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Ever thought of adding a stylish, red coffee maker to your kitchen? For a coffee lover, not only does the versatility and size of a coffee machine matter to them but the color as well.  

If you are looking to accessories your kitchen countertop with a coffee maker, you might consider a bold color like red. It is easily noticeable, and it’s also considered a color of love. (Beautiful, right?) 

So chances are, you may end up loving your cup of joe or making coffee with a red coffee maker. 

But, why should you consider a red coffee maker?

One of the main reasons why a coffee lover would buy a coffee maker is to wake up to a perfect cup of joe in the morning. And while this is true, your coffee machine needs to make a statement. 

It should add a classic and stylish touch to your kitchen. Coffee machines vary depending on the brand. In a coffee store, you will get a pour-over, french press, drip, AeroPress, or espresso machines

Bestseller No. 1
Keurig K-Mini Plus Maker Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Comes with 6 to 12 Oz. Brew Size, Storage, and Travel Mug Friendly, Cardinal Red
  • Included in the box: Keurig k-mini plus single serve coffee maker with pod storage unit that fits in your brewer and can hold upto 9 k-cup pods.
  • Fast & fresh brewed: Coffee made in minutes
  • Pod storage: Holds 9 k-cup pods and fits in your brewer for ultimate portability and saves counter space.
  • Cord storage: For easy transport and tidy countertops.
  • Travel mug friendly: Removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs upto 7.0” tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup.
Bestseller No. 2
Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine, Red, 10 cup
  • UPDATED PRODUCT FEATURES!: New and improved “Keep Warm” function lasting up to 60 minutes after brewing, newly added sound control function, and our classic anti-drip system to keep your machine clean and dry.
Bestseller No. 3
Thimblety Coffee Machine (red)
233 Reviews
Thimblety Coffee Machine (red)
  • 4-IN-1 BREWING: Whether you want to brew a coffee/tea pod or make a cup of coffee/tea the traditional way, Thimblety innovative coffee machine will allow you to do all! The simple front button feature allows you to conveniently choose between these 4 brewing styles.
  • RAPID BREWED COFFEE/TEA RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Thimblety personal single serve coffee maker will give you that fresh, pure taste that is required to jump start your day. Have your cup ready to drink in only 3 minutes! Hot enough to still have hot coffee with cream added. The water adjustment function allows you to control how much coffee/tea you want to brew to save expensive grounds/tea-leaves. And you can experiment with less water for a bolder flavor or more water for a milder taste
  • ADJUSTABLE BREWING SIZE:Enjoy coffee/tea house quality, fresher and faster with this powerful yet compact coffee maker. With the one-touch operation you can quickly brew up to 8 or 15 oz. of coffee/tea, consistently at the perfect temperature.
  • DURABLE & COMPACT DESIGN: Innovatively designed to be compact and durable, yet extremely effective, Thimblety coffee maker is much smaller than others. You will be able to fit it in tight places on countertops, office tables, etc.. Tall enough to use with most 15 oz. travel mugs, you can quickly brew your favorite hot beverages on-the-go!
  • LARGE CAPACITY OF WATER RESERVOIR: Thimblety coffee maker owns a large 40 oz water reservoir which allows you to brew 5 cups before refill, convenient for saving office hours and home gatherings. The indicator also allows you to watch the water level of the coffee maker clearly

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These machines are of different types- manual and automatic. They come in different designs, with espresso machines having a milk frother feature.

In addition to the physical design, a machine with red color will definitely pop into your kitchen. It is probably the first thing your visitors will notice in your kitchen.

Besides brewing coffee, a red coffee maker adds a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen.

Here is a list of red coffee machines that you may consider buying.

Best Red Coffee makers 

Coffee machines come in a variety of colors. If you have a specific theme in your kitchen, there are different colors to match up to that. In this section, we’ll specifically look at the red coffee machines for your kitchen countertop.

1. Red Keurig coffee maker

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Keurig coffee machines use K-cups pods to make single-serve coffee. They come in different sizes and have a sleek design. For example, the Keurig K-Mini single-serve coffee maker is ideal for countertops with limited space.

It features a removable water reservoir and brews tea, coffee, cocoa, and iced beverages. In addition, it has a removable drip tray to collect coffee spills and brews coffee into a travel mug.

Keurig coffee machines come in different prices and sizes. They are also easy to use. Depending on the features, you can brew a variety of beverages.  

2. Mr. Coffee Red coffee maker

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Mr. Coffee is one of the top brands in espresso machines. Mr. Coffee machines are versatile. You can use them to brew lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos. 

Such coffee machines are Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker. Besides the red color, it has removable water and milk reservoir. It has a one-touch control panel and a milk frother. 

To brew a cup of espresso fast, Mr. Coffee has a coffee maker that uses K-cup pods to brew. That is Mr. Coffee BVMC-SC500R-1 Single Cup K Cup Brewing System. 

