KALDI WIDE size (300g) Home Coffee Roaster Motorize Type

Who hasn’t heard of Korean progress? Here you have a chance to purchase all the highlights of Asian technologies placed into this stainless steel housing. You’ll get: well packaged and fully assembled unit, excellent fit & finish with beautifully polished thick gauge stainless steel, perforated s/s drum with precision holes, copper drum sleeve, optionally removable, excellent agitation of coffee beans.

  • Capacity: 300g
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Type: Motorize Coffee Roaster
  • Where Produced: Korea
  • Shipping: $39.99
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Notable Features

  • Well packaged and fully assembled
  • Excellent fit & finish with beautifully polished thick gauge stainless steel
  • Perforated s/s drum with precision holes
  • Copper drum sleeve, optionally removable
  • Excellent agitation of coffee beans
  • Capacity easily greater than 1/2 lb. of beans
  • Also excellent for small-batch sample roasts
  • Temperature probe sits in rotating bean mass
  • Very responsive to temperature adjustments, when desired, by adjusting your gas burner ( more responsive than using a frying pan on a gas burner)
  • Roast time can easily be adjusted from 10 to 15 plus minutes depending on burner setting
  • Excellent design of passive convection, no need for additional blower fan
  • Works very well in a home setting on a standard gas burner and range hood
  • The drum is angled up on open end to prevent spilling of rotating beans
  • Very easy to hear first and second cracks emanating from drum opening
  • Nice probe rod (trier) for sampling beans during the roasting
  • Roaster requires no maintenance cleaning other than dumping chaff collector & surface
  • Very small footprint

The full review

Like the packing and finishing of the product, easy to use no big deal with, seeding the beans jams if dropped all at once, need to go slow feed combines with moving the sample handle in and out to loosen the jam. The thermometer is helpful. The motor runs smoothly with no issue.

It was shipped from Korea. The packaging was good. No complaints there.

We don’t know if there’s any warranty on the motor. Everything is in Korean.

The default AC/DC converter was a 220V AC to 12VDC 850mA converter, which turns the drum at only 28 rpm when plugged into 120V mains. We had to request the 120V AC converter from the Seller. With the 120V AC to 12V DC converter, the drum spins at 72 rpm when plugged into 120V 60hz mains.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to use because it’s easy to hear first and second cracks, and you can check progress visually by pulling out a few beans. We roast batches of about 200-250 g very consistently. We didn’t plan on spending this much on a roaster but are very glad we went for it.

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