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Is a coffee percolator any good for coffee brewing? Are you considering buying one? This guide takes you through a review of the best percolators for coffee brewing.  

If you’re considering buying one, we’ll look at how to make a cup of joe with a coffee percolator. You can make coffee and carry it in a coffee thermos to your office or camping. 

It can be overwhelming to choose a coffee percolator from multiple brands. We’ll simplify the process for you and list the best percolators. 

SaleBestseller No. 1
Farberware 12-Cup Percolator, Stainless Steel, FCP412
5,594 Reviews
Farberware 12-Cup Percolator, Stainless Steel, FCP412
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted
  • Robust Aroma and Flavor: Percolating is the fast and easy way to enjoy the full flavor of aroma of your favorite ground coffee.
  • Cup-A-Minute: The speedy percolator produces about one cup per minute of delicious coffee.
  • Automatic Keep Warm: Once brewing is complete, the kettle automatically switches to its “keep warm” function. Volts - 60Hz
  • Detachable Cord: Serving is simple thanks to the detachable cord that simplifies moving and pouring the kettle.
Bestseller No. 2
Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
16,639 Reviews
Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
  • Brews great-tasting coffee-rich, hot, and flavorful
  • Makes 2 to 12 cups of coffee as fast as a cup a minute, then keeps it piping hot automatically
  • Easy-pour spout and traditional design provide elegant coffee service anytime
  • Luxurious stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and lasting beauty
  • Made of durable stainless steel including the filter basket and perk tube; Signal light indicates when coffee is ready to serve
Bestseller No. 3
Moss & Stone Electric Coffee Percolator| Red Body with Stainless Steel Lid Coffee Maker | Percolator Electric Pot, Red Camping Coffee Pot - 10 Cups
6,342 Reviews
Moss & Stone Electric Coffee Percolator| Red Body with Stainless Steel Lid Coffee Maker | Percolator Electric Pot, Red Camping Coffee Pot - 10 Cups
  • PREMIUM QUALITY COFFEE PERCOLATOR - Classic percolator brews from 2 to 10 cups of great-tasting coffee, hot, rich, and flavorful, for you to enjoy your day with the old-style coffee makers.
  • PERFECT COFFEE ACCESSORY- Our Electric 10 cups percolator comes with a removable coffee filter, including a filter basket and pump tube, easy pour spout, and traditional design to provide elegant coffe anytime without a spill.
  • STYLISH DESIGN COFFEE POT - The Electric coffee percolator is made of durable Red Body Stainless Steel with a black cool touch handle, ready-to-serve indicator light, and automatic keep-warm function to keep the coffee hot.
  • ELECTRIC PERCOLATOR COFFEE POT DIMENSION - The electric percolator coffee pot has a size of 28cm (H) X 23cm (L) X 14.5cm (W)
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT - We at Moss & Stone offer top-quality electric coffee percolators and a 1-Year warranty with top-of-the-line customer service, which you won't get with other brands that sell perculator coffee pots!!

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So, let’s get straight into the review.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Coffee Percolator

cup of coffee
Source: Unsplash

Selecting a coffee percolator is not as easy. Make sure you follow these tips to make the best selection:

Stovetop or electric

The choice to buy an electric or stovetop percolator depends on you. A stovetop percolator is better if you want to control the brewing process. 

An electric percolator is easy to use and fast. You only need to add water and ground coffee, then plug it into a socket. However, with a stovetop percolator, that’s not the case. 

You need to control and monitor how long coffee takes to percolate. But, there are drawbacks and advantages to using each. If you’re considering buying one, we will highlight the pros and cons of each. 

The best coffee percolator for camping is one that works on a stovetop. Make sure you check the stovetop compatibility before purchasing.  


Another essential factor to check when buying a coffee percolator pot is the size. What is its capacity? Can you use it to make 2 cups, 4 cups, 6 cups, or 12 cups of coffee?

If you’re planning to serve coffee to multiple people, you will need a percolator with a large capacity. Most brands have different sizes for coffee lovers to select from.  

Another size consideration is storage. If you have limited space, you will need a smaller percolator. 


