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The advancement in technology has led to the increase of innovative ideas. Have you come across a smart coffee table? If yes, have you thought about buying one?  

You must be wondering, is a smart coffee table real? To your surprise, the table is ready for purchase from the eCommerce stores. It has a fridge, rounded edges, Bluetooth speakers, and charging ports. 

However, there are more smart features which we will look into later. The smart coffee tables have everything you need to make your life easier.

In this buying guide, we will clear your doubts about the table and give you more reasons why you should have this innovative and stylish coffee table in your home. 

Let’s get started!

Bestseller No. 1
LIVTAB Smart Coffee Table, Living Room Table with Built in Fridge, 23" D x 41.5" W x 18.1" H, Smart Table with 10W Wireless Charging, USB Chargers and 110V Outlet (Black)
  • Built-in refrigerator: Smart coffee table with 2 refrigerated drawer (34-46℉/65L, 43-54℉/28L), support 5 levels of temperature adjustment, meet the refrigeration temperature of different foods, giving you more choices.
  • Super Charging: This living room table with 10W wireless charging, and 2 USB chargers, easy to charging your phone, tablet and any other device.
  • 110V Power Outlet: Coffee table is equipped with power outlet, which can power your coffee machine, smart speaker, projector, laptop and other devices. And it comes with an overload protection switch, more secure for your famliy.
  • Multi-Functional Table: This installation-free table is definitely a worthy investment for any limited space like apartments, dorms, and dens. This piece is not just a coffee table, it also serves perfectly as a temporary dining table or a refrigerator.
  • Easy to Clean: The table's smooth material and removable drawer allow for easy wiping. And one year warranty, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Item dimensions: 23" D x 41.5" W x 18.1" H, weight: 86 lbs.
Bestseller No. 2
Merax Modern Smart Coffee Table with Built-in Fridge,Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Charging Module,Touch Control Panel,Power Socket,USB Interface,Outlet Protection, Atmosphere Light
  • 【Smart Home】This smart side table is designed to develop multi-purpose products that benefit your home and help improve your lifestyle. Not only does it look good, but it also comes with a built-in refrigerator, a wireless charger, and even a variety of charging ports. Fits most bedrooms or living rooms
  • [Refrigerated storage room, food is stored in partitions without peculiar smell] In the smart side table, the two storage drawers are set as refrigerated storage drawers, which can store beer, cola, tea, fruit, snacks, etc., enjoy separate partitions, and precisely adjust the temperature to keep fresh. Adjustable Refrigerator Temperature Range: left drawer 37-46°F, right drawer 43-54°F.
  • 【Efficient Compressor Refrigeration System Design】The smart side table is designed with a compressor mechanical direct cooling system. In the working state, it can automatically adjust the switching time according to the changes in the temperature inside and outside the refrigerator and the amount of stored food.
  • 【Wireless Charging and USB & Type-C Interface】A 15W wireless charger is installed on the counter of the smart side table, providing surging power for your smart devices at any time. There are dual USB and Type-C charging ports on the side of the smart side table to meet the needs of charging and using electronic devices.
  • [Power socket] The smart side table is equipped with a power socket, which can provide users with the electricity needs of various living room appliances. The power socket is equipped with a safety switch. When household appliances consume too much electricity and exceed the safe range.
Bestseller No. 3
sobro Coffee Table with Built in Fridge, Speakers, Outlets, LED Light, and More - White
  • PERFECT PARTY ACCESSORY: Dual Bluetooth speakers deliver enhanced sound and bass, while the LED lighted underside will set the mood for a quiet night in, or your next big bash. Control it all right from the tabletop - No app download required
  • CHARGING STATION: Doubles as a charging station with USB charging ports and outlets. Conveniently charge your tablet, cell phone, laptop, or any accessory. Plus, when you’re done, the cords roll up neatly out of sight in the storage drawers
  • FRIDGE + COOLER + STORAGE: Built-in refrigerator drawer (22x11x7) keeps drinks cool for days and can store beverages for any occasion. 2 additional drawers (10x13x5) provide storage for remotes, video game controllers, cords, or other small living room necessities
  • SMART CONTROLS: The durable tempered glass top, means no more coasters, and puts the built-in touch controls right at your fingertips. Set fridge temp, time, LED colors and brightness, volume, Bluetooth, playback, and more
  • WARRANTY: Sobro table comes backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the table, and a 2-year manufacturer warranty on the sealed system. (For residential indoor use only). Available in black, white, or wood finish

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Smart Coffee tables For Home Comfort

A smart coffee table should be at the top of your shopping list. It’s all you need for the lazy days. Have you come across the TikTok coffee table? 

