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For over 150 years, Brazil has produced the most coffee in the world and is still taking the lead. The country attributes its suitable soils and temperatures to the mass production of coffee beans.

On another note, Brazil is the largest consumer of its own coffee, something different from the other top producers such as the US. 

The fifth-largest country remains the biggest producer of coffee in the world with statistics showing it as producing about one-third of the world’s total coffee exports.

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The Annual coffee production stands at 40 – 60 million bags with around two million hectares of Brazillian land dedicated to coffee farming.

As a result, the country has maintained this top position for years on end, and the future is still bright for coffee farming.

If you want to have a feel of the world’s highest quality coffee, you’re in the right place. This article discusses the best Brazillian coffee beans to buy in 2021, thus giving you a perfect idea of what to settle on.

History Of Brazillian Coffee

The history of Brazillian coffee dates back to the 17th century. Coffee growing was started in 1727 by a legend named Francisco de Melo Palheta.

He planted the first coffee tree in Para state which he got secretly from Marie-Claude de Vicq de Pontgibaud, Guiana governor’s wife. Palheta had befriended the governor’s wife during a diplomatic mission.

She would later present him a bouquet containing coffee cuttings, which was the beginning of an interesting journey.

After the historical invention, coffee was introduced in Rio de Janeiro in the year 1770. As time passed, more coffee farms arose in Brazil.

The most remarkable moment was the year 1820 when coffee growing became widespread in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Sao Paulo. Consequently, coffee exports rose to 20% globally.

During the initial days, Brazil’s coffee was consumed by local European colonialists but in the 1840s it took 40% of worldwide supply.

The production later spread to the US and Europe in the 19th century. However, during the 20th century, Brazil exported about 80% of the total coffee exports, which was significant growth.

What Makes Brazil Coffee Beans Stands Out

As the biggest exporter of coffee in the world, Brazillian coffee beans should be having the best characteristics. So, what makes them stand out from the rest of the world’s producers? Below find a brief explanation of their distinct features.

They come in both smooth Arabica and powerful Robusta versions. As a result, they suit everyone’s tastes and preferences.

They have the largest percentage of espresso coffee beans in the world, thus supporting the production of espresso blends.

You can easily transform your coffee into espresso, French press or cold brew as Brazilian beans give you that option.

Brazillian coffee beans are less acidic and smooth. As a result, they produce sweet-flavored beverages that are well balanced in terms of taste.

Brazillian coffee beans produce unique flavors characterized by chocolate and nutty notes. Furthermore, they consist of bitter cocoa and toasted almond flavors.

Specialty coffee grades are grown in higher elevations, thus have citrus and fruity notes.

They are grown in a conducive warm tropical climate suitable for growing high-quality coffee. Unlike Central American coffees which are grown in high elevated regions, Brazillian coffee beans are grown in low elevations.

As a result, they produce less dense beans which account for the mild and neutral flavors. Usually, Brazillian coffee farmers use the “pulp natural’’ method to process their coffee. Precisely, the beans are pulped but exposed to dry in the sun with the fluid extract on the bean.

The process skips the fermentation step used in other regions. The result of the pulp natural process is the production of beans with less acidity, a full body, and a great flavor.

Brazillian coffee beans come with both light and dark roast features.

Best Brazillian Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021

Brazil has many coffee brands to choose from. If you want to make yourself a delicious cup either as a dessert or a morning get-me-up, Brazil coffee has something for you.

But which brands offer you the best beans? Here are the best Brazillian coffee beans:

Dark Brazilian Santos

Coffee Bean Direct Dark Brazilian Santos, Whole Bean Coffee, 5 Pound Bag

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Dark Brazilian Santos is a top coffee variety brand you can always count on as a dessert or a pick-me-up snack.

The Brazillian coffee brand sources its coffee beans from the state of Sao Paulo. The conducive climate of this region results in the production of tastier and brighter coffee.

Dark Brazillian Santos is highly acidic thus more vibrant for your drinking and refreshing. Thanks to its growth in less elevated regions of Brazil, Dark Brazillian Santos coffee comes with a fantastic flavor profile.

As a result, you can enjoy it whenever you want to. It’s also worth noting that this popular coffee is processed through the wet or washed method.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Fresh Roasted Coffee gets its beans from the Cerrado de Minas region of Brazil. As a top brand, it’s popular for making affordable and high-quality coffee all coffee lovers can enjoy.

You’ll have a variety of top Brazilian coffee beans like Fazenda Santa Luzia, and Nossa Senhora de Fátima when you choose this brand.

These Cerrado beans are believed to produce coffee that has a full-body, aroma, and top flavor. They are, therefore, of high quality as a result of the region’s warm weather and plenty of rainfall.

Fresh Roasted Coffee produces a medium-dark roast that contributes to the chocolaty and walnut nuances.

If you love low acidic coffee, consider this brand as your top choice. This is because you don’t need to mask the taste with milk, sugar, or cream. The coffee beans already come with intense and complex tastes.

Peet’s Coffee

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Peet’s Coffee consists of coffee beans produced in the state of Minas Gerais, one of the best coffee-producing states in Brazil.

The coffee is sweet and naturally flavored as a result of drying up in the Brazilian sun. Besides, the cherries come with light acidity as they are picked while completely ripe.

To maintain the high quality and sweetness, you should brew Peet’s coffee within 90 days of brewing. The brand delivers coffee that has fruity, caramel, and hazelnutty notes with medium roasting completing this perfect combination.

