.
  • FAST BREWING — BREW A SINGLE CUP IN ABOUT 90 SECONDS. In the morning, every second counts. Unlike 2 way coffee makers of the past, the FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker prepares a single cup in in 90 seconds so you have more time to enjoy your coffee.
  • BREW 7 SINGLE SERVINGS WITHOUT REFILLING THE 56 OZ. WATER RESERVOIR. Brew multiple cups of coffee without stopping to add more water. The large removable water reservoir saves you time because it needs fewer refills.
  • WAKE-UP READY COFFEE WITH EASY-TOUCH PROGRAMMING. When you brew coffee into the 12 cup carafe, you can wake up to hot coffee by setting up Easy-Touch programming the night before. The backlit display makes it easy to view the time and settings.
  • 5 SINGLE-SERVE SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM: Customize the brewing size to your cup. Simply select 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 oz. before you brew with ground coffee or choose 6, 8 or 10 oz. when brewing with a pod — you'll get the perfect amount in your cup.
Bestseller No. 2
Hamilton Beach One Press Programmable Dispensing Drip Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Internal Brew Pot, Water Reservoir, Black and Silver (47950)
  • FRESH FLAVOR LONGER WITHOUT THE CARAFE: This coffee maker replaces the carafe with quick and easy dispensing of fresh, flavorful coffee anytime. Without a carafe, there's no breaking, spilling, or cleaning baked-on coffee stains.Filter type:Reusable
  • NO MORE SCORCHED OR BURNED COFFEE: The Hamilton Beach coffee maker's internal warming heater keeps coffee warm and fresh for hours. It works without a carafe, so coffee won't burn or scorch.
  • HOT COFFEE WHEN YOU'RE READY ONE FRESH CUP AT A TIME: The 12 cup coffee maker dispenses hot coffee directly into a cup or a 7" travel mug whenever you're ready for a cup by simply pressing the dispensing bar.
  • EASY TO FILL WITH REMOVABLE WATER RESERVOIR: The water reservoir removes for easy filling and cleaning. With a 12 cup capacity, you can brew enough coffee for everyone at once. Enclosed brewing system with internal heater keeps coffee hot and fresh for up to 4 hours
  • KNOW WHEN IT'S TIME TO CLEAN: Helpful reminders on the digital display let you know when it's time to clean the coffee maker, so you never forget.
Bestseller No. 3
Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black (49980R)
  • 2 WAYS TO BREW:SINGLE CUP OR FULL POT. Brew a single-serve cup or a full pot of coffee with your favorite ground coffee. Whichever way you brew, the Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker makes it easy to do both. Not compatible with K-Cup* pods.Filter type:Reusable
  • EASY TO USE. With the included mesh scoop, adding your favorite ground coffee to brew a cup of coffee couldn’t be easier: just scoop, place and brew. There's no need to use a separate scoop or measure coffee before brewing. Control panel and display, with an hour and minute buttons to program the brewing time up to 24 hours beforehand
  • SIMPLE SINGLE-CUP BREWING — DOESN'T USE K-CUP* PODS. Brew a cup for one using loose ground coffee (not compatible with K-Cup pods). With the included mesh scoop, adding your favorite ground coffee couldn’t be easier: just scoop, place and brew.
  • PEACE OF MIND WITH 2 HOUR AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF. How many times have you walked out the door, only to wonder: did I turn the coffee maker off? Now there's no worry or turning around to check, since the coffee maker turns off automatically after 2 hours.
  • PROGRAMMABLE FOR WAKE-UP READY COFFEE. Program the Hamilton Beach coffee maker with the time you want to start brewing, fill with water and add ground coffee. When you wake up, coffee will be hot and ready to drink. Not compatible with K-Cup* pods.

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Hamilton Beach coffee maker is among the most used countertop appliances. It provides coffee drinkers easy access to quality tasting coffee at any time of the day.

Hamilton Beach coffee makers come in different shapes and sizes designed to fit any purpose and lifestyle. These coffee machines are perfect for people who want the benefit of a single K-cup serving or for those who prefer the full pot.

What Is a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

Just as we have mentioned above Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers comes with many features and you can easily buy them for less than $100 even if you’re going for a high-end model. This makes them stand out from other more expensive models of coffee makers like Keurig, Ninja.

Hamilton Beach office coffee maker comes in single-serve, 5-cup, or 12-cup varieties. The most popular model is the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-way coffee maker, which comes in both single-serve and a 12-cup variety. Before we go into all the different models of Hamilton Beach coffee makers available in the market, let’s see some of the things you should know before buying.