It is the Sobro smart table that went viral on TikTok. Let’s find out the reason for its popularity. We’ll also compare it with other smart coffee tables.

Let’s dive in!

#1. SOBRO Smart Side/Nightstand Table

Sale sobro Smart Side/Nightstand Table - with Cooling Drawer, Wireless Charging, Bluetooth Speakers, USB-C and 120V outlets, LED Light, White/White

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The Sobro smart side table is not your ordinary coffee table. There’s so much to like about it. It’s a stylish and attractive table that brings you comfort right at your home. 

You can place it as a nightstand or side table in your bedroom. Sobro is a smart coffee table with storage. It comes in a variety of colors like white, black, wood/ black, and wood/white. The table has a square shape with rounded edges and comes at varying prices.


  1. Sobro’s smart side table has a cooler drawer – it keeps your drinks cool and within your reach.
  2. Charging system – the table has a wireless charging system for up to two phones. The power ports are for USB, USB-C, and a power outlet of 120 volts.
  3. Sobro app- the table has an app that lets you set your sleep habits with the intelligent sleep mode.
  4. The table has a motion sensor, and front-facing LED lighting.
  5. The side table has a perfect setting for everything you need to store. The tabletop has a wireless charging pad.
  6. The Bluetooth speakers keep you entertained. You can play music as you enjoy a cold bottle of your favorite beverage without leaving your seat. 
  7. The smart coffee table from Sobro is wifi-enabled. Hence, you can run firmware updates and manage the table remotely while using the Sobro app.
  8. The Sobro smart side table has a square shape. It is ideal for people looking for elegance and a stylish look in their house. 

The advantage of buying a Sobro smart side table is that it does not require assembling. You only screw the legs and get ready to start using it. 

It’s easy to operate with the Sobro app. If you’re looking for a coffee table with storage, you may consider buying the Sobro smart side table. However, it comes at a high price. 

#2. SOBRO Coffee Table

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Sobro is not your regular brand when it comes to delivering smart coffee tables. You can select from a Sobro nightstand or the Sobro coffee table.

The coffee table has a rectangular shape. It has smart features and a stylish look that adds elegance to a home setting. The tabletop of a Sobro coffee table is made of tempered glass. You have a variety of colors to select from. That is – black, white, and wood finish. 


  1. The Sobro coffee table has dual Bluetooth speakers. They produce a bass sound that creates liveliness in the room. You can play your favorite sounds from an audio device wirelessly.
  2. The smart table is made of wood frame material. 
  3. The coffee table has adjustable LED lights that allow you to set the mood for different occasions. For instance, you can set a quiet night or a happy moment.
  4. The coffee table has a charging station. With the Sobro coffee table, you can conveniently charge your accessories like laptops, tablets, and phones with a stretch of a hand. Besides, you do not have to worry about messy cables. They roll up in the storage drawer to keep your table neat. 
  5. The Sobro smart table has additional drawers, which you can use to store remotes, cords, video game controllers, magazines, books, etc. Hence, it keeps your living room organized and neat. 
  6. The Sobro coffee table has an inbuilt refrigerator to keep your beverages cool. It has a large capacity as it holds up to 32 cans or 40 water bottles. The cooling temperatures are between 37-54 F. Sobro delivers a smart coffee table with fridge, cooler, and storage. 
  7. As a smart coffee table, you get to access all the controls from the tabletop. You do not need a coaster as the tabletop has tempered glass. Simple controls like fridge temperatures, adjusting the LED colors, brightness, time, playback, and the volume of the Bluetooth speaker do not require a mobile app. The controls are accessible from the comfort of your seat.
  8. The Sobro smart table has a glass top made of tempered glass. It increases the durability of the coffee table as it does not shatter like ordinary glass. 
  9. The rounded edge coffee table is not your average table. It has rounded corners that make it safe to have at home.
  10. To enhance durability, the Sobro brand gives customers a warranty for the smart tables. The warranty period from the manufacturer is 1 year for the table and 2 years for the sealed system.

The advantage of a Smart coffee table is that it comes with 2 USB charging ports and 4-120 volts outlets. The tempered glass top makes it easy to access various controls like time and temperature, thereby making it an ideal accessory in your living room.

A drawback to buying a Sobro coffee table is the price. However, it is a worthy investment for your home comfort.

#3. Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table

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At what point do you decide that you need a coffee table when you’re moving into your new home? Having a smart coffee table with storage will be your priority once you are settled.

The smart coffee table with storage from Primst has a tempered glass tabletop, which makes it resistant to high temperatures and scratches.

