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Nothing beats a fresh cup of espresso in the morning. However, to brew the perfect espresso cup, you’ll first need to have a quality Capresso espresso machine.

There are many espresso machines out there but have you ever used the Capresso espresso machines? Capresso has been on the market for the past two decades.

The brand introduced the first programmable coffee maker, the conical burr grinder, and the stainless steel vacuum carafe and changed the drip game forever.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Capresso 117.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine EC50, Black/Stainless
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted
  • FAST AND CONSISTENT: 15 bar pump stainless-steel lined Thermoblock provides the ultimate crema
  • FILTER: Includes one sieve for single or double espresso brewing
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Innovative self-locking filter holder makes clean-up a breeze
  • REMOVABLE WATER TANK: Convenient filling with 42 ounce removable water tank
SaleBestseller No. 2
Capresso 116.04 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine EC100, Black and Stainless, 46 oz
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted.Filter type:Reusable
  • THERMOBLOCK HEATING SYSTEM: Stainless-steel lined heating system with 15 bars of pressure for high-pressure brewed espresso
  • TWO FILTERS: For one or two espressos or pre-packaged espresso pods
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Stainless steel construction with large, integrated cup warming tray
  • SWIVEL FROTHER: Unlimited steam output for perfectly frothing or steaming milk for cappuccinos and lattes
Bestseller No. 3
Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine Black 13.25" x 7.5" x 9.75"
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use

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If you want to buy a Capresso espresso machine, this guide is for you. Here is a list of the best Capresso espresso machines worth your attention in the market.

Who’s Behind The Capresso Espresso Machines

The Capresso espresso machines are brought to you by Jura-Capresso, Inc. This company came about after a merger between Jura AG and Capresso Company.

Capresso was founded in 1994 based on the principle of creating the best coffee equipment for coffee lovers.

They aimed to produce coffee-related machines that provide excellent results in convenience, flavor, as well as aesthetics.

Jura AG was established in 1931. The company has over the years earned an excellent repute for delivering user-friendly espresso and coffee machines around the world.

capresso espresso machine
Image courtesy: Pexels

Today, the merger company maintains a name well-known among coffee lovers all over the globe. The manufacturer operates believing that coffee is enjoyed every day and these machines sit on kitchen countertops 24/7. So they should also look good sitting there.

But the core principle that has propelled the company to such heights is due to their commitment, first to delivering quality in all Capresso espresso machines.

The Best 9 Capresso Espresso Machines You Can Buy In 2022

1. Capresso 488.05 Team Pro Plus with burr grinder Coffee Maker

Sale Capresso 488.05 Team Pro Plus Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, One Size, Silver, 10 Cup

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The Capresso 488.05 Team Pro Plus is a top automatic coffee machine that uses new technology to deliver a great bean to the carafe brewing experience.

It’s worth noting that the CoffeeTeam model comes in two capacities: 10-cup capacity Thermal carafe and the 12-cup capacity glass carafe.

Its fully removable water tank is a great feature in the Coffee Team Pro Plus coffee makers line. Note that the best way to make drip coffee is through using freshly ground coffee beans.

Nevertheless, for the First time, this pro plus brewer offers you full access to a considerable steel burr grinder. The fully removable hopper makes for easy cleaning and the grinder burrs can be found under the hopper.

This machine offers three adjustable grind settings that are ideal for different types of coffee bean roasts. The Light to dark roasts uses a different setting to release the best flavor. Also, having a darker roast means the grind is coarser.

Additionally, there’s a special setting specifically for Oily beans and offers slow feeding into the grinder. That ensures there’s no clogging resulting from oily dark roasted coffee beans.

To avoid this, consider using pre-ground coffee too. What’s more, the beaker settings and fully adjustable grinding make it easy to brew the perfect cup to suit your taste.

  • Clean LCD display
  • Automatically turns off after brewing is complete
  • Best bean to carafe machine that’s easy to clean
  • Detachable bean hopper and water reservoir
  • Includes Oily bean settings
  • Includes a Conical burr grinder with a detachable upper burr
  • Uses Patented technology
  • Uses hard to read Signs on its water tank
  • The carafe lacks a Marking sign

2. Capresso EC100 Espresso Machine

Sale Capresso 116.04 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine EC100, Black and Stainless, 46 oz

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The Capresso EC100 espresso machine is ideal for beginners. This machine is a versatile model that accommodates ground espresso, pods, steam, and froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

 The brewing and frothing functions are made easy by the Capresso EC100 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine with the turn of a knob located on the device’s front panel. You can alternate between the two functions.

