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The best Kona coffee comes at a higher price compared to other coffee brands in the market. If you need help picking Kona coffee, this guide is for you. 

As a coffee lover, have you come across the Kona Peaberry coffee? If not, we’ll guide you through this type of coffee and how to pick the best Kona coffee. 

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Kauai Hawaiian Ground Coffee, Koloa Estate Medium Roast (10 Ounce) - Gourmet Arabica Coffee From Hawaii's Largest Coffee Grower, Bold, Rich Blend
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  • 10% HAWAIIAN ORIGIN COFFEE - Taste Paradise One Cup at a Time with our Hawaiian coffee
  • GROUND COFFEE BEANS – Our Roast Masters use premium beans to capture the easygoing character and subtle nuances that distinguish our ground Kauai coffee; 10 oz package
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  • KAUAI COFFEE COMPANY ESTATE - Hawaii’s largest coffee estate is open year-round offering farm tours and coffee tastings
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Royal Kona 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Ground, Private Reserve Medium Roast - 7 Ounce Bag
  • PRIVATE RESERVE KONA: Our medium roast private reserve 100% Kona ground coffee makes a delicious cup with a smooth, full bodied flavor.
  • ALOHA FROM HAWAII: Royal Kona Coffee features 100% pure Kona coffee milled at our facility in Captain Cook in the Kona region on Hawaii's Big Island, right in the heart of the growing region of one of the world's most famous coffees.
  • TASTE OF HAWAII: This exquisite private reserve coffee is always fresh and offered to you by the largest roaster of Kona Coffee in the world, Hawaii's leading supplier of coffee to the Island's hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.
  • ONLY THE BEST: Each premium Kona bean is selected from the best of the Kona harvests and then expertly roasted to produce a gourmet cup of Kona coffee.
  • SINCE 1969: We've been roasting premium 100% Kona and 10% Kona blend coffee since 1969. Every bag of our Kona is fresh and packed with delightful, authentic flavor.
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1LB. 100% Hawaii Hawaiian Kona Roasted Coffee Beans
  • 100% Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy - NOT A BLEND
  • Extra Fancy Grade
  • Medium Roast
  • 1lb - Whole Beans
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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So, let’s get started!

What is Kona Coffee?

best kona coffee
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Before we get started with the definition, it’s best to let you in on the types of coffee. There’s Arabica and Robusta coffee. Kona coffee is from Arabica coffee. 

So, what is Kona coffee? It is Arabica coffee grown in the North and South districts of Hawaii. The best Kona coffee is grown, processed, and roasted in the Kona district. 

This coffee is grown on two volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai. The climatic conditions around this region influence the flavor and taste of coffee. 

What is Peaberry Kona Coffee?

You must have come across this term Kona peaberry as you’re searching for the best Kona coffee. So, what type of coffee is it? 

A coffee cherry will have two coffee beans inside. However, a Peaberry has one bean with a spherical shape. It is a rare type of coffee cherry and often very expensive. 

Buying Guide for The Best Coffee in Kona Hawaii 

So, now that you already have an idea of Kona coffee, we will help you select the best coffee for your daily coffee brewing. So, what should you consider when buying Kona coffee?

100% Kona coffee

Check whether the packaging bag is labeled as 100% Kona coffee. Buying a Kona coffee blend will have little or no Kona coffee. Most brands will have less than 10% of this coffee.

Do not be deceived into believing that it is Kona coffee. Check keenly to ensure that you’re not buying a blend but 100% Kona coffee.

Avoid buying coffee that is not Kona.

Not all coffee from Hawaii is Kona coffee. To ensure that you’re buying authentic coffee, check whether it is from the Kona region in Hawaii. Kona coffee has to be grown, processed, and roasted in the Kona region. 

Check the grade

Kona coffee is categorized into different grades. That is – Kona extra fancy, Kona Fancy, Kona number one, Kona select, and Kona Prime. 

