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Black Ivory coffee is the most expensive and the world’s rarest coffee with an annual production of just 220 pounds. This coffee is unique as it’s refined naturally by elephants whereby they are fed with Thai Arabica beans and then the product is obtained from their dung.

These beans are carefully cleaned and brewed to bring out a premium version of coffee everyone would love.

Black Ivory coffee delivers a cup of roasted Arabica whole coffee beans featuring dark chocolate, malt, grass, spice, and almost tea-like delicacy flavors. Furthermore, this coffee brew doesn’t have a bitter taste or the burnt coffee taste you’ll find in regular coffee types.

Bestseller No. 1
The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World - Try it. Naturally Refined, Naturally Expensive made by Elephants - 4-5 servings. Better than Kopi Luwak.
  • 🐘 INCREDIBLY DISTINCTIVE - Unique in every sense of the word and naturally refined by elephants, Black Ivory Coffee features notes of chocolate, tamarind, spice, a hint of grass and without the bitterness associated with regular coffee. Coffee connoisseur or not, you will love the taste of every sip!
  • 🐘 PURE INDULGENCE - Black Ivory Coffee is only served at select five-star hotels due to the high demand and scarcity of the supply. However, as only a few will have a chance to visit the properties in Thailand, Macau and the Maldives, we have set aside a portion so that customers across a wider geographic region can enjoy our unique coffee experience.
  • 🐘 ETHICAL SOURCING - Local villagers as well as students of the local high school get the benefit of every order you make, earning a day's worth of wages in just 15 minutes of work. The money earned generally tends to support aging parents, health expenses, school fees, food, clothing and education.
  • 🐘 ENLIVENS CONVERSATION - Bring back the days to when there was more to an afternoon conversation than just a pair of smartphones. Each decadent brew of our gourmet coffee will put a time stamp on memorable occasions. A gift that is sure to please any coffee enthusiast.
  • 🐘 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Based in Ban Taklang, Thailand, we support the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. They educate the children of elephant care-giving families on the plight of wild elephants in Thailand and on the issue of human elephant conflict. Children travel to a national park where for the first time in their life they see elephants in the wild. For most, this also represents the first trip outside of their village.
Bestseller No. 2
Black Ivory Coffee - The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World - Try it Made From 100% Thai Arabica Coffee Naturally Refined, Naturally Expensive - Ideal Gift - 3 Pack-3.6oz
  • 🐘 Coffee lovers and Foodies, those with a taste for the exceptional. Try this elephant coffee at least once in your lifetime. It is digested and refined by Elephants to give the most naturally fermented and sweet coffee beans. Similar to how Luwak coffee is made but without the cruelty to civets and counterfeit imitations. Our elephants are all family members and as such pampered with love, nutritious diets and daily baths to give the smoothest coffee you will have ever tasted.
  • 🐘 Enjoy the taste of real indulgence, Naturally refined, Naturally expensive. you won't get any other coffee experience like this, that's why it is the most expensive coffee in the world. Annual limits on production and until now primarily served in 5-star resorts but available and in stock now on Amazon. We roast the beans to order and warehousing is kept to an absolute minimum to ensure maximum freshness of your coffee when it reaches your table.
  • 🐘 Our elephants live in villages in Thailand's protected Surin Province, and the coffee cherries are transported from Chiang Mai. Only the sweetest ripest coffee cherries are hand-selected for the elephants to eat and break down. Once the bean has traveled through the elephant's body, we sort and select only the best, clean them and roast them to order. The process is entirely natural to protect the environment and bring out all the natural flavors and aromas of the delicate coffee beans.
  • 🐘 Black Ivory Coffee has a complex and unique taste, with hints of chocolate, tamarind, and spices. But because of the natural fermentation process, the premium quality Arabica coffee and beautiful environment for the elephants, it has sweetness and tea-like consistency, unlike any regular coffees. It is one of the most distinctive cups you will ever experience.
  • 🐘 Socially responsible coffee production, where communities and farmers benefit from your coffee drinking. Through sustainable farming of coffee cherries in Chiang Mai and economic activity for elephant care-givers and local high school children in community projects in Surin. Importantly, a percentage of our profits are given to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation to educate, protect and improve the lives of elephants in Northern Thailand.
Bestseller No. 3
Mahout's Blend The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World - Try it. Naturally Refined, Naturally Expensive made by Elephants - 4-5 servings. Special Blend of Coffees
  • 🐘 BRINGING YOU A NEW BLEND. We have created a new blend of the famous Black Ivory Coffee in a Mahout's Blend. In recognition of our Mahouts who from little children start to create a very special bond with each of our elephants. As part of the family, Mahouts pamper their elephants with baths and nutritious foods. It is made from Elephants refining premium coffee cherries to give uniquely rich coffee beans. Like how Luwak coffee is made but without the concerns over caging and imitations.
  • 🐘 TASTE OF SHEER INDULGENCE- Naturally refined, Naturally expensive. You won't get any other coffee journey like this, that's why it is the best coffee in the world. Now blended with washed Thai Arabica Beans to create a more balanced coffee. So the elephant-refined coffee is blended with a batch of this Thai Arabica to get a perfect balance of notes that is a little stronger than the original blend. We have launched this exclusively on Amazon and it is available NOW.
  • 🐘 SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BRAND - that allows local communities & farmers to benefit from your coffee drinking. Our coffee harvesting process benefits villages and high school children in Surin who help clean and process the coffee beans. Black Ivory Coffee and this special Mahout's Blend benefit the Mahouts giving them a steady income source that is much higher than the traditional logging, tourism or ceremonial work they may be limited to.
  • 🐘 HABITAT - Our elephants live in villages in Thailand's Surin Province and the coffee cherries are transported from Chiang Mai. Only the sweetest, choicest cherries are chosen for the elephants to consume and separate. After the beans have gone through the elephant's body, we sort and select only the best beans, clean them and roast them to order. The process is completely natural to protect the environment and draw out all the natural and characteristic flavors of the delicate coffee beans.
  • 🐘 DISTINCTIVE AND COMPLEX BODY - by blending the naturally refined coffee with premium-grade Thai Arabica Coffee beans we have been able to increase the supply and produce a more balanced blend. With wonderful notes of chocolate, tamarind and spices. The superior Thai Arabica beans and comfortable conditions for the elephants, give it a sweetness and tea-like consistency, in contrast to any regular roasted coffee. It is one of the most unmistakable drinks you will ever taste.

