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You can enjoy Naples coffee from the comfort of your kitchen if you choose Kimbo authentic Italian espresso. Kimbo coffee comes with the creaminess and the smoothness you’ve always wanted in every coffee sip.

With Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America, be assured of a well-balanced choice of coffee.

Therefore, go ahead and create your Neapolitan cafe from the comfort of your home with Kimbo coffee.

Bestseller No. 1
Kimbo Macinato Fresco 4 buste da 250g Imported from Italy
251 Reviews
Kimbo Macinato Fresco 4 buste da 250g Imported from Italy
  • Caffe Kimbo is imported from the Naples region of Italy.
  • Caffe Kimbo has been one of the best selling brands in Italy’s retail coffee market for more than a decade.
Bestseller No. 2
Caffe Kimbo Espresso Napoletano (Ground) - 8.8 oz can
369 Reviews
Caffe Kimbo Espresso Napoletano (Ground) - 8.8 oz can
  • One 8.8 oz can
  • Imported from Italy
  • Well balanced and persistent
  • As good as Naples coffee
  • Intensity of 6/6, richness of 5/6, sweetness of 5/6, persistence in taste of 6/6, and a body of 6/6.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Kimbo Espresso Coffee Italiano Aroma Gold 100% Arabica 3 Cans
161 Reviews
Kimbo Espresso Coffee Italiano Aroma Gold 100% Arabica 3 Cans
  • 100% Arabica Medium to full-bodied Perfect crema Medium caffeine content Ground to Medium Coarse to be used in Drip Grind and French Press coffee makers. Imported from Italy.

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History of Kimbo Coffee

Kimbo coffee company traces its origin to more than 50 years ago when three brothers began roasting coffee in their father’s bakery in Naples.

Kimbo Caffè was previously called Café do Brasil and was established to introduce the meticulous traditional Neapolitan coffee to the world.

Kimbo coffee company is among the certified companies that follow high standards of control all through their supply chain.

This starts from picking the best coffee bean varieties, done locally and specialists being sent to the plantations, to the approval of the final product following the professional tasters’ green light to a batch.

What’s more, the roasting process supports producers, small farmers, and the environment. The manufacturing process strictly follows the dictated traditional roasting, without overlooking modernity.

Among their newest ideas was bringing Neapolitan coffee to bars and homes throughout the world.

Embracing modernity in production

The Kimbo coffee company took advantage of the new packaging techniques in the 1960s, which would give them more opportunities.

The Neapolitan tradition of real coffee would now be taken to new levels with the emergence of the revolutionary vacuum-packed cans.

Implementing this idea, Cafe do Brasil was set up in 1963 and became one of the most famous coffee roasting shops in Europe by that time.

Their coffee became famous in Italy and the whole world, with the Kimbo trademark. As such, Cafe do Brasil ranked second in the Italian market for packaged coffee in 1994, and still holds this position to date.

This espresso is made with Arabica and Robusta (80/20) from South America and Asia. It comes with a characteristic full body and rich aroma of Neapolitan coffee.

You can conveniently brew it in espresso machines and filter coffee makers, thus perfect for making white coffees such as cappuccino or latte.

Why Should You Choose Kimbo Coffee?

Kimbo Coffee started as a small family business over 50 years ago. Today, it’s one of the best coffee producers in the world, thanks to the excellent expertise they employ while making their coffee.

If you’re considering choosing a coffee brand, here’s a guide that will convince you enough. Find out why you should choose Kimbo coffee over other brands.

Choose A Company With The Best Coffee Making Expertise

Coffee experts from this company that started small are capable of turning coffee beans into black gold.

According to its philosophy, Kimbo uses Arabica beans to create soft and delicate coffee combined with unique Robusta coffee varieties.

Before choosing the beans for the blends, these beans are carefully selected then sent to the factory for tests.

Later on, professional tasters confirm the taste and properties of the samples. Doing so allows Kimbo to make one of the highest qualities of coffee around the world.

Kimbo Coffee Boasts An Excellent Supply Chain

If there’s one thing that stands out in Kimbo coffee, it’s the high-quality supply chain system. To begin with, coffee beans are carefully selected then samples are taken to test their quality.

Also, the manufacturing process is on point as the company blends traditional and modern coffee roasting procedures.

