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Why should you wait for the gift season to give a friend a gift? Coffee gift baskets are ideal for coffee lovers. So, if you’re looking for one, we got you covered. 

Gifting a coffee lover is easy. You have multiple coffee products to pick from – coffee mugs, coffee makers, coffee beans, and coffee capsule holders. 

OK, I know what you’re thinking – what do I put in a coffee basket? Very simple! 

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Coffee Gift Basket - Bistro Coffee Mug, Socks, Gourmet Coffee Snacks - Coffee Gifts For Women - Coffee Gifts For Men
  • Does The Coffee Lover In Your Life Want A Little More Than Chocolate On This Special Day? Our Coffee Lovers Gifts Has Fun Coffee Socks, Delicious Coffee Candy, Awesome Bistro Style Coffee Mug, Gourmet Cookies, And More! Exclusively From Golden Gift Box!
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  • Indulge In More Than A Coffee Cup Gift Set. This Gift For Coffee Lovers Includes All The Things Shown In The Pictures. However, Please Note! Some Items May Be Substituted With Comparable Items When The Original Product Is Not Available.
  • Our Coffee Baskets For Gifts Come In A Keepsake Reusable Box That Is A Remembrance Long After The Occasion And Snacks Are Gone - Send One To Yourself. If That Isn't Enough, The Coffee Lovers Mug And Novelty Socks Will Keep The Coffee Lover's Tummy And Feet Warm. The Scent Salon Twisted Coffee Wax Melt Will Tempt Everybody's Taste Buds. What A Delicous Way To Enjoy Coffee Lover Gifts Over And Over Again.
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Indulgent Coffee Selection Gift Box | 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee | 12 Flavored 1.75oz Try-Me-Size one pot coffee samplers
524 Reviews
Indulgent Coffee Selection Gift Box | 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee | 12 Flavored 1.75oz Try-Me-Size one pot coffee samplers
  • Give this impressive gourmet coffee gift basket filled with a selection of our best and most indulgent roasts and flavored coffee.
  • Taste the flavor without the guilt! Our 100% Arabica Flavored Coffees are hand flavored after roasting.
  • Our 40+ Flavored Coffees are certified Kosher Pareve
  • There’s a reason why we always say Coffee makes the perfect gift…….it really does!
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Best Coffee Gift Box Set 8 assorted coffees +1 French Press Glass Coffee Maker. Sumatra Timor Uganda Ethiopia Colombia Guatemala. All Amazing Coffee from all Over the World
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Best Coffee Gift Box Set 8 assorted coffees +1 French Press Glass Coffee Maker. Sumatra Timor Uganda Ethiopia Colombia Guatemala. All Amazing Coffee from all Over the World
  • ✓SUN-DRIED ON RAISED BEDS: Our USDA Organic 8 Pack of Whole Beans Roasted Cofee are sun-dried on raised beds. A natural, simple, intuitive and affordable process to choose the best beans, it requires no water, no artificial energy sources and generates almost no waste.
  • ✓BEST SELLER AND TOP RATED: One of the crowd favorite, This 8 Pack Coffee Gift Box gives you Multiple layers of flavor for every fresh cup to feel new each time. You'll travel all over the world every morning without leaving home by sipping our authentic coffees specially prepared on this gift set. A gift that won't go wrong to anyone that loves a good coffee.
  • ✓SMALL BATCH HAND ROASTED: We carefully hand roast every batch of our Organic Uganda Whole Beans Coffee in Central Florida and ship to all USA.
  • ✓RAINFOREST ALLIANCE (RFA) APPROVED: When you buy our coffee you're helping to build sustainability, environmental protection, social equity and economic viability.
  • ✓100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Click the "BUY NOW" button and be the judge. If you don't love our coffee, we'll refund your order, no questions asked.

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Let’s find out more.

Best Coffee Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers

Different people will have varying coffee gift basket ideas. You can borrow our gift ideas and put a smile on your friend or relative on their special day or when making the next visit to their home.

Breakfast Food Essentials Gift Crate

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 If you’re looking for a coffee lover’s gift basket, the Breakfast Food essential is ideal for your mother, father, or a friend. A set has 7 pieces.

Instead of the usual gift bags, it comes in a wooden crate made from the American Pie. You get a mix of Bo’s chocolate chip pancake mix that has cocoa and chocolate chips. 

The gift crate also has a pack of 3 syrup samplers for the pancakes and blueberry jam. For a coffee lover, breakfast is not complete without coffee. You will get a medium roast, ground coffee. 

Finally, you also get cured bacon. It’s a complete breakfast pack for your coffee lover friends celebrating a special day like a birthday or anniversary. 