How To Pick The Best Coffee Maker

The market has numerous Hamilton Coffee models available in the market which can make it hard to choose one. Below is how you can pick the right Hamilton Beach coffee maker.


How much coffee do you want to brew at a time? Capacity is probably the most important factor to consider when buying. Some models are perfect for families that drink quite a lot as they come in 10 or 12-cup capacity. 

Some models serve one cup at a time, perfect for people that live alone or with just a partner. They are less expensive and more ideal.

Ground coffee vs. Pods

If you don’t have the time to sit down savoring your delicious cup of coffee, then pods might be better for you. Pods are single-serve capsules that are quickly brewed. They are popular in offices or workplaces.

One of the downsides to pods is that they are not of the same quality as freshly ground brewed beans.

Using beans requires more work compared to more convenient pods. However, beans are often more affordable and are of better quality compared to pods.

Coffee Dispenser

Some Hamilton Beach coffee makers come with an external glass pot in which the coffee is brewed. Others might come with an internal compartment for dispensing the coffee. You have to choose if you prefer your coffee brewed internally or externally.

Coffee brewed internally can stay fresh longer than those brewed externally. However, you may have to spend more. Some single-serve models can brew directly into your cup.


Think about the cost of getting other accessories associated with the model you are buying. You can enjoy your Ground coffee best with a burr grinder, compared to a blade alternative. Although you need to store both grounds and fresh beans carefully in a canister and then use them within a given time period. When traveling doesn’t forget to go with a travel mug or cup that can fit into the machine.



This model of Hamilton Beach coffee makers is a premium option. Buying this model means you don’t have to worry about choosing pods or ground coffee, because this model can brew both. The FlexBrew is perfect for larger households with people that have irregular schedules and different coffee preferences.

Thermal Carafe

As mentioned above, the internal coffee compartment will make your coffee last longer compared to an external one. However, there is a third alternative which is buying a coffee machine that comes with an external carafe. This machine is made to preserve freshness and heat and can be as effective as an internal compartment.

You can still buy a compatible carafe separate from your coffee machine depending on the model.

Think About Timing

There is nothing like waking up to the beautiful smell of brewed coffee in the morning. If this is what you want, then you may have to go for a programmable coffee maker. You can program the exact time in the day you want your machine to begin brewing your coffee. This way it can be ready for you as soon as you wake up.

It is also perfect if you need to stay caffeinated throughout the day. All you need to do is set the time and go for a refill whenever you want.

If you want the benefit of getting a single cup or the entire pot then getting a programmable coffee maker is what’s best for you. You just have to get a dual coffee maker that comes with different ways you can enjoy your coffee. These types of coffee machines usually come with a carafe on one of the sides. This means you can enjoy several cups of coffee at a time or make for many people. They also come with a single cup option that you can pick and go.

Quality Brew Taste

When buying a coffee maker, it is better to get a model that doesn’t come with a hot plate that turns coffee bitter when it stays too long. It is advisable to buy coffee makers that can preserve both heat and flavors for a longer time. This way you don’t always have to worry about your coffee tasting bad after sitting for too long. You can brew an entire pot and still enjoy all of it at your own time.

Alternatively, you can buy a single-serve or one-cup coffee maker that can brew your coffee just and only when you need it.

In cases where people in the house like different flavors and coffee strengths, you can go for a single-serve coffee maker where everyone can make their own type of coffee. When getting this model you may want to pick one that can brew both ground coffee and pods.

If you don’t want to drink stale coffee, then you can grind a bag of fresh-roasted coffee beans using a coffee grinder. You can still get the same texture by using the right setting on your coffee making machine.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying Hamilton Beach coffee makers. There is no way you can buy what you can’t afford. So you have to pick the best one you can get for your needs. One-cup serve or single-serve coffee makers are usually less expensive. Other larger capacity alternatives can cost almost $100. If you want the largest option in the market, then you may end up spending more than $100.

No matter the model you buy, ensure you are getting the best possible one you can afford that fits your needs.

Other Things To Consider Before Buying

Hamilton Beach coffee makers are not made to offer the same quality of drinks like from your favorite barrister. They are also not meant to compare to those high-end and expensive coffee machines. they don’t guarantee you the complexity of a slow drip in your cup and you can’t make an espresso shot with them. However, you can brew good tasting coffee every morning.