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An Overview of Black Ivory Coffee

Before enjoying the world’s most costly coffee, it’s important to know its features and what makes it stand out from the crowd. Usually, this coffee is a result of the most natural processes, therefore, a healthy option for everyone.

Black Ivory coffee comes in a Triple Pack that comprises three envelopes of Black Ivory coffee. Each envelope contains 1.23 ounces of roasted and whole 100% Arabica beans.

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As such, it’s an ideal gift for anyone who has a love for elephants and coffee. Each packaging suits a serving of approximately 5 espresso size cups.

Black Ivory Coffee gives back some of its proceeds to care for street rescued elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Northern Thailand. This means that this is a socially responsible brand that cares about its immediate surroundings.

It’s also worth noting that the Triple Pack comes with the Black Ivory Coffee Syphon machine, which is a style of brewing dating back to the 1840s in France.

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This brewer prepares the coffee at the ideal temperature of 200F without the need for any electricity. It delivers a classic and top-quality choice of coffee drink every coffee lover wouldn’t resist.

How Exactly is Black Ivory Coffee Made?

Black Ivory is made from the best Arabica beans grown at an altitude of approximately 5000 meters. Usually, the best coffee beans in terms of ripeness, quality, and shape are hand-picked in readiness for the manufacturing process.

After careful selection, these beans are then fed to elephants and after a day they are obtained from their dung by a mahout (elephant caretaker).

The essence of letting the elephants break them down is to ferment them and hence come up with sweet and earthy coffee berries. This is a natural process that doesn’t involve the addition of any chemicals to your coffee.

However, plucking the coffee beans for the elephants to consume is a bit inefficient. This is because the elephants need to consume about 33 kilograms (72 pounds) of the Arabica coffee cherries to get 1 kilogram (2 pounds) of Black Ivory coffee.

The result of this is that most of the cherries are chewed up, broken, or lost in tall grass when the elephants are grazing. As a result, the desired result can fail to be achieved hence the rarity and exclusivity of this coffee.

