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Matcha latte has multiple health benefits. It helps with weight loss and maintains your energy level. With the matcha powder, making a latte at home is fast and easy. We’ll take you through the best matcha powder for making lattes. 

The benefit of using latte powder is that you do not need a coffee maker. It is simple to make with a bamboo whisk, matcha latte powder, and milk. 

If you’re a beginner in matcha latte, our guide takes you through the preparation method, the best matcha for a latte, and its health benefits.

By the end of this guide, you will have comprehensive details about matcha latte and whether it’s good for you. 

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So let’s begin.

What Is Matcha 

Matcha was used during Japanese tea ceremonies. The green tea plant is shade-grown to protect it from direct sunlight. 

The shade-growing method helps to boost the chlorophyll level. Matcha farmers harvest the best leaves, which are then steamed and dried. The dry leaves are stone-ground together into a fine powder. 

High-quality matcha is from Uji, Kagoshima, and Shizuoka in Japan. The 2 categories of matcha powder are ceremonial grade and culinary grade.  

Ceremonial grade is from the high-quality leaves and is served in traditional tea ceremonies. It is pricey and preserved for traditional tea ceremonies. 

On the other hand, the culinary grade is used for baking and making matcha smoothies. Japanese matcha powder is high-quality, expensive, and considered the best. 

How To Store Matcha Latte Powder

Source: Pexels

Once you open the matcha latte powder, you should seal the packaging bag or tight lock the canister to prevent oxidation. You can store the matcha powder in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. Use the matcha latte powder within a few months to preserve the taste and flavor. 

Best Matcha Latte Powders

You can buy the matcha latte mix or use the matcha powder to make a latte. Let’s look at the 10 best matcha powders for making lattes. 

1. Matcha LOVE Green Tea Powder Packet

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The Matcha powder is made from Japanese green tea leaves. It has lively and bright flavors to supply you with energy throughout the day. 

Matcha LOVE powder is rich in vitamin C and L-theanine. If you’re looking for Japanese matcha for latte or smoothie, Matcha LOVE has got you sorted. 

A packet has 8 ounces of matcha powder. It is finely refined and has a sweetened flavor. You can use it with any recipe. 

2. Lipton Japanese Matcha Latte Powder

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The Latte mix is made with pure cane sugar and Japanese matcha. It is a sweetened powder. To make a creamy latte, add iced or hot milk.

Lipton matcha has the Rainforest Alliance seal and is a perfect alternative for anyone who loves green tea. The matcha powder does not have colors, sweeteners, or artificial colors. 

A pack of Lipton matcha latte powder makes up to 12 servings. It gives you a perfect way to make a creamy treat at home. 

3. Matcha Love Premium Culinary Matcha Powder

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Culinary grade and ceremonial grade are the main categories for matcha. The green tea is shade-grown, harvested, steamed, and dried before its ground into fine powder. 

You can use the Matcha LOVE culinary powder for making smoothies, lattes, and baking. The unsweetened matcha powder has a balance of crisp sweetness. 

It is medium-bodied and without bitterness. The packaging bag has a zipper to seal the matcha powder after opening. It helps to keep it fresh for longer. With a single pack, you can make upto 28 servings. 

4. Sencha Naturals Organic Everyday Matcha Powder

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The matcha powder from Sencha Naturals is organic and non-GMO verified. It is sourced from organic family tea farms in Kagoshima, Japan. 

Its versatility makes it suitable for cooking, lattes, tea, baking, and smoothies. The powder is a blend of ceremonial and 2nd harvest green tea leaves.  

Sencha Naturals matcha powder is gluten-free and 100% vegan. Making a matcha latte with organic matcha powder is easy. You can use milk or milk alternatives. 

The matcha powder has antioxidants which are a source of energy and promote mental focus. You can make a matcha latte any time with the matcha powder. 

5. Navitas Organics Matcha Powder

Navitas Organics Matcha Powder, 3 oz. Bag, 85 Servings — Premium Culinary Grade, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

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You can add culinary matcha powder to make healthy snacks and treats. Since it has antioxidants, it makes a perfect blend for cold and warm drinks. 

Navitas matcha powder is a culinary grade from Japan. It is certified by B-corp and USDA organic. Its versatility makes it perfect for baking and making drinks, like matcha latte. 

The matcha powder is vegan and gluten-free, perfect for anyone who prefers matcha latte vegan. Since it is plant-based, it provides your body with essential nutrients. 

6. Golde Pure Matcha

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The Golde Pure matcha powder is ceremonial grade matcha made from Japanese stone-ground green tea leaves. It does not have artificial sweeteners, added sugars, or monk fruit. 

You can make between 15-20 matcha lattes with matcha powder. It is rich in flavors for making treats, smoothies, and lattes. The powder is rich in L-theanine and Chlorophyll. 

The matcha powder is made from shade-grown green tea leaves from Uji in Japan. Golde Pure matcha powder is best for vegans and keto lovers as it is keto-friendly. It is the ultimate green superfood as it has 100% natural ingredients. 