This guarantees you quality fasting and more complex tasting coffee. So you don’t have to worry about pushing yourself to drink sub-bar tasting coffee. You can be sure of a standard tasting cup of coffee every morning

On the Warranty of Hamilton Beach coffee machines, they come with warranties that cover only for manufacturers defects though the first year of buying. This also includes all higher-end models.

This can be seen as a problem for many buyers as it means that you will be the one paying for shipping to the manufacturer and then back to yourself. Although based on this price you can’t expect too much warranty. However, it should be able to cover for both Shipping and manufacturer warranty.

You will Just have to hope that your coffee machine comes without any issue. If yours have any problem, it might be more economical to get a brand new one.

You can buy some basic parts to repair your Hamilton Beach Coffee machine online at affordable prices and make the repair yourself if you are a little handy. 

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2-Way Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-way coffee maker is the most popular model in the Hamilton Beach product line and you can easily see why. Apart from the fact that it is perfect for a 12-cup carafe, it is also capable of serving single cups. This is extremely essential as you may well know.

It is perfect for a mid-afternoon cup if you are the only coffee lover around.  It also offers you a chance to get a good caffeine kick when running late for work.

Other manufacturers offer the FlewBrew. However, you might have to spend a significant amount of fortune when buying. compared to other manufactures, the Hamilton Beach’s FlewBrew offers you the same quality coffee taste on a relatively low budget.

Let’s take a look at everything the famous FlewBrew from Hamilton Beach has to offer you.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker

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The name FlewBrew points out the best feature of this coffee maker, i.e it has the ability to FlewBrew whatever you want. It works as two separate machines. Both the single-serve machine and the 12-cup carafe have their own different water reservoirs.

The automatic settings of the 12-cup side have some amazing functionality. This includes the ability to pre-set your coffee marker to warm and prepare your coffee at a specific time in a day. You can choose between regular or strong brew. And you can pause the machine halfway through brewing the whole pot to sneak in your cup. The glass carafe has a heating plate under it that comes with a two-hour automatic shut-off. This means that you don’t have to worry when you are in a hurry to leave the house.

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew features a permanent Gold Tone filter that removes any need for paper products. It is environmentally conscious, efficient, and affordable meeting your needs just when you want.

  • The single-serve machine is also as attractive as the 12-serve.
  • It features two different types of filers.
  • You can reuse one of the filters for your best grounds and the other one for your K-cups. When using the filters, the non-dominant filter can be kept in the cup rest.
  • You can also remove that same cup rest to deal with travel mugs – this is a highly underrated benefit.
  • It can also achieve the task in just 3 minutes, making it perfect for people who might snooze their alarm several times in the morning.
  • It is slightly noisy
  • It has shorter life span
  • Sometimes it faces water leaking issues

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Thermal Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Combo, Single Serve & Full 10c Thermal Pot, Black and Stainless

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The FlewBrew thermal coffee machine is almost similar to the usual FlewBrew. However, it doesn’t have the glass carafe and hot plate.

This model comes with a stainless steel carafe.  It doesn’t have a hot plate, a feature many people associate with overheating, which causes the burnt coffee taste you get sometimes. A major concern for slow drinkers when using this coffee is that your brew is constantly hit with more heat until the auto shut off.

  • This model of coffee maker works on the concept that the coffee possesses the necessary heat to taste good.
  • It works to keep the heat already present in the coffee inside. This is the idea behind the working of this FlewBrew coffee machine.
  • One downside to this model is that the FlexBrew thermal is only capable of making 10 cups of coffee at a time. This isn’t good news for people who like the 12 cup alternative.

Hamilton Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Single-serve coffee making machines are excellent, particularly when you want a quality cup of coffee. The primary purpose why people go for single-serve machines is to get a better taste. After brewing, coffee quickly starts to stale, so if you are a slow drinker, the single-serve will serve you better. You don’t need to buy expensive pods for them either.

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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This is a single-serve coffee maker with simple and easy functionality. It doesn’t come with any programmable feature and it doesn’t accept K-cup. Also, it doesn’t come with a clock. All it does is make single-serve coffees.

To make your coffee you have to fill the amount of water you want for your coffee and load it up with any grind of your choice. You can brew an 8 oz. mug within 90 seconds and 14 oz. within 2.5 minutes – after all, its only job is making coffee. 