This way, the farmers, the environment, and the producers contribute to making the best products for coffee lovers.

Organic coffee

Kimbo Coffee brings you a range of Fairtrade & Organic coffee that’s prepared using organic means and produced following fair trading practices.

The Kimbo coffee line is perfect for the careful customer who wants to take coffee sourced from farmers who exercise organic farming.

The production practices not only support the conservation of the environment but also have a positive impact on consumers’ health.

Kimbo Coffee Has An Extensive Product Line

A company with a variety of products should be a priority and Kimbo coffee doesn’t disappoint in that. With this dedicated brand, products such as packaged whole beans, ground coffee, capsules, and pods are at your disposal.

You’re Assured Of Sweet Coffee

Kimbo coffee chooses Arabica coffee when making its products. As a result, their coffee has low caffeine levels, thus not too strong but pleasant and smooth.

To enhance your taste buds, Kimbo regularly experiments with different flavors and varieties of coffee. These could be intense and traditional blends, as well as creamy and decaffeinated fragrant blends.

What Happens when Preparing Kimbo Coffee?

Kimbo coffee company is careful right from the roasting to the packaging of their coffee. Here are the details of each of the three phases;

Roasting Kimbo Coffee Beans

When coffee beans from different parts of the world pass various tests, the roasting process begins.

It starts with the beans arriving in Italy after which they are taken to a coffee roasting plant. While here, the coffee is subjected to 160-250 degrees Celsius in an 8 to 12 minutes time frame.

Usually, the roasting process happens in three phases. First, dehydration takes place, whereby humidity is removed from the coffee beans.

kimbo coffee 1
Choosing The Best Kimbo Coffee For Authentic Italian Taste 12

Then roasting follows and cooling the beans at room temperature finalizes the process. The coffee beans acquire their aroma in the cooling phase.

Kimbo coffee experts understand perfectly the ideal temperature and roasting time for the coffee.

Keep in mind that these two fundamental factors (duration of roasting and temperature) determine the coffee’s strength, color, and taste.

Blending Kimbo Coffee Beans

Blending your coffee is a generally significant part of the process. At this point, each batch of coffee is selected and qualified based on its specific sensory profile.

Keep in mind that each blend must match the qualities of various origins to obtain the desired results. This means that there’s a balanced taste and consistent quality in your coffee.

For excellent blending, technology doesn’t help much as the human element when it comes to combining the qualities.

Packaging Kimbo Coffee

If you want to keep your coffee beans fresh, you have to take care of the packaging. Kimbo coffee ensures that the whole beans are packaged in a protected atmosphere and pre-ground coffee is vacuum-packed.

This way, you can enjoy the aroma and taste equivalent of freshly roasted coffee once the package is opened.

What Types of Coffee Products Does Kimbo Coffee Sell?

Do you love to fill your kitchen with freshly ground coffee beans? Here’s an excellent selection of Kimbo coffee beans that give your coffee the Neapolitan tradition.

Enjoy homemade coffee that maintains the same quality as that from an Italian coffee shop when you choose these most preferable Kimbo coffee beans.

On top of this, these coffee products are designed to suit every taste and preference so you can go ahead and give them a shot.

1.Kimbo Crema Intensa Coffee

Kimbo Espresso Crema Intensa Whole Bean Coffee, 2.2 lbs

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You can always opt for Kimbo Crema Intensa coffee if you want an experience like that of Naples coffee. These coffee beans are sourced from South America and Asia, which is why they boast a perfectly balanced taste.

Furthermore, they come with smooth and full-bodied characteristics such that every sip turns out to be fantastic.

The full-bodied characteristic and slightly spicy feature mean you’re enjoying an overall delicious espresso.

Whether you love intense or weak coffee, Kimbo Crema Intensa sorts you as it comes in medium and dark roasting.

#2.Kimbo Antica Tradizione – Ground Coffee         

Kimbo Antica Tradizione is a full coffee blend with intense flavor made from an excellent selection of coffees. This blend mainly contains dark roast Brazilian coffee beans, keeping with the old Neapolitan tradition.