The Capresso EC100 espresso machine is relatively compact; hence it can easily fit in your kitchen without any hassles. It also features a handsome stainless steel design that stands out.

Do not let its size fool you; this Capresso espresso and cappuccino machine comes fitted with a powerful 15-bar pump and a stainless-steel-lined Thermoblock heating system.

The Capresso E100 espresso machine also comes with two sieves, one to accommodate the ground espresso and the other for the pods. It also has a removable 46-ounce water tank with a self-locking filter holder with a thumb guard for convenience.

Its steam wand can turn side to side to easily adapt to different frothing pitchers’ sizes. You can let the frothing sleeve remain attached or let it steam as you need.

This Capresso espresso and cappuccino machine is also integrated with a stainless-steel cup warmer and simple indicator light that aid in navigating the devices.

All its controls are accessible from the form for hassle-free use. This machine uses 1350 watts for power.

  • Affordable
  • It makes both espresso and cappuccino
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Control located on the front of the machine
  • Indicator lights for ease of use
  • Complaints of inconsistent brew
  • Performance diminishes overtime
  • The frothing wand could have been longer

3. Capresso MG900 10-Cup Rapid Brew Coffee Maker

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The MG900 rapid brew 10 cup coffee maker comes with an updated timer / LED Clock. It also includes a revamped control panel with a transparent water tank.

It’s housed in elegant stainless steel and can make a max of 10 cups of hot coffee in under 7 minutes. What’s more, this machine lets you program the timer so that the MG900 machine power is on to brew at your chosen time.

 To protect your coffee’s flavor and extend your machine’s lifespan, you can fit a charcoal filter in the 50-ounce water tank to filter out about 82 percent of impurities.

Also, the charcoal filter is closely monitored after it’s installed and your coffee maker alerts when it’s time to change it.

It has a dedicated 3 to 5 cup brewing setting that lets you make smaller pots. Also, with its pause and pour feature, you pour a cup with no spillage on the countertop.

  • It makes not too cold and not too hot coffee. The final brewing temperature of the MG900 rivals brewers like Technivorm in-cup temperature.
  • great looking machines that can fit in most countertops.
  • Includes a detachable water tank
  • Features a built-in filter to improve the coffee quality with ease
  • Hot Plate is too hot
  • The water tank is placed at the Back meaning you have to pull this machine from under the cabinet to refill water.

4. Capresso 4 Cup Espresso Machine

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The Capresso 4 cup espresso machine is a steam-driven machine that is great for people who want different brewing temperatures for different coffee preparation.

Steam pressure has had a bad reputation with burning coffee in the past. It is known not to give the exact flavor most espresso lovers covet.

However, the Capresso 4 cup espresso machine gives you value for your money. You can easily brew a few cappuccino cups daily hassle-free with its excellent price point. It is the perfect definition of quality machines.

It’s petite hence saving on space and is well enclosed and safe to use around your home.

  • Powerful steaming
  • Exceptional espresso quantity
  • Compact design
  • It can be too steamy at times

5. Capresso MT600 Plus Programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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The Capresso MT600 Plus Programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker stands out among other Capresso machines on this list. It can brew up to 10 cups at one go, and you can even program it to make coffee any time within 24 hours.

It comes with a charcoal filter, a permanent gold filter, and a thermal carafe. The machine is generally made of plastic material, but it has an added stainless steel that makes a significant difference in the look of the devices.

You can use between 10-14grams of coffee per ounce of coffee to make a cup of good coffee.

  • Built-in charcoal water filter
  • Thermal carafe included
  • Programmable to have the brew whenever you are ready
  • The fitting holder requires little fiddling to fit correctly

6. Capresso On-The-Go Coffee Maker

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This personal Capresso On-The-Go Coffee Maker is a small coffee machine that is quite affordable. What’s more, it’s a single-serve coffee maker that is quite functional.