7. Matcha Kari Organic Superior Japanese Matcha

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The ceremonial grade matcha is certified by USDA organic. It is grown in Uji in Japan. 

Matcha Kari organic powder has a smooth flavor and is not bitter. It is best if you’re looking for matcha latte caffeine. The caffeine in Matcha Kari powder is about 40-80 grams per serving. It helps to boost your energy for 4-6 hours. 

The ceremonial grade is handpicked, dried, and stone-ground into a fine powder. There are multiple health benefits to taking matcha Kari powder.

It increases your metabolism and alertness. It is also a source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and polyphenols. The Japanese matcha is best for matcha lattes and smoothies.

8. DoMatcha Organic Ceremonial Green Tea Matcha Powder

DoMatcha - Organic Ceremonial Green Tea Matcha Powder, Natural Source of Antioxidants, Caffeine, and L-Theanine, Promotes Focus and Relaxation, Kosher, 75 Servings (2.82 oz)

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The matcha powder is packaged in an airtight can to prevent oxidation. DoMatcha ceremonial matcha latte powder is for anyone who wants a healthy, delicious, and energizing way to start the day. 

The matcha for latte has a vibrant green color with a clean and sweet flavor. You can enjoy it as a traditional whisked matcha. DoMatcha powder is stone ground, resulting in a smooth texture that makes it easy to whisk. 

Japanese traditional tea ceremonies use high-quality matcha. DoMatcha ceremonial matcha is from top-grade matcha leaves. With the 1-ounce pack, you can make about 25 servings. The organic matcha powder provides you with caffeine, vitamins, and antioxidants. 

9. Vital Proteins Matcha Lattes – Vanilla

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Do you love flavored matcha latte powder? Vital Proteins vanilla powder has 50mg of caffeine. You can make a cold or hot matcha latte with it. 

Add hot water to make a hot latte and ice cubes for a cold matcha latte. It has collagen, which supports healthy hair, nails, skin, and joints. The matcha latte vanilla is made with coconut milk and has L-theanine, which promotes a sense of calm. 

10. VAHDAM, Matcha Green Tea Powder & Vanilla Matcha

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From Vahdam, you can select matcha latte vanilla or matcha green tea. The culinary matcha latte powder is from Uji in Japan. It is best for making smoothies and lattes. 

The matcha powder is gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. With matcha vanilla, you can make up to 25 servings. Vahdam matcha latte powder is direct trade, fair-trade, and ethically sourced. The health benefits of matcha powder are that it helps burn calories, increases energy and focus, and is anti-inflammatory.  

How To Make Matcha Latte

matcha latte recipe
Source: Pexels

Matcha latte is simple to make at home. To pull a perfect shot, use a matcha bowl and bamboo whisk designed for making matcha drinks. 

If you do not have either, use a milk frother for frothing. So, here’s a simple matcha latte recipe. 

What you need

  1. Green matcha latte powder
  2. Hot water at 175F 
  3. A bamboo whisk
  4. Bowl/cup
  5. sifter
  6. Milk
  7. Ice cubes for a cold matcha latte


Add one scoop of green matcha powder into a sifter in a bowl or cup. You will have a fine powder in your cup. Add several ounces of hot water to the cup. Do not fill the cup with water. 

Using a bamboo whisk, whisk the mixture until you have a matcha froth. If you do not have a matcha whisk, use a milk frother. You can use a kitchen whisk, but it will take longer to make the matcha froth. 

Add milk to your matcha for a latte. If you want a cold beverage, add ice cubes into a cup, then milk. Lastly, add the matcha into the cup. Add a sweetener like honey, creamer, or sugar to enhance the taste. 

If you want to replace coffee with a matcha latte, consider buying a matcha bamboo whisk or the complete matcha set

Benefits of Matcha Latte

matcha latte
Source: Pexels

Unlike coffee which has higher caffeine, matcha latte has less caffeine than coffee. The matcha latte caffeine does not have a negative impact on your body. The L-theanine in matcha powder has a calming and relaxing effect that counters the caffeine. 

There are multiple matcha latte benefits. Let’s get to each one of them. 

  1. Matcha latte enhances weight loss as it does not have calories. Drinking matcha green tea helps burn calories and does not have side effects as diet pills. 
  2. It does not have a high caffeine concentration like coffee. The benefit of caffeine is that it reduces the risk of health problems like asthma, diabetes, and cancer. 
  3. Since the green tea plant is shade-grown, it has a high concentration of L-theanine. It has a calming and relaxing effect while still improving focus. It reduces stress. 
  4. The antioxidants in matcha powder protect the liver and enhance heart health. High chlorophyll concentration is a natural detoxifier. 
  5. Matcha helps to boost immunity and protect you from viral and bacterial infections. 
  6. Matcha promotes better skin and reduces acne. 
  7. It helps to boost metabolism before and after a workout. It maintains your energy levels and reduces bloating. 