The Primst smart table has an antique style and a metallic frame. You can operate the coffee table’s refrigerator from the tabletop. It comes with a lifetime warranty, in case of a fault, like transportation damage. However, the warranty does not cover intentional damages.


  1. The coffee table has dual Bluetooth speakers for entertainment. The speakers produce a bass sound, making them a better option for a house party. You can also play music from your phone or wireless device. 
  2. The tempered glass top cover is resistant to scratches and high temperatures. With the smart controls, you can operate the table drawers and other features without using an app. The glass is sensitive and responds very fast to the touch of a finger. 
  3. Most of the ordinary coffee tables have sharp corners. Primst is a rounded edge coffee table that prevents you from accidents and bumps. 
  4. You no longer have to worry about your children’s safety. The smart coffee table has a child lock function that limits access to the children. 
  5. The Primst coffee table has two drawers with a built-in refrigerator. You can store your drinks, fruits, and snacks for quick access. If you’re looking for a convenient, smart coffee table with storage, you can use the Primst fridge. It’s big enough to hold a capacity of 130 liters or 164 cans.
  6. Have you come across a coffee table with a charging port? The Primst smart table has USB charging ports and outlets. Hence, you can use it to charge your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Worried about power consumption? In a full load, it consumes 0.51 degrees in 24 hours.
  7. The Primst smart coffee table has an adjustable height between 2.9 to 3.4 inches. Hence it shouldn’t bother you during cleaning.
  8. Primst assures a lifetime warranty in case of damages during transportation or fault.

The advantage of using a smart refrigerator coffee table from Primst is that it is easy to use. You do not require an app since it is operated from the tempered glass top. 

The smart touch controls help in adjusting the temperature, playing music, and operating the drawers. Hence, the table is convenient for home use. However, the smart coffee table comes at a high price. If you have limited resources, you may consider other options.

A quick summary of the above smart coffee tables

Smart Coffee TableRating (Amazon)PriceDimensionsFeatures
Sobro smart side3.9 out of 5From $899.9919.3 x 23.5 x 21 inchesSmart touch control
Bluetooth speakers enabled
A smart coffee table with storage
Led lighting
Wireless charging
Easy operation using the sobro app
Wi-Fi enabled for remote management and firmware updates 
Primst smart refrigerator4.1 out of 5$ 1,299 51 x 26 x 18 inchesIt has two USB charging ports
Two inbuilt refrigerator drawers
Dual Bluetooth speakers
Tabletop control 
Energy-saving mode 
Has child lock function to ensure children’s safety
Smart touch control
Lifetime warranty
It has a silent compressor
Sobro coffee table4.2 out of 5$1,29943.1 x 22.8 x 22.8 inchesDual Bluetooth speakers
Tabletop control
LED lighting
Double charging station with USB ports and outlets
Smart control
Inbuilt refrigerator drawer
Use the drawer to organize remotes, video game controls, magazines, etc
It has two warranties, one for the table and the other one for the sealed system.

Reasons As To Why You Should Consider Buying a Smart Coffee Table

What is your experience in using a smart coffee table? It comes with smart features that you can’t afford to miss. Besides the Bluetooth speakers, glass tempered table top, and smart app, there’s a lot to love about a smart coffee table. 

However, it comes at a high price – but the features make it worth every dollar you spend on it. The reasons why you should add the smart coffee table to your shopping list are: 

1. Convenience

The convenience that comes with a smart coffee table is unmatched. First, you get to charge your tablets and mobile devices from the USB ports. 

Second, everything you need like cold drinks, fridge control, Bluetooth speakers, and storage are within your reach. 

2. Refrigerator / cooler

As you relax on your couch or bed, you may need to have a cold sip of your favorite beverage. With a smart coffee table, you don’t need to walk to your kitchen fridge for a quick grab. 

A smart coffee table like Primst has a built-in refrigerator drawer to store your favorite drinks. It is a convenient accessory when you’re having your friends over.

3. Storage drawers 

A tidy and organized home is everyone’s wish. Instead of having bulky cabinets in your living room, you can counter this with a smart coffee table. 

For instance, Sobro is a smart coffee table with storage. You can store cables, remotes, magazines, books, and game controllers in the storage drawers. 

4. Charging station

Charging your phone or laptop while you’re still using it is very satisfying. The charging cables can be long and messy.

A smart coffee table like Sobro has charging ports and power outlets that you can use to charge your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

5. Design. 

Are you looking for that stylish and attractive look in your home? A smart coffee table will add elegance and class to your house. 

Besides, it blends well with the theme of your living room with its eye-catching and fascinating designs. First, the Primst and Sobro smart coffee tables have tempered glass tabletops.