Let’s find out more about the Kona coffee grades.

Kona Extra Fancy

The best Kona coffee is from the extra fancy grade. Examples of such coffee beans are from the Volcanica coffee beans. 

Kona extra fancy coffee has the highest quality. The size of the coffee bean is one of the factors that influence the grading of the Kona coffee beans. 

These coffee beans have the same roasting, cleanliness, and color. Kona extra fancy coffee beans are large. You have a consistent cup of joe every time you need to brew coffee using the Kona extra fancy coffee. 


Fancy or Kona fancy coffee is similar to the extra fancy coffee. The coffee beans are medium-sized. These coffee beans brew a consistent cup of joe. 

Kona Number 1

The number 1 grade coffee beans are small-sized. Extra fancy, fancy, and number 1 form the top-tier of the Kona coffee beans. 

Kona Select and Kona prime do not have desirable aromas and flavors when brewing coffee. 

Type of coffee

Do not forget to check whether Kona coffee is ground, whole beans, or single-serve pods. If you’re using a Keurig coffee maker, you need to check its compatibility with the K-cup pods. 

The reason why most coffee lovers prefer whole coffee beans is to grind coffee for each brewing. Grinding coffee beans when you need to brew coffee preserves the flavors and aroma of the coffee. 

However, if you want to save yourself grinding time, you can buy pre-ground coffee. Check whether the coffee grounds are medium, fine, or coarse. But, that depends on your brewing method. 

Coffee information is labeled on the packaging bag. Make sure you check this information carefully to ensure that you buy the best Kona coffee for your coffee needs. 

Regular Kona coffee or peaberry

By now, you already know what Kona peaberry coffee is. The peaberry coffee has a unique flavor. Whether you’re buying regular Kona coffee or Kona peaberry, make sure that it is 100% Kona coffee. 

Best Kona Coffee For Coffee Lovers

Are you looking for the best Kona coffee to try? Here’s a list of the best 100% Kona coffee.

If you prefer using coffee beans for coffee brewing, we’ll also identify the best Kona coffee beans to use. If you’ve not tasted the Kona coffee before, here’s your chance to make a selection. 

However, the best coffee in Kona Hawaii comes at a price. The list has authentic Kona coffee and not blends. 

So, let’s get down to it. 

1. Royal Kona 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee

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Kona coffee is from the Big Island of Hawaii. The Royal Kona coffee is 100% Kona coffee, roasted to a medium roast.  

To brew coffee, you can use whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. Royal Kona coffee has 7-ounce caffeinated, ground coffee. 

If you’re looking for a taste of Hawaii away from Hawaii, Kona coffee is what you need. Royal Kona coffee is freshly roasted and packed. Hence, you can be sure that you’re brewing coffee rich in flavor and taste. 

Since 1969, Royal Kona has been roasting premium Kona coffee. If you’re looking for a blend, make sure you buy it from the top brands. It has a 10% blend of Kona blend coffee. The packaging bag has a seal to ensure coffee remains fresh.

  • Royal Kona coffee is budget-friendly. Kona coffee comes at a higher price, but Royal Kona private reserve is affordable.
  • You can use the all-purpose ground with your favorite brewing method.
  • The sealed packaging maintains the freshness of the ground coffee.
  • If you have a friend who loves a quality cup of joe, Royal Kona makes a perfect gift.
  • The 7-ounce bag may not last long if you’re making coffee for multiple servings.

2. Mountain Thunder 100% Kona Premium Coffee

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Mountain thunder has 100% Kona coffee. To make an authentic cup of coffee using Kona coffee, Vienna Roast is what you need. You can select from a pack of ground or whole coffee beans.

Kona coffee is grown on the Kona coffee belt in Hawaii. The coffee beans are grown, processed, and roasted on the volcano mountains of Hualalai. 

The two signature flavors to pick from the brand are French roast and Vienna roast. If you love your caffeine strong, the coffee beans are caffeinated.  