Since the Peets coffee beans are of a single origin, you can rest assured of a beverage with a natural and consistent taste.

Brazilian Pea Berry (Volcanica)

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The Brazillian Pea Berry is made with the top-quality beans obtained from the best Brazillian coffee-producing state known as Santana.

It’s characterized by full-bodied, aromatic, and chocolaty hints. The raspberry traces complete the candy-like tastes this coffee delivers.

Pea berries are usually expensive as they need specialized handling, sorting, and separate roasting. However, all this is worth the complex and intense coffee flavor that the Brazillian Pea Berry produces.

Tradicional by Cafe Pilao

Sale Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast and Ground- Café Torrado e Moído - 17.60oz. (500g)(PACK OF 4)

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Tradicional by Cafe Pilao is a coffee bean variety comprising the benefits every coffee lover is looking for.

The great taste profile and the popularity of this brand contribute to its wide customer base. The Brazillian brand presents a full-bodied, rich flavored, and powerful beverage for you.

On top of this, you can depend on its low acidity nature for a delicious cup that’s free from bitterness. It thus doesn’t require the addition of sugar, milk, or cream.

Since the package comes with a vacuum-sealed bed and it’s pre-ground, you can easily brew it in both espresso machines and traditional brewing methods.

Brazil’s Santos Coffee by Buffalo Buck’s

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This brand’s cherries are sourced from the Cerrado region of Brazil. If you like a beverage with an intense taste and preserved aroma, then Brazil’s Santos Coffee is your best bet. The low acidity, intense flavor, and sweet aroma from this variety complement it.

One outstanding feature of Brazil’s Santos Coffee by Buffalo Buck’s is that it’s roasted, packed, and shipped once you place your order.

This way, you’re assured of fresh coffee to deliver a high-quality taste in your preferred cup of coffee.

 The variety comes as a one-pound packaging by default. However, you can reach out to the company to tailor-make your order size.

Delta Roasted Brazillian Coffee

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If you love your coffee creamy, mellow, and smooth, then this variety gives you exactly that. The Delta Roasted Brazillian Coffee contains no natural or artificial flavors. However, you can depend on the notes of malt, nuts, and caramel to complete the taste.

On top of that, its beans are designed to brew perfectly on espresso machines, French press, pour-over, and drip coffee makers.

 The default packaging of a 5-pound bag means that you can test the taste before making a commitment to the brand. Usually, the coffee comes within its first month of roasting.

Should you fail to exhaust the package at once, consider storing it in an airtight container to preserve the flavor and aroma.

Volcanica Brazil Yellow Bourbon

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For a perfect cup of coffee, you can rely on this brand whose beans’ source is the Fazenda Recreio Farm in the Minas Gerais region.

These Brazillian beans are harvested when completely ripe then they are dried in the sun to complete the sweet taste. They are then medium roasted to give a lemon and almond flavor while keeping it less sour and bitter.

If you are the type that loves pre-ground beans, the Volcanica Brazil Yellow Bourbon suits you best. With it, you can enjoy an espresso, French press, or cold brewing without the need to add milk or sugar. 

Cafe Caboclo Roast and Ground Coffee

Cafe Caboclo 500g | Torrado e Moído | Roast and Ground Coffee 17.60oz (PACK OF 2) |GLUTEN FREE|

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Café Caboclo coffee is interesting because it seems to rival the Pilao coffee. People who drink this coffee choose to drink Cafe Caboclo. These coffee lovers choose to switch between the two brands quite a bit.

Since Brazilian coffee is chocolatey and nutty – Café Caboclo brings this to your cup. It’s one of the familiar tastes from Brazilian coffee.

However, this should be something you’re looking for. This coffee brand is for you if you’d rather have consistent yet low priced Brazilian coffee experience. 

Brazilian Coffee Beans – FAQs

What features should you consider before buying Brazilian coffee?

Before settling for a Brazillian coffee brand, consider looking at factors such as the origin, the roasting level, bag size, flavor, and the body.

How good are Brazilian coffee beans?

Brazillian coffee beans portray distinct features that make them stand out from the crowd. They have chocolate and nutty flavors and are also full-bodied.

On top of this, they are affordable to many coffee lovers. Lastly, Brazillian coffee beans are grown in less elevated grounds making them mild and less acidic.

Do Brazilian coffee beans have more caffeine?

Usually, Brazil grows larger quantities of Robusta coffee than Arabica. The Robusta species is easier to care for and has more caffeine. It’s also cheaper making it a top choice for most coffee lovers.

Why is Brazil suitable for coffee growing?

Brazil has a hot and humid temperature that ranges from tropical to temperate hence suitable for coffee growing. Also, the country has rich soils that support coffee growth.

Which Brazilian Coffee Beans Should You Choose?

As a top producer of coffee around the world, Brazil boasts the best coffee brands. If you’re looking for what coffee beans to buy in 2021, the review above is worth reading.

If you prefer coffee that’s a little nutty, then a Brazilian cup of joe will probably make you quite happy.

From our above coffee beans review, you’ll find out what each variety offers and whether it’s what you’re looking for.

Apart from containing fantastic flavors, they also come with pleasant aromas to compliment your beverage.

We recognize that choosing the right coffee for your taste can be a hard task. Even then, it’s our hope that the above Brazilian coffee reviews will help simplify the decision-making process for you.

Even then, Brazillian coffee beans have proven to offer the best cup of coffee thanks to their distinct characteristics.

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