It includes one button that lets you make a single-sized coffee. It comes with just a single-serve machine but is relatively slow compared to other coffee-making brands. It takes about 4 minutes to make a 16-ounce coffee brew.

The personal Capresso On-The-Go Coffee Maker comes with a 16-ounce travel mug less than 7 inches tall. Also, note that you can use ground beans with the machine.

You will need to pour coffee grounds into a basket to start brewing. You will need about 15 grams to make 6 ounces of coffee.

This is an intelligent design since there’s no button to control the brew strength. You can only try different brew strengths by changing the number of grinds you add.

What’s more, this personal Capresso coffee machine is made using a compact design that fits well in your kitchen.

  • It is affordable
  • It has a compact design
  • Comes permanent filter
  • The travel mug is not of excellent quality.

7. Capresso Mini 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

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If you do not need a massive coffee brewer for making 10 cups, Capresso produces a smaller coffee maker that uses less power. The Capresso Mini 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker makes excellent coffee despite its smaller size and less power.

Also, you can program this brewer to start the brewing process any time within 24hours. This way you’ll ensure that you have a fresh cup whenever you need one.

This coffee machine also features a gold-tone permanent filter with an excellent design. This means that you will need to use paper filters which can be very messy. Gold is also inert; hence it doesn’t react with the oil and acid from the coffee grounds.

However, you will need to make sure that you do not use superfine grounds, resulting in muddy coffee or might clog up your filter.

The machine comes with a glass carafe along with an in-built warming plate that remains on for two hours then shuts down.

  • Features a permanent gold filter
  • Small footprint with good 5 cup brewing size
  • Some pieces have been reported to have mild leakage issues.

8. Capresso EC50 117.05 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

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The Capresso 117.05 espresso and cappuccino machine have a 42-ounce water reservoir. And as its name suggests, this cappuccino and espresso maker is a little quality espresso machine.

That makes this brewer perfect for novice home baristas. As such, it’s among Capresso’s top-rated coffee machines on Amazon. Capresso E50 is pretty easy to use since it has a single knob that you turn between steam and espresso.

Its pressurized portafilter and 15 bar pump mean that you’ll be getting crema-topped rich espresso, even when you don’t own a good espresso grinder.

This brewer’s portafilter comes with two spouts and includes baskets for either double or single shot making it suitable for 1 to 2 people.

With a stainless steel thermoblock, this brewer heats up fast, ensuring you get caffeinated fast. Also, its automatic rinsing cycle lets you steam milk right after brewing your espresso.

What’s more, this Capresso machine’s footprint is small for a multipurpose appliance. Additionally, it comes in a top-quality stainless steel casing. Plus, the aluminum top is a handy cup warming tray.

9. Capresso 12 Cup 405.05 Perk – Percolator Style

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With a 12 cups capacity, the Capresso 12 Cup 405.05 Perk percolator is a great example of this genre. It uses an old-school design along with modern technology to give you the perfectly percolated brew.

Capresso 405.05 perk is an electric model rather than a stove-top. This means all you need is to fill up water and then plug it in. Also, a light will turn on once it’s ready.

Percolators are among the oldest methods of making coffee. They’re still being used today since they deliver very hot and strong black coffee. For coffee lovers who enjoy that particular brewing style, there’s no better way to brew it.

With this brewer, your coffee won’t take long to make. This machine lets you brew 4 cups to 12 cups in about one minute a cup.

Once brewing is done, this machine will remain in the automatic keep-warm mode provided it’s plugged in. This ensures you can savor your favorite brew all day long.

With a heat-resistant base, it means you need not worry about the surface it’s placed on. Its sides are made of stainless steel for increased durability. The glass lid lets you see the perking action.

The power cord can be detached making it ideal if you’d like to use the percolator for serving your coffee drinks.

When compared against a machine with a 12-cup carafe, this percolator is a solid brewer. As such, it makes an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high capacity machine but you’re restricted to a smaller counter space

Capresso Espresso Machines Buying Guide

The best espresso maker for you is one that fits your needs and budget. It would be best if you got a quality espresso machine that produces a great cup of coffee.

Capresso is a well-known brand with a range of machines with significant advancements that will help make your ideal cup of coffee.

