Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder Baratza Encore will make professional and high-quality grinding coffee more comfortable than ever. The entry-level model in the Baratza lineup, Encore is characterized by the same excellent build quality, attention to detail, and, as a result, it is capable of making a genuinely uniform, careful grinding. Difficult to believe? Let’s see more details.


  • Wide range of accurate grind settings to suit all brew styles (40 settings)
  • Pulse button or on/off switch grind modes
  • High-quality conical burrs
  • Powerful motor with a low RPM


  • No “convenience” features
  • Hopper size is a little small (however this can be upgraded for a larger hopper)
  • No portafilter dosing control


Encore has a powerful DC motor that produces four times more grinding and is twice as efficient as a standard AC motor, which is found in most grinders of this class. The engine rotates at a speed of less than one-third of the speed, which makes it much quieter and less loud. The high-quality engine is designed to work with long duty cycles. In addition, it has a thermal fuse that protects the engine from overheating and automatically starts when the engine cools down.

Grinding details

Made in Europe, the Baratza Encore millstones can grind coffee beans to make any kind of coffee. These conical millstones produce a uniform grinding, fine enough for making incredible espresso, as well as for any other method of brewing coffee of your choice. Millstones from hardened steel are durable and remain sharp for many years.

Experts call the semi-professional grinder Baratza Encore the best choice if you need the perfect assistant for real coffee lovers. When “grinding on demand” is required for fresh brewing of coffee, millstones with a diameter of 40 mm with a reduced noise level and a 40-step grinding setting will turn the coffee beans into uniform ground coffee.

Other worth to mention features

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review
  1. Compact and inexpensive coffee grinder with excellent grinding quality
  2. Right choice for working with alternative methods of brewing coffee
  3. Low-speed steel conical millstones and 40 degrees of grinding setting
  4. The capabilities of the coffee grinder can be significantly enhanced with compatible accessories purchased separately
  5. Intelligent control of millstone rotation speed, overheating protection
  6. Able to make the accurate grinding of coffee for espresso

Undoubtedly, Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is the subject to watch a lot of video reviews and spend hours reading customer feedbacks. But here in this article, we’ve tried to summarize all the experience people share via the Internet to give you as much precise information as we could.

Hope you’ll make the right choice and will be enjoying a great cup of coffee every time you use this burr grinder.

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