What To Check When Buying Matcha Latte Powder

bamboo whisk
Source: Pexels

How will you know that you’re buying the best matcha latte powder? For a beginner, it’s easy to buy low-quality matcha powder. 

So, if you’re buying it for the first time, use our guide to select the best matcha powder. 

  1. Check the sources

Check the source details from the packaging. The best matcha is from Japan. Kyoto, Kagoshima, Shizuoka, Kyushu, and Nishio are the best sources of green tea leaves. 

The green tea plant is shade-grown. The leaves are dried and stone-ground into a fine powder for making a latte, tea, and matcha smoothie. 

  1. Color

Matcha powder has a vibrant green color. It is not easy checking the color before opening the packaging. The powder is packed in an opaque container. If your matcha latte powder has a dull color, it is likely low-quality or oxidized.

  1. The packaging 

When shopping for the matcha powder, check the packaging it comes in. It should be opaque to limit exposure to sunlight. It should also be in a resealable bag or airtight can to prevent oxidation. 

  1. Price

Matcha powder is not cheap. It is pricey. Premium matcha from Japan is expensive and high-quality. If you come across cheap matcha, it could be low-quality.

  1. The texture of the matcha latte powder

Matcha powder should be smooth to touch and finely ground. It should be easy to sift in a sifter and consistent. To identify low-quality matcha powder through touch, it is gritty and coarse. 

  1. Grade type

The 2 main categories of matcha are culinary grade and ceremonial grade. Ceremonial grade is harvested from the young leaves in the first harvest. 

The matcha powder is expensive and used for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The culinary grade is used for matcha latte recipes like baking, drinks, making treats, and cooking. 

Culinary grade is from the second and third harvest. You can add a sweetener like honey to your taste. Make sure you check if the matcha latte powder is culinary or ceremonial. 

  1. Size

How many people do you intend to serve a matcha latte? Are you buying it for drinking or for recipes? Matcha latte is packed in different sizes. You can make a selection based on how often you take your latte. 

  1. Flavor

Matcha powder can have different flavors. You can try the matcha latte vanilla or the sweetened matcha powder. 

If you prefer unsweetened matcha powder, you can add sugar, creamers, or honey to your desired taste. However, the sweeteners are optional. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is matcha?

Matcha is a Japanese word that means ground green tea leaves. It is simple to make and does not need steeping. 

Matcha is growing in popularity because it has less caffeine than regular coffee. It is also versatile. You can use it in cooking recipes like making smoothies, baking, and making treats. 

  1. Is matcha tea different from matcha latte?

Yes. There is a difference between the two. To make a latte, you should add milk, while in matcha tea, you add water. Here’s a simple recipe for matcha tea:

Sift one scoop of matcha powder into a cup. Add 3 ounces of water and whisk it using a bamboo whisk. After the froth forms, add more water. For matcha for a latte, you add milk instead of water. 

  1. Does the matcha powder have a scent?

Yes. You can identify high-quality matcha powder using your sense of smell. Fresh matcha powder has a grassy aroma. For the taste, it has a hint of sweetness. 

  1. Why is matcha latte powder expensive?

The planting, harvesting, and grinding method contribute to the price of the matcha latte powder. In Japan, the green tea plant is shade-grown to prevent it from direct sunlight. 

It boosts the level of chlorophyll and increases the production of L-theanine. Farmers pick young, vibrant leaves in the first harvest, dry them, and stone-grind them to make the matcha powder. 

  1. Which tools are used for making a matcha latte?

The matcha set makes it easy to pull a perfect shot of matcha latte. It comes with a matcha bamboo whisk and scoop, stainless steel sifter, and a matcha tea bowl. 

The purpose of the sifter is to sift the matcha powder. The bamboo whisk is for whisking the matcha and water for tea or latte. 

  1. How will you know that you’re buying high-quality matcha powder?

You’re likely to buy low-quality coffee from various brands. To avoid this, make sure that you check the origin of the matcha powder. High-quality matcha is from Uji, Kagoshima, Nishio, and Kyushu in Japan. 

The two main types of matcha powder are ceremonial and culinary grade. The category of matcha latte powder is essential. 

The matcha powder should also have a vibrant green color and should not be bitter. It should be packed in an airtight canister or resealable packaging to keep it fresh. 

Matcha latte powder is not cheap. If you’re buying a cheap powder, it’s likely low-quality and will not give you value for your money. 

The Bottom Line

The matcha latte benefits your body in so many ways. It has antioxidants and L-theanine, which have a calming and relaxing effect. It also reduces stress and improves brain focus. 

The versatility of the culinary grade makes it suitable for cooking, baking, lattes, and smoothies. Uji and Kagoshima are sources of high-quality Japanese matcha. 

It is rich in flavor and aroma. The bamboo whisk is best for frothing. To enjoy a fresh matcha latte, store the powder in a refrigerator to prevent oxidation and sunlight. 

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