Another red coffee maker from the brand is Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Red Programmable Coffee Maker. It brews into a carafe and allows the barista to serve coffee in mid-brew. The coffee machine has the delay brew feature. 

Mr. Coffee machines have beautiful designs and do not require barista skills to use.

3. Red Cuisinart coffee maker

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Cuisinart brand has high-quality coffee machines ranging from drip to single-serve brewers. Depending on the type of coffee maker that you choose, you can get a versatile machine.

Check out Cuisinart DCC-1200MR 12 Cup Brew Central Coffee Maker. It has a programmable automatic shut off and a keep-warm function. The pause-brew feature allows you to pour coffee in mid-brew.

The coffee maker uses buttons to operate and brews 12 cups of coffee. It is easy to use and has an attractive design. 

4. Mixpresso Mini Compact Drip coffee Maker With Brewing Basket, Red

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Coming in at an affordable price, the red coffee maker from Mixpresso uses a single button to make coffee. It is a drip coffee maker that has a compact size, therefore making it portable. It is suitable for a kitchen with limited storage.

5. Red Illy Espresso machines

Francis Francis X7.1 Iperespresso Machine, Red

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Similar to other espresso machines, Illy machines come in different designs and sizes. Compare these espresso machines: Francis, Francis Iperespresso machine, Illy X9 espresso machine, and Illy y3.2 Espresso and coffee machine.

They are all from the same brand but differ in versatility, design, and features. 

6. Holstein Housewares, 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Holstein Housewares, 5-Cup Coffee Maker, Red

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Holstein coffee machines are easy to use. The red coffee maker has a removable filter basket and comes in a compact design. It does not take up large counter space. What is your favorite coffee beverage? 

The Holstein coffee maker is versatile. It allows you to brew iced coffee, caramel, whipped coffee, Hazelnut, and chocolate cookie coffee. With the auto-pause feature, you can pour coffee in mid-brew.

7. Gevi Coffee Maker, Red

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Gevi, a red coffee maker, has a 12-cup capacity. It has a 24-hour programmable feature, meaning that you can wake up to hot coffee in the morning.

The keep-warm function maintains the heat of the coffee for up to 2 hours. Are you looking for a gift for your friend or relative? Gevi coffee maker makes a perfect gift

It has a drip glass carafe, a permanent filter, and a semi-transparent water reservoir. Even though the filter is reusable, most of the coffee connoisseurs prefer using a paper filter.

8. Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine, Red

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Smeg is a family business founded in Italy and has a variety of kitchen appliances. The Smeg drip coffee maker has programmable features, user-friendly controls, and it’s versatile.

The Smeg coffee maker has an auto-start mode, brews 4 cups, and you can program it to brew coffee at a specific time-like in the morning. To clean the coffee machine, it has a descale feature that removes calcium buildup. 

9. Nostalgia RCOF12RR New & Improved 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Red

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As a coffee connoisseur, the design, size, and quality of a coffee brewer are the factors to consider when buying a coffee machine. The Nostalgia coffee maker is a drip coffee machine that brews 12 cups of coffee.

It uses a reusable filter, which means that it saves you the cost of buying filters. The internal water reservoir has different markings to help you monitor the water level. 

It has a backlit LED screen for easy control. The keep-warm function maintains the heat of the coffee, 2 hours after the brewing process.

Pros And Cons Of Having a Red Coffee Maker

Coffee makers come in a variety of colors. First, a red coffee maker is easy to spot. For instance, the Illy X1 espresso machine has a unique, beautiful design that will get your visitors talking.

It’s a versatile machine that brews coffee from an ipercoffee capsule. The Italian espresso machine adds a touch of elegance to any countertop. 

Another advantage of using a red coffee maker is the eye-popping color. Even before you brew coffee, the machine is likely to be the first appliance you will see in your kitchen. 

To add to the color, the features on the coffee maker also adds to its beauty. For instance, the controls, buttons, or LCD screen, milk frother, water, and milk reservoirs bring out the best in a coffee machine.

However, there is a drawback to using a red coffee maker. It may not be compatible with the theme of your kitchen. Red is not everyone’s favorite color.

It may look good on a coffee machine but fail to blend in with your kitchen. If you don’t like bold colors, then a red coffee maker is not a choice for you.

Is a Red Coffee Maker Worth Buying?

For a coffee lover who loves a bright color, a red coffee maker is worth buying. It is attractive and, most certainly, the first thing anyone will notice when they come to your kitchen.

Besides color, you need to consider the features and price of a coffee maker. You may also want to consider the brand. Making a selection can be an overwhelming task.

If you are considering having a coffee maker in your kitchen, you can check our buying guide to make the process easier. Coffee machines are convenient, especially if you cannot start a day without caffeine.

If you are not into bright colors, you can always select other colors from the brand.