What to Consider When Buying a Capresso Espresso Maker

Espresso machine size

It is essential to consider the shape and size of the espresso machine before you buy it. There are many large machines available in the market that can pull multiple espresso shots while frothing milk simultaneously.

If you do not have the counter space for holding a large machine, you should go for a small singer-server model.

The Capresso brand has several small espresso machines designed to fit in nearly all home kitchens.

What’s your Style Of Coffee?

First, start by considering the type of coffee drink you want? Do you prefer regular black coffee or maybe espresso drinks? Since no Capresso machine can make both, you’ll have to decide on a favorite.

Also, if you love espresso but can enjoy an occasional cup of joe, note that an espresso machine will make you a tasty Americano. That’s, however, not the case with a drip coffee maker.

Also, remember to factor in a coffee beans grinder as well. If you don’t have access to a burr grinder at home then consider getting a model that has a built-in conical burr grinder. That way, you can easily grind your coffee beans right before brewing them into the filter.

Capresso Percolators

Although they differ from other percolators, Capresso delivers 12 cup and 8 cup percolator options known as the “Perk” models.

These percolators, unlike those used on a stovetop, work like an electric kettle. They’ll make you a cup/minute.

What’s more, the Capresso percolators are fast and convenient, especially when it comes to percolators. Nonetheless, choose a coffee machine that will make your favorite cup with ease. 

What You Should Look for When Getting an Espresso Machine

Brew capacity

This is one of the most critical factors to consider before buying your espresso machine. A single-serve coffee maker will not cut if you’re part of a huge household. You will have to get one that makes multiple cups for all the people in your family.

When you get one that can make large amounts of coffee, you will have to ensure that the machine keeps it warm long enough to last through the entire family breakfast routine.

Built-in grinder

If you are one of those people who love freshly ground coffee beans, you do not need to go for pre-ground coffee. You will need to go for a drip machine that features a built-in grinder.

This is quite convenient because you will not need two separate machines to make your cup. A built-in grinder is more about convenience and not about the cost of the espresso machine.

Brewing Time

Most espresso machines take time to brew coffee, but there are some like the Capresso Ultima pro espresso machine or Capresso MG900, a rapid machine that brews coffee within a short amount of time without sacrificing the quality of the coffee in your cup.

Ease of use

Most people start the day by brewing complicated cups of coffee. You will need to go for an espresso machine that is easy to use.

Distinct features like an easy-to-understand control panel, intuitive milk frother, and almost completely assembled when taken out of the box.


In most cases, you are buying your espresso machines to make espresso, but it does not hurt if the device can also steam milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

Most espresso machines in the market have high-pressure frothers that are great for making lattes and cappuccinos.

Some let you control the strength of your brew especially when you want to make a drink with the strength of a standard cup of coffee.

Capresso Espresso Machines Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Capresso Coffee Maker Work?

Most Capresso machines are drip machines that require that you add coffee grinds on a filter, before the coffee drips into a carafe.

Can I Buy Replacement Parts when Something is Broken On My Capresso Machine?

Yes. If you notice a break in your coffee machine, you can contact Capresso directly to obtain a replacement.

Can I Use a Capresso Coffee Machine when Making Latte Art?

Of course, yes. Most Capresso machines come with easy-to-use frothers that work well when making latte art.

Do Capresso Machines Use Ground Coffee Beans or pods?

Capresso machines come in both styles. Some use pre-filled pods, and some use ground coffee beans.

Ensure that you check the key features before you purchase one to know it matches your household’s needs.

Choose The Best Capresso Espresso Machine For Barista-Quality Coffee From Home

Overall, when you’re just making coffee for one, then consider the 5-cup model, Capresso Ultima pro espresso machine, or On-the-Go machine. Alternatively, if you prefer something in between, then check out the MT600 Plus.

Good thing, all Capresso coffee machines are renowned for being reliable and straightforward. And these are two features you’ll need when it concerns trusting a coffee machine to keep you caffeinated every morning.

When shopping for a durable and top-quality coffee maker, looking at Capresso’s wide range of coffee machines is a great place to start. 

Capresso espresso machines have features that suit your everyday needs. Even then, the needs of your household should determine the device you decide to go with.

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