  • It is compact
  • It can fit up to 14 5 inches travel mugs
  • Fast brewing
  • It offers you regular and strong coffee options
  • Its mesh filter is reusable
  • Its cup rest is easily adjustable or it has an auto-shut feature after brewing
  • Made of stainless steel
  • It doesn’t have K-cup functionality
  • It can overfill without proper set-up

Hamilton Beach (49974) Single Serve Coffee Maker

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This is another single-serve coffee machine from Hamilton Beach. It is different from the Scoop in that you can use K-cups.

It comes with an adjustable cup rest that lets you use travel mugs on the shorter end. You can see the water level on the top side. Apart from these, it is just the same with the Scoop as it doesn’t offer any complex features.

This model has been approved for Hospitality use. It is a popular coffee machine for hotels primarily because it is easy to maintain – an important benefit.

  • Accept K-cups
  • You can adjust the cup rest to take travel mugs
  • Compact
  • Hospitality use
  • Offer drinkers regular and bold brew
  • It doesn’t have a reusable filter basket
  • Can only accept 8-inch travel mug
  • You can brew just 10 ounces at a time.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single-Serve Maker

Sale Hamilton Beach Gen 3 FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker with Removable Reservoir, Compatible with Pod Packs and Grounds, 40 oz., 3 Brewing Options, Black

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Although you can make a carafe and a single cup with the FlewBrews above, you get a different spin with this model compared to those FlewBrews. This model offers you everything the other FlewBrews does but in a single-serve.

It also offers you some features you can’t get with other Hamilton FlewBrew models:

It is designed to accept k-cups as well as ground beans. It comes with a large water reservoir that you can remove. This feature enables you to make several mugs without any need for refilling.

Also, you can remove the cup rest to make room for a moderate-sized travel mug. It also comes with a storage feature for any filter you are not using, like the reusable mesh filter.

  • Made for both ground beans and K-cups
  • It comes with a 40 oz. water reservoir that you can remove.
  • It offers you regular and strong brew options
  • K-Cups – 8-10 oz.
  • Grounds – max . of 14 oz.
  • Affordable
  • Light flashes to alert you when it’s low on water.
  • It is made with plastic material and some people complain of plastic-like smell and taste
  • Cup rest does not hold much liquid so you have to put a mug on before you begin to brew.
  • With its price, you’d expect it to come with more functionality such as programming and others. However, the machine has no such functionality.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

Sale Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker with 3 Brew Options, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black with Stainless Accents (46299)

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This is the most affordable 12-cup coffee machine that Hamilton Beach offers. It comes loaded with several features.

It comes with a removable water reservoir that makes it perfect for quick and easy filling. You can easily reach the filter basket as it swings out. It has pause and serves a feature for those desperate caffeinators.

With the help of its programmable clock, you can program it to wake you up in the morning with the excellent smell of coffee. You don’t have to worry about putting it off, because it has an automatic shut off feature that activates after 2 hours.

It offers you three different brews of different strengths and you get around 1-4 cups. For its price range, it definitely offers you more than it should. This makes it an excellent option for you and other drinkers in the household. It can even serve your guests when they come over.

  • Comes with a removable 12-cup reservoir
  • It is capable of making 1-4 cups, up to 12
  • It has a reusable mesh filter
  • Has programmable features
  • Offers you bold and regular brews
  • Has pause and serve feature
  • The bottom of the machine has swivel feet
  • Two different styles
  • The machine has no obvious flaws in its price range. It even offers more than it should, considering how affordable it is. You are getting your money’s worth and more.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable BrewStation

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This Hamilton Beach coffee maker is a bit different than the 12-cup coffeemaker. The primary reason for this is because it has no carafe at all. This means the coffee is brewed internally within the coffee maker.

Because the coffee is heated internally it is kept hot and tasty for as long as four hours. To get your coffee all you need to do is pmpress the mug button. 

Its programmable feature means you can get different strengths of coffee ranging from bold, regular and ice cold coffee. You can even get these options in small batches.

You can also set it to brew before you wake up in the morning. This way you only have to get your coffee while you are on your way to work.

  • Removable water tank
  • It has internal heating to keep your coffee fresh for up to 4 hours.
  • It is programmable
  • You can get different strengths of coffee ranging from ice, bold to regular. You can even get it in batches.
  • It comes with a reusable brew basket
  • It can brew 12 cups and 1-4 cups
  • You can easily clean the different parts as they are removable.
  • It doesn’t have many cons. It works well with any type of K-cup or pod. However, you can brew one cup of coffee if you want.