If you appreciate your cup of coffee, Mountain Thunder Kona coffee has a smooth balance of flavors with low acidity. The coffee beans are handpicked and roasted in small batches to achieve maximum freshness and quality. 

You can use the coffee beans for your hot or cold coffee drinks. After roasting, Mountain Thunder ships the coffee beans to their customers in airtight sealed packaging. 

  • Coffee roasting is done in small batches to ensure consistency and maximum freshness.
  • You can use the coffee beans for making espresso, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and Americanos.
  • The coffee beans have smooth and balanced flavors, resulting in low acidity.
  • You have two flavor options to select from – Vienna roast and french roast.
  • If you take decaf coffee, you can try coffee from a different brand as it is caffeinated.

3. Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy Whole Coffee Bean – Volcanica Coffee Company

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Buying coffee from the top brands ensures that you’re drinking high-quality and authentic coffee. The caffeinated whole coffee beans from Volcanica are 100% Kona coffee. 

The extra fancy coffee from Hawaii has low acidity, is full-bodied, and is rich in flavor. Hawaiian Kona coffee beans are medium roasted and certified by the State of Hawaii. 

The brand uses the washed process and dry milling to dry the coffee beans. Volcanica coffee company ships the coffee beans after roasting to maintain the freshness of the roasted coffee beans. 

The coffee beans are shade-grown, resulting in their unique taste profile. The Hawaiian Kona beans have a single origin, and the brand guarantees maximum satisfaction. 

With Volcanica, you know that you’re buying high-quality Kona coffee beans. However, you need to allocate a budget for the coffee beans as they come at a higher price. 

  • The coffee beans are extra fancy. Brewing coffee will result in a consistent and high-quality cup of joe.
  • Volcanic coffee grinds coffee beans to your preference.
  • The coffee beans are packed and sealed in an airtight bag after roasting.
  • Volcanica coffee beans are certified by the state of Hawaii.
  • The company guarantees customers 100% satisfaction.
  • The Volcanica coffee beans have a higher price. However, you already know that you’re getting quality coffee from the brand.

4. Royal Kona Decaf Coffee Private Reserve

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Coffee lovers prefer varying strengths of caffeine. If you take decaf coffee, Royal Kona coffee has got you sorted. Upon purchase, you get two packs of 100% Kona decaf coffee. 

The ground coffee has a medium roast. You will get to enjoy a full-bodied, smooth cup of coffee in the morning or any time of the day. 

The coffee beans are selected and expertly roasted for maximum flavor extraction. Royal Kona coffee is shipped after packaging.

  • Affordable to buy. Royal Kona coffee is budget-friendly.
  • The Royal Kona packaging keeps the ground coffee fresh after roasting.
  • You do not have control of the size of the ground coffee.

To help you get an idea of what to expect when buying coffee, we have compared the prices of the Kona coffee above. Here’s a price comparison table.

Kona CoffeePriceItem formCaffeine content
Royal Kona Hawaiian coffee private reserve$32.61GroundCaffeinated
Mountain Thunder Kona premium coffee$42.90Whole beansCaffeinated
Volcanica Coffee Company – extra fancy$124.99Whole beansCaffeinated
Royal Kona Decaf coffee$56.95Grounddecaf

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need help selecting the best Kona coffee? We have a solution to some of the common questions about this coffee. 

  1. What is the price of Kona coffee?

Based on the comparison table above, it’s evident that Kona coffee is expensive. However, the price is dependent on the brand. 

There are multiple reasons that contribute to the high price. First, the Kona coffee beans are grown in a limited area. This coffee is in high demand, but it has a limited supply. 

Second, the labor cost is expensive. The processes involved, paying wages to the coffee farmers and transportation, contribute to the high price. 