The Taste of Black Ivory Coffee

Black ivory coffee is a full-bodied and complex coffee. Its aroma is well-balanced and extended. At first, it gives off some cherry notes with earth, butter, and leather. What’s more, this coffee has an absolute absence of bitterness.

As the coffee cools, it develops a pleasant chocolaty aroma. Black ivory coffee’s taste is unique with well-balanced acidity.

This smooth liquid has a velvety feel that tends to linger in the mouth after each sip. It still doesn’t have a bitter taste and has a long finish that’s full of caramel and chocolate notes.

Why is Black Ivory Coffee Rare to Find?

If there’s one coffee brand that’s rare to find it’s the Black Ivory Coffee. The production of the berries used to brew this coffee is limited since that’s dependent on the digestive system of the elephants.

If, for instance, the elephants are hungry the berries just get absorbed in their system, hence no coffee can be brewed out of the process. Additionally, it’s difficult to keep the coffee beans intact as some are lost in the tall grass where the elephants are grazing.

As much as 72 pounds of raw coffee berries are needed to produce a maximum of two pounds of Black Ivory coffee. This coffee must be rare and exclusive as meeting these expectations might be challenging at most times.

Where Can I Find Black Ivory Coffee?

Black Ivory Coffee is sweetened with chocolate instead of sugar and always served black. Keep in mind that the price of one kilogram of Black Ivory coffee is a whopping $1100, while one cup retails at $50.

You can get this product from the Black Ivory Coffee official website. Here it’s sold as a whole bean blend known as “The Mahout’s Blend” and the Nespresso pods.

The Nespresso compatible capsules are exclusively available on Amazon. Additionally, the manufacturer sells its coffee brewer on its website, and this is a gorgeous coffee machine.

How Can You Best Enjoy Black Ivory Coffee?

Since Black Ivory coffee is the world’s most exclusive coffee, finding the best way to enjoy it counts to give you a memorable experience.

How can you manage to experience the heavenly tastes of malt, chocolate, spice, and grass in this coffee? Well, you can do so by using a Black Ivory Coffee Brewer to make your coffee.

This brewer is a unique French-style syphon that dates back to the 1840s. Through this brewer, the coffee brewing process becomes classic and elegant, delivering coffee with delicious aromas and notes.

This innovative technology comes with two chambers and resembles a weighing balance. Usually, the heated chamber is balanced whereby the water heats up to 93 degrees Celsius.

The brewer slowly filters the water into the glass chamber but the flame is overpowered by the counterweight. At this point, the coffee brews and then siphons back into the heating chamber.

Surprisingly, it takes only five minutes to brew a tantalizing cup of Black Ivory coffee through this brewer. Ultimately, this brewing method is a conversation starter and the best way to make tantalizing coffee within minutes.

Benefits of Black Ivory Coffee

There are a couple of reasons why you should choose Black Ivory Coffee over other brands. Here are some of the benefits you can rest assured of getting from Black Ivory Coffee;

  • An exceptional taste: With Black Ivory Coffee, you are assured of an exceptionally tasting coffee resulting from natural brewing procedures.

Usually, the elephants doing the refinement are family members filled with absolute care, love, daily baths, attention, and nutrition needed to produce first-grade coffee.

  • Black Ivory Coffee offers you a real indulgence coffee experience: This naturally refined coffee is quite expensive since the supply is a bit limited.

With minimum production limits, Black Ivory Coffee is available in select 5-star resorts worldwide. As a result, it has to be pricey, exclusive, and the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

  • The coffee is made from the cleanest, best, and ripest cherries: If you want to taste earthy coffee, Black Ivory Coffee will do the trick.

The brewing involves coffee berries that are naturally fed to elephants that ferment and sweeten the beans in their digestive system. Since the elephants are fed only the hand-selected, ripe berries, the end results are fantastic.

As much as the process is natural, all the natural flavors and aromas come out in the final brewed coffee. So, you’re not only protecting the environment but getting the best quality coffee with Black Ivory Coffee.

  • You’ll enjoy tea-like taste and coffee with no bitter taste: With notes of chocolate, tamarind, and spices, you’re set for a tantalizing cup of Black Ivory Coffee.