Hamilton Beach Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Easy Front Access Deluxe

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Hamilton Beach 12-cup coffee makers are always full of many features and this model is no exception. It comes with several similar features to the previous 12-cup model above such as

  • Bold and regular brew options
  • Multiple cup sizes
  • Programmable options which mean you can wake up to the smell of coffee every morning.

It doesn’t have a removable reservoir like the previous models. Instead, it has a front-fill reservoir that you don’t have to remove or move the coffee maker forward to gain access to it.

It has a noticeable time counter that informs you how far back a brew was made. This is an excellent feature when there are several coffee drinkers in the building, be it at work or home.

  • A front-fill reservoir that is easily accessible
  • It can take 1 to 4 cups, up to 12 cups.
  • Programmable features
  • A timer that informs you how recently a brew is
  • It has a reminder for it’s cleaning
  • Auto shut off after 2 hours
  • It has a swing-out coffee basket
  • It comes with a reusable filter
  • The filter basket is removable for easier cleaning
  • Cleaning the non-removable reservoir is difficult.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

You need to cl3an your coffee machine if you want it to work efficiently. Coffee residue and mineral deposits are not healthy for your coffee maker. Fortunately, Hamilton Beach coffee machines are super easy to clean. Unlike other brands of coffee makers, Hamilton Beach manufacturers do not recommend purchasing a special or expensive cleaner. All you need for it’s cleaning is just vinegar.

You don’t need much. You only need

  •   2 cups of white vinegar
  •  Water: 2 reservoir’s worth

Steps In Cleaning Your Hamilton Beach Coffee Machine

·        Pour 2 cups of vinegar into the water reservoir. Put on the On machine to start the brewing process. Then switch it off after 30 seconds. The purpose of this is to make sure the vinegar gets through the entire machine.

  •   Wait for 30 minutes
  • Finish brewing the vinegar
  •   Pour fresh tap water into the reservoir then put on the machine a run an entire brew cycle using only water. Repeat the process again with only the water.

After that, you are done. This cleaning process is just the same for Hamilton Beach single-serve machines. However, you only make use of 1 cup of vinegar rather than two.

You will have to perform the two processes, with each side getting one for the FlewBrew model. It is advisable to perform this cleaning process at least once per month.

Cleaning the exterior of the machine, such as the hot plate and facing, a damp paper towel should do the trick! 

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Troubleshooting: Tips & Tricks

Things are bound to go wrong. It’s one of the many reasons we run to the internet to seek solutions. We always wonder what to do when something goes wrong. Below are some of the things you can do if you are having problems with your Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

What do I do if my Hamilton Beach coffee machine won’t brew?

The most common cause of this in most cases is human error. Check the water reservoir. If it isn’t full then it only means the machine won’t work. Get it filled and watch your machine come to life.

Another human error that may cause your machine not to brew is lack of cleaning. You have to keep your machine clean with regular monthly cleanings. You can see above how to clean your machine.

My coffee tastes best after brewing, why?

There will always be the regular reasons why your coffee tastes bad. Some of them include

Using an incorrect water-to-coffee ratio or using very fine or coarse grind. It is advisable to use medium grind for regular brewing as well as 1.5 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces. If this doesn’t give you the taste you want, then use water from another source for brewing.

What do I do if my brewer is always leaking/overflowing?

If your coffee maker has overflowing or leaking problems then you might want to check the grounds present in the filter basket. If it’s leaking, make sure to clean around the filter basket. If there are any stray grounds located at any place where they don’t belong then flush them out.

If the problem is that it’s overflowing, then it might be due to the fact that the filter can’t deal with the number of grinds you have present in it. Check for how much coffee grind is present in the filling basket. If the filter you are using isn’t the reusable mesh type but instead, paper filters, check if you are using the right quality of paper products. You can get a reusable mesh filter to prevent this problem from happening.


If you are looking for a coffee machine that offers you your money’s worth then Hamilton Beach Coffee makers are an excellent option. You don’t have to worry about spending too much, maintaining them as they are easy to clean. You only have to wake up and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Some of the best models in the Hamilton Beach line up include the 12-cup option. It comes with many quality features for an affordable price. You get more flexibility as they offer you to make anywhere between 1-4 and 12-cups options. The FlewBrew machines are popular among coffee drinkers because of how much value they offer, however other models in the Hamilton Beach product lineup are up to the task.

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