Coffee Break Gift Basket

Coffee Break Gift Basket

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Coffee gift baskets make it easy to reward a coffee lover. The gift basket has 1.5 oz of Columbian coffee, Hazelnut coffee, butter peanut crunch, tea sampler chest, cinnamon pecan cookie straws, magnetic closure green box, and 4 oz of exclusive Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Corn. 

A gift basket gives a coffee lover the convenience of making coffee any time they want to caffeinate. It has 3 packets of ground coffee and treats for coffee lovers. However, the Coffee Break Gift Basket can be pricey. 

Waka Coffee To-Go Set

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Instant coffee and a portable coffee maker are perfect must-haves for an adventurous coffee lover. You will continue to enjoy your coffee while you’re camping and traveling. 

Unfortunately, the Waka Coffee To-Go set does not have a portable coffee maker. But, it has quality instant coffee, a bamboo spoon, and a 12oz MiiR tumbler. 

The instant coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee that is freeze-dried to preserve coffee aroma and flavor. You can use it with your drip coffee brewer

Instant coffee saves you money and brewing time. You can make coffee anywhere with instant single-serve coffee. 

The tumbler keeps your coffee hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. The coffee gift basket is affordable to buy for yourself or a relative. 

Coffee Lover Gift Basket – Silly Obsessions

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If you’re looking for something special to celebrate your mother, there’s no better way to do it than using the coffee lover gift basket by Silly Obsessions. 

It comes in a beautiful, fully colored gift box with full color. You get a 12 oz mother mug with beautiful writings on it to express the qualities of a mom. 

In addition, it has a coffee-scented soy wax candle to place on your coffee table. It comes wrapped in a drawstring canvas bag. You have the smell of a coffee roasting house in your home from the all-natural coffee candle. 

On that chilly morning, you can wear the funny socks with warm printing ‘if you can read this, bring me coffee’ on them. You can also wear them when you want someone to make you a cup of coffee. 

Other items in the gift box are – a bag clip, measuring scoop, and 100% cotton grocery bag. One of the reasons for having the gift box is that it’s affordable. 

Maustic Gift Box

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If you have a special lady in your life that you want to appreciate, the Maustic gift box is a perfect choice. It is suitable for a birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas, or mother’s day. 

It has a gold spoon, a creative mug coaster, and a mug with an anti-slip bottom. The coffee mug has beautiful printing, like reminding a lady how awesome they are. 

So, why should you consider the gift box? It is affordable, durable, solid, and dishwashable. The coffee mug is a 100% hand-made craft, and the pink color is a favorite for ladies and women. 

Two Rivers Coffee Gift Box

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With so many coffee gift basket ideas, you will always have something for your coffee lover friends. The Two Rivers coffee gift box is best for a coffee connoisseur with a single-serve coffee maker. 

It has 12 single-serve capsules compatible with a Keurig 2.0 coffee brewer. You do not need gift wrapping as it has an easy-to-view design to check what’s inside. 

The coffee pack has an assortment of dark, medium, flavored, and light roast coffee. Besides coffee, you can select the hot chocolate pack with 12 K-cups. You can give a coffee lover both coffee and chocolate gift baskets.

Starbucks K-Cup Coffee Pods

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The number of Starbucks stores globally was more than 33,000 in 2021. Instead of spending money buying coffee, you can have a coffee lover’s gift basket from Starbucks. 

The coffee pack has a variety of coffee pods – Pike Place roast, Breakfast Blend, Veranda Blend, Caffe Verona, and French Roast. 

Starbucks K-cup coffee pods are compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0. You can have the caffeinated coffee pack in Starbucks coffee gift baskets. 

Driftaway Coffee

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World Explorer Sampler from Driftaway Coffee has 4 single-origin coffees. The coffee beans are freshly roasted and shipped within 6 days after roasting. 

Each pack comes with a postcard that notes the coffee origin. It also has a story of the farmer who grew it. You can select a 1.25 lbs size or 3.75 lbs size. 

Coffee Lover Gift – MEANT2TOBE

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The gift set comes with a coffee scoop, coffee mug tumbler, a coffee ring with a bag clip, and funny socks. The coffee mug has a double wall with inner walls coated with copper to maintain the beverage cold or warm. 

It also prevents making a watery mess on the wall. The funny socks have printing on them. They are designed to last with strengthening fiber and cotton. 

The wooden spoon helps to scoop coffee when making a cup of joe. The coffee ring makes it easy to request for coffee.  

Keurig Coffee Lovers Collection

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A Keurig coffee brewer uses single-serve pods to brew coffee. Before you gift a coffee lover the pack, make sure you check the compatibility of the coffee maker and the K-cups. 

You can buy the organic variety or a pack with the best roast level. The Keurig pack has 60 K-cup pods selected from 20 varieties. 