Better still, you’ll grab the outstanding sweetness obtained from the natural fermentation process and the conducive environment in which the elephants are nurtured.

  • Enjoy ethical and socially responsible coffee: With Black Ivory Coffee, you’re not only enjoying a drink but promoting environmental welfare. To start with, the coffee production from the farmers and the community is purely sustainable.

Furthermore, Black Ivory’s contributions to means of the elephants’ caregiving that you’re dealing with a brand that cares for the environment. This is, especially rescuing street abandoned elephants from Northern Thailand. 

The Black Ivory Coffee Collection

If you’re wondering what each package contains, here are the details of the wide product range in the brand.

As an additional note, Black Ivory Coffee has a variety of options to offer you. Therefore, you can go through each product to know which one best suits your tastes and preferences. Below are the details for each;

#1.Single And Triple Package Of Black Ivory Coffee

Single Pack of Black Ivory Coffee is the best bet for first-timers who want to try out this coffee. Of course, after your first experience with the world’s rarest elephant’s refined coffee, you’ll go for more of this brand.

The package typically contains 35 grams or 1.23 ounces of whole roasted coffee beans. The package amounts to a serving of around 4 espresso size cups you can enjoy at your preferred time.

The Triple Package of Black Ivory Coffee is the option you need as a perfect gift for a loved one. It comprises three 1.23 ounces of roasted Arabica Black Ivory coffee beans. Overall, the pack serves a total of 12 espresso cup sizes.

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2.Mahout’s Blend by Black Ivory Coffee

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As the name suggests, this unique Black Ivory Mahout blend is designed with the elephants’ caregivers in mind. Mahouts are responsible for nurturing these elephants in such a way that they can provide the sweetest and most flavored coffee.

With Mahout’s blend, you’ll find Peruvian Arabica beans blended with famous Black Ivory coffee beans to produce premium coffee at an affordable price.

If it’s flavor and earthiness you seek, Mahout’s blend Black Ivory Coffee has them all. In addition to the chocolate, malt, tamarind, spice, and a hint of grass present, there are notes of chocolate, floral, and fig in the Peruvian component.

A cup of Mahout’s blend by Black Ivory Coffee is ideal for coffee lovers who want to give something new a shot. They can enjoy the delicious taste without needing to test pure Black Ivory Coffee.

Through Mahout’s blend, there’s an overall concern for the environment and the stakeholders. High school students as well as local villagers can benefit from socially responsible coffee manufacturing processes.

In addition, the mahouts are rewarded with a steady income for their good job of nurturing the elephants for the natural refinement of coffee cherries in the sanctuaries.

If you choose Mahout’s Black Ivory Coffee package, you’ll find 1.23 ounces of whole roasted coffee beans. This is suitable for serving 2 coffee mugs or 4 espresso size cups.

3.Black Ivory Coffee Nespresso Pods

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The Nespresso Black Ivory Coffee pods are naturally refined with a unique coffee journey. And with strict harvesting, this product has a limited supply to 5-start high-end resorts only.

Fortunately, these Nespresso compatible capsules are a convenient way for you to enjoy the black Ivory Coffee. You get the plant fiber and all wood pods to instantly brew in your Nespresso machine.  The pods are completely biodegradable, which will help you avoid adding plastic waste.

The elephant-refined coffee is a blended batch of the Thai Arabica which gives you the perfect balance of different notes that’s a little stronger compared to the original blend.

It’s worth noting that the Nespresso pods were launched to be sold exclusively on Amazon. That means you can get this product only on Amazon.

Why Elephant Poop Coffee Is Worth It

If you want to taste exclusivity in your coffee then Black Ivory Coffee might just be what you need. Being the rarest and most expensive coffee, Black Ivory Coffee boasts of the most premium characteristics you’ll be looking for in a coffee.

The sweetness, natural taste, and earthiness emanating from fermented coffee beans are irresistible. Since the elephants responsible for this coffee’s refinement are well-fed, nursed, and properly bathed, you can rest assured you’re drinking the best coffee yet.

The manufacturing process is also ethical and socially responsible to cater to the surrounding environments. This makes Black Ivory Coffee the best option for high-quality coffee. 

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