Kimbo Antica Tradizione Ground Coffee in Can 8.8oz/250g

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This ground coffee is perfect for coffee lovers who prefer a decisive flavor with a rich aroma. Kimbo Antica coffee features a dense creaminess thanks to the manufacturer’s traditional Neapolitan roasting process.

3.Kimbo Extra Cream Espresso Coffee Beans

Kimbo Coffee Beans, 32 Ounce (Pack of 2)

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Kimbo Extra Cream medium roast profile makes a great base for cappuccinos, lattes and other milk-based coffee drinks. 

Its a mix of beans from Asia, Brazil, and Central America and a bestselling blend in the Kimbo professional coffee range. 

This coffee blend is vacuum packed to give you the freshness similar to when the coffee beans were roasted

The Kimbo espresso extra cream beans is made up of 65% Robusta and 35% Arabica with a medium aroma and delicate body to give you decisive flavours.

4.Kimbo Espresso Decaffeinato – coffee beans

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The high-quality coffee beans from Kimbo Espresso Decaffeinato come in 500 g quantities and are medium roasted.

Enjoy the full flavor and the rich aroma of these caffeine-free coffee beans if you want to avoid the effects of caffeine.

If you’re looking for a brand that preserves all the qualities associated with a good Kimbo coffee, look no further.

You’ll enjoy the creaminess and pungency that comes with this unique choice of coffee beans. Additionally, the coffee beans are properly roasted but not burnt, fragrant, and aromatic to deliver a fully delicious coffee.

Furthermore, the brand’s whole bean means that it’s suitable for gourmet coffee lovers who prefer to grind their own beans.

5.Kimbo Espresso Napoletano – coffee beans

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If you’re looking for a high-quality coffee beans brand, Kimbo Espresso Napoletano could be your perfect match.

These coffee beans feature a mellow flavor and a rich creaminess you can only experience at a coffee shop.

Also, this espresso coffee choice gives you the Neapolitan art you’d always want in your coffee. What’s more, it comes in dark roasting such that choosing this brand means enjoying a strong espresso drink.

You can conveniently use these coffee beans on an espresso coffee machine or a Moka percolator.

6.Kimbo 100% Arabica- coffee beans

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The Kimbo 100% Arabica coffee beans are yet another brand you can consider when making your excellent espresso drinks. You can get it in quantities of 250 g, 500 g, and 1kg.

This high-quality coffee is roasted following the authentic Neapolitan tradition. Kimbo 100% Arabica coffee beans are a unique combo of pure Arabica beans from Central and South America.

As a result, these coffee beans complete a flavored and rich smooth aroma, thanks to its distinctive full-body characteristics and excellent taste.

Use your Kimbo 100% Arabica coffee beans to prepare a strong espresso drink for yourself as the dark roast feature will help you achieve this.

7.Kimbo Nespresso pods

Kimbo Nespresso Compatible Capsule Variety Package

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Kimbo Espresso Italiano capsules/pods are available in three flavors: Intenso, Armonia, and Napoli.

All three varieties are roasted dark (9 mark on Nespresso scale) with a balanced bitterness, strong taste, and acidity. Plus they have a robust to medium body and a good crema

The ESE Pods can be recycled easily since they are compostable, which aligns with respect for the environment.

The capsules can be used with the Nespresso brewing system. That’s because they’re versatile, making them the perfect solution for any situation, whether in the office, bar, office, or at home.

This idea ensures that you always get the same type of brew in your cup, in all the capsules, with consistent textures, body, and aromas.

Which Is The Best Kimbo Coffee Variety?

Kimbo coffee offers an extensive product range of coffee varieties including espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, or lungo.

The flavor profiles also vary with a difference in roasts and the strength in coffee. Kimbo coffee proudly features more than 15 coffee blends, pods, and capsules roasted in Moka pots, portafilters, or fully automatic coffee machines.

Choosing the best Kimbo coffee for authentic Italian taste starts by understanding what the brand has to offer first.

For the last 50 years, Kimbo coffee has been delivering the best coffee to the world and ranks second in consumer preference.

This tells you that you can never get it wrong with this brand, thanks to its exclusive product range.

On top of this, Kimbo coffee manufacturers use the best packaging cans to preserve the coffee’s taste and aroma.

You don’t have to doubt the quality attached to this coffee as you try to figure out the best coffee brand to commit to today. 

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