  1. Can you use Kona coffee blends for coffee brewing?

Whenever possible, avoid using Kona coffee blends. They are likely to have low-quality coffee beans, which will ruin your coffee taste and flavor. However, if you have to use the Kona coffee blend, make sure it has a 10% Kona coffee blend. 

  1. What are some of the examples of Kona Peaberry coffee to try?

A regular coffee cherry has two beans, but the peaberry is special. A peaberry is a coffee cherry with a single bean. Coffee from a peaberry is expensive. 

If you need to brew coffee from this coffee, you can make a selection from this list:

1. Kona Peaberry Coffee – Volcanica Coffee Company

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Volcanica Coffee Company is one of the top brands that sell authentic Kona coffee. The 100% peaberry Kona coffee is certified by the state of Hawaii. 

The caffeinated ground coffee is medium roasted. It has a smooth and nutty flavor with an intense aroma. 

The brand guarantees their customers 100% satisfaction. As mentioned earlier, peaberry coffee is expensive. The price of the Volcanica 100% Kona peaberry coffee is $124.99. 

The company ships coffee immediately after roasting to ensure it remains fresh and preserves the taste. 

2. Imagine Kona Peaberry Rare Coffee Beans

Imagine Kona Peaberry Rare Coffee Beans | Top Grade Air Roasted | Medium Dark Roast - 8 ounce

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To use whole coffee beans for coffee brewing, you may want to try the Kona peaberry rare coffee beans. The whole coffee beans are roasted to a medium roast and are caffeinated. 

Imagine Kona peaberry roasts are expertly tested to ensure that you have a high-quality coffee that meets your expectations. If you cannot start a day without a quality cup of coffee, the coffee beans are worth considering. 

Where can you get the best Kona coffee?

Kona coffee has a high price as it is grown in a small region in the Kona district in Hawaii. However, that does mean that you have to go all the way to Hawaii to buy Kona coffee. Some of the trusted stores where you can buy this popular type of coffee are:

Top coffee brands

Examples of top coffee brands to buy Kona coffee are Volcanica, Koa, or Hawaii Coffee Company. You can have the brands ship to you the coffee beans or ground coffee after roasting. 

1. From the Kona coffee website

Another way you can ensure you’re buying the best Kona coffee is by buying it from the brand’s website. You can place your order with the brand and have coffee shipped to you. 

2. From coffee stores

When buying coffee from coffee stores, make sure you check the roasting date and the 100% Kona coffee label on the packaging. Otherwise, you may end up buying Kona coffee blends.

Where is Kona coffee grown?

This coffee is grown in the south and north districts of Hawaii. It is rich in flavor and aroma. 

How do you use Kona coffee for coffee brewing?

Kona coffee can be in single-serve pods, coffee grounds, or whole coffee beans. Remember to check the compatibility of the k-cups with your coffee machine. You can use Kona coffee with your preferred brewing method. 

Why is the Kona coffee grade important?

To ensure that you’re brewing coffee with the best Kona coffee, make sure that you check the grade of the coffee. Coffee with the highest grading from the Hawaiian government is high-quality coffee. That is the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Hawaiian coffee is divided into various grades, with extra fancy having the highest grading. Examples of grading qualities are color and size. 

Why Should You Buy Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee is grown in the north and south region of Hawaii. The Arabica coffee beans from the Kona district have the best growing conditions.  

Whether you love decaf or caffeinated coffee, you will always find your preference for Kona coffee. You can use the regular Kona coffee or Kona peaberry coffee. 

However, you need to have the price of the Kona coffee in mind. It is expensive, given that it grows in a small region. 

To ensure that you have the best coffee in Kona Hawaii, check for 100% Kona coffee. If you prefer coffee blends, check for a 10% Kona coffee blend from top brands like Volcanica and Koa coffee. 

If you have not used the Kona coffee to make your early morning cup of joe, it’s time to make cafe-quality coffee at home. Our buying guide takes you through the best Kona coffee to buy for coffee brewing.

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