The glass is resistant to scratches and high temperatures. With the smart coffee tables, you do not need to use the coasters. Second, a rounded edge coffee table is safe for children and adults. 

The smart coffee table comes in different colors, making it easy for you to make a selection that complements the theme of your home.

6. Bluetooth speakers. 

Do you want to enjoy a cold drink as you relax your mind to a relaxing sound? In addition to the smart features, the coffee table has dual Bluetooth speakers. 

You can play music wirelessly and enhance a bass sound from your laptop, tv or mobile device.It’s an ideal source of entertainment when you have your friends over or holding a party. You can play music without connecting to other external devices.  

7. Smart control. 

A smart coffee table uses smart controls to operate. They are accessible from the glass top. Besides, you can use an app, like a Sobro app, to operate the table. 

For example, the Primst coffee table has a child lock feature to enhance the child’s safety. The coffee table has an Eco saving feature.  

8. Warranty

A warranty is an important document that guarantees the repair of a product in case of a fault or accident within the set time frame.

It’s among the top requirements that a customer should check, as it serves as a written agreement between the buyer and the seller in case of damage. The smart coffee tables are not an exception, and hence, the warranties cover the tables for not less than one year.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have any questions about a smart coffee table? In this section, we answer the most frequently asked questions about the smart tables. Let’s get started. 

Is a smart coffee table different from ordinary coffee tables?

If you’ve not come across a smart coffee table yet, it is different from the regular coffee tables. The tables have smart features. That is, they have wireless charging stations, USB ports, Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, fridge, cooler, and drawers for storage. 

Consider buying a smart coffee table if you’re looking for a convenient, stylish, and versatile table for your home comfort. 

Are there Pros and cons of using a smart coffee table?

There are multiple benefits of using a smart table. However, there are also drawbacks to using high-end tables. Let’s have a look at each:

  • A smart coffee table is multi-purpose. You can use it for parties, storage, and other functionalities.
  • The coffee table is convenient. You can access controls, storage, and music with a stretch of an arm. Besides, you can control it using a mobile app.
  • The coffee table keeps you organized with the additional drawers. You can store cable cords, remotes, books, and magazines.
  • It comes with dual charging ports. You can charge your mobile phone and laptop without having to disconnect either of the devices.
  • A smart coffee table has a wireless charging station.
  • With the coffee table, you can set the mood for different occasions like house parties or bash using the LED lighting control.
  • The coffee table is a perfect accessory for your living room. It is stylish and a convenient addition to have in your home.
  • With the coffee table, you do not have to worry about your toddler messing around with the settings. It comes with a child lock feature.
  • The coffee table has a warranty from the manufacturer to offer maintenance in case of a fault.
  • The LED lighting on the front part of the table changes color, and it’s motion-activated.
  • The smart coffee tables are expensive. They come at a high price ranging from $699.99.

How many cooler drawers does the Sobro Smart side table have?

The Sobro smart table has two drawers. One of the drawers has a thermoelectric drawer to cool your drinks and snacks. With the other drawer, you can store your accessories like chargers, books, and remotes. 

Can you make ice using the Primst smart coffee table’s fridge?

The cooler drawers are only used to store and cool drinks. They are not ideal for ice-making. 

Does the Primst smart table consume a lot of electric power?

In a day, the coffee table consumes 0.51 degrees in a full load. Hence, the power consumption rate is an assurance that there will be no high electricity bills after purchasing the smart coffee table.

How do you handle the charging cables to avoid accidents?

The Sobro coffee table helps to maintain a neat space. After you’re done charging your phone, tablet, and other accessories, the cables roll up to the storage drawers. 

How does the cooler in a Sobro coffee table operate? 

The coffee table has two drawers. You can use one for storage while the other drawer has a built-in refrigerator. If you love a cold sip, the built-in refrigerator keeps your drinks cool. 

Is there an alternative for the smart coffee tables?

Yes, besides the Sobro and Primst smart tables, you can also consider the Coosno smart coffee table. 

Is A Smart Coffee Table Worth Buying?

Do you need help in buying a smart coffee table? Our comprehensive guide above gives you every detail that you need before you make a buying decision.  

A smart coffee table is a suitable gift for your friend, family, or home use. It has smart features that make it a worthy choice for your home comfort.

It is stylish, beautiful, and attractive to the eye. To operate the table, it has a tempered glass top with different controls. That is, you can set the time, temperature, control the drawers, playback, and LED colors. 

Besides a smart coffee table, you can also buy a smart coffee maker. For instance, the Jura coffee machine uses a smart connect Bluetooth app to brew coffee. With this technology, you have the convenience of operating a device from anywhere. 

Which of the above smart coffee tables from Sobro and Primst brands will you be buying? 

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