You can pick a favorite brand, flavor, or roast from the Keurig K-cup collection. Select the ideal size from a count of 60, 22, 40, and 72. 

Coffee Pods Variety Pack Sampler

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A capsule holder helps you arrange coffee capsules on a coffee table. 

The coffee pods sampler pack has different flavors like a coffee variety pack, flavored coffee, flavored decaf, and an unflavored variety pack. 

The K-cups are compatible with Keurig brewers. A pack has 40 unique coffee flavors. The advantage of having the variety pack is that it has different flavors and styles from top brands. You also have a taste of different roast levels – light, medium, and dark roasts. 

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

When you’re getting a coffee lover’s gift basket, it can be hard to have all your favorite coffee products in one basket. But, that does not mean that you cannot DIY one at home. 

Here’s what you can add to have the best coffee gift baskets for your friend’s or relative’s special occasion.

Starbucks coffee gift baskets

Ask anyone about a coffee shop, and the first response is Starbucks. Whether you’re a beginner in coffee or you’ve been a coffee lover, Starbucks coffee gift baskets are a perfect gift any day. 

You can get a ready Starbucks basket or DIY one with Starbucks products. For example, you can add ground coffee, flavored coffee, a Starbucks gift card, and a Starbucks mug.

Coffee Grinder 

coffee gift basket
Source: Pexels

One of the coffee essentials for a connoisseur is a coffee grinder. A coffee grinder helps you grind coffee beans anytime you need coffee. You can select a manual one or an electric grinder. Most coffee grinders have varying prices, but you can pick one that best fits your budget. 

A Coffee Maker

coffee in coffee machine
Source: Pexels

Having multiple coffee machines means you can make coffee using different brewing methods. For instance, you can pair the Maustic coffee box with a coffee brewer. 

An example of a coffee brewer you can add is an AeroPress. It is best for a coffee lover who is adventurous or prefers hot and cold coffee beverages. 

Coffee Beans

coffee beans
Source: Pexels

Coffee beans can have a medium, dark, or light roast. You can add green coffee beans to the coffee gift baskets to roast the coffee beans at home. 

Freshly roasted coffee beans are rich in flavor and aroma. However, if your friend does not have a coffee roaster, you can select the best coffee beans from top coffee brands. 

Coffee Capsule Holder

Coffee pods holder help a coffee lover organize coffee capsules on a coffee table. Capsule holders have different designs and are beautiful to place on a countertop.  

Guide To Selecting The Best Coffee Gift Baskets

There are multiple reasons why you should gift a coffee lover. To appreciate someone or celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or a promotion. 

Here’s how you can select a coffee lovers gift basket:

1. Coffee Set

From the coffee gift baskets above, you can tell that some are a complete coffee set. They have coffee beans, a coffee mug, and a scoop. Such a coffee set has everything a coffee lover needs, and you do not have to spend money adding extra coffee products. 

2. Coffee Collection

If you’re not sure of the flavor preference of your friend or relative, you can pick a collection with multiple flavors. That way, it will be easier for the coffee lover to taste different flavors. 

3. Variety

Besides coffee, what else would you want to have in the coffee gift baskets? Your coffee and chocolate gift baskets can have funny socks, syrup, or chocolate mix. Examples of gift baskets are the Silly Obsessions gift basket and the Waka Coffee To-Go set. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you DIY (Do It Yourself) a coffee gift basket? 

Yes, you can make a coffee gift basket yourself. You can borrow the coffee gift basket ideas above and include your coffee lover’s favorite coffee products. 

For instance, you can have coffee beans, ground coffee, a coffee filter, a coffee mug, and a grinder. 

How much does it cost to buy coffee gift baskets?

The best coffee gift baskets have varying prices. The price difference is because of the quantity and quality of the products. 

Why should you consider sending a gift basket to a friend?

Coffee is a popular beverage globally, and Americans drink 400 cups of coffee daily. You’re sure that a coffee lover will appreciate the coffee gift based on the statistics. 

What are the unique coffee gift ideas to include in a gift basket?

You can include – a coffee mug or tumbler, a coffee maker, and a coffee grinder. 

Are The Coffee Gift Baskets Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for the best gift baskets, you can shop for them online. Most gift baskets are affordable and have coffee essentials for a coffee lover. 

However, you can also make your own gift basket and include a coffee brewer, coffee mug, a gift card, and coffee. If you have a friend or relative celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or job promotion, coffee gift baskets are best for them. 

Make sure that you understand the coffee preference of the person you’re gifting. Otherwise, you may spend money on the wrong coffee gift basket. 

For instance, you may include coffee beans, and your friend does not have a coffee grinder. So, make sure you check what works for them first.

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