The price of a coffee maker is dependent on its features. Which features will you look for when buying a coffee percolator? First is the material used for the design. It can be stainless steel or aluminum. 

The material used to design the coffee percolator pot increases its durability. Other features to check are ease of cleaning, signal indicator, and keep-warm function. 


Coffee percolators have varying prices. They are less expensive compared to most coffee makers. You can compare the prices and buy one that is more affordable. 

Best Coffee Percolators To Buy In 2022

The two types of coffee percolators are – stovetop and electric percolators. A stovetop percolator is designed for use on a stovetop, while an electric one has a cable to connect it to a power socket. 

Depending on your preference, they both make a quality cup of joe. So, let’s find out more about these percolators.

1. Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator

Sale Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator Maker Durable, Brew Coffee On Stovetop, 9 Cup

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Do you need a coffee percolator for camping? The Primula percolator is best for home coffee brewing or campsite. It has a large capacity of up to 9 cups. 

To use the stovetop percolator, add water into the lower chamber, add ground coffee to the filter, then place it on a stovetop. Primula recommends using low to medium heat with the percolator.

Its modern design features a non-drip spout and a heat-resistant handle. When making coffee, position the handle away from the heat source to avoid burning it. The Primula coffee percolator is cheap compared to buying an automatic coffee maker. 

  • It’s a fast brewer that makes coffee within a few minutes.
  • It works on most stovetops – ceramic, gas, electric, and propane.
  • It saves you money instead of buying coffee.
  • The heat-resistant handle provides a firm grip and prevents you from burning.
  • It is durable. It’s made of aluminum which allows for even heat distribution.
  • The coffee percolator is stylish and comes with a matching lid.
  • It does not have an auto shut-off. You can burn coffee from over-extraction.

2. GSI Coffee Percolator

GSI Outdoors 12 Cup Enamelware Percolator Coffee Pot for Campsite, Cabin, RV, Kitchen, Groups, Backpacking

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The coffee percolator is compatible with gas, electric, and induction stovetops. It has a capacity of upto 12 cups, and coffee lovers can choose from multiple colors. 

It has an unbreakable resin cap to monitor your coffee brewing. Whether you need to make your coffee while camping, at home, or cabin, the Gsi coffee percolator pot has got you back. 

It is made of heavy-gauge steel. For durability, it is kiln-hardened twice at 1000 degrees. The percolator has a 3-ply construction to increase heat distribution. 

  • The GSI percolator is dishwasher safe.
  • You can select an 8-cup or 12-cup capacity.
  • Its sturdy structure can withstand chipping and scratches.
  • The resin cap is unbreakable. You can monitor coffee brewing and adjust the temperature.
  • It’s convenient for backpacking, kitchen, and campsite.
  • It does not have an indicator to signal when coffee is ready. It could lead to over-extraction or under-extraction.

3. Eurolux Percolator Coffee Maker Pot – 12 Cups

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The Eurolux coffee percolator pot brews upto 12 cups of coffee. But, you can select the 9-cup size if you want a smaller capacity. It is made of Teflon-free, high-quality stainless steel and has a wooden handle. 

If you need a coffee percolator for camping, you may want to consider one from Eurolux. You do not need to plug it into an electricity source as it works on stovetops. 

To use finely ground coffee, it comes with filters to prevent the grounds from falling into the percolating coffee. 

  • It is safe to wash in a dishwasher.
  • The wooden handle on the coffee percolator pot protects the hands of the barista from burning.
  • The stainless steel material is BPA-free.
  • It’s suitable for traveling, camping, or home coffee-brewing
  • It has a modern design.
  • The wooden handle can burn on high heat.

4. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic Percolator

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Do you love a hot cup of percolated coffee? The Cuisinart percolator is made of stainless steel material. It conveniently brews upto 12 cups of coffee.  

The electric percolator has an ergonomic handle and a knuckle guard to protect you from burning. To make coffee, you need to connect it to a power source. It features a knob with a transparent view for baristas to see the coffee percolating. 

The coffee percolator electric has a modern design. It has a light signal to indicate when coffee is ready to drink. The detachable cord comes in handy during storage and serving coffee. 

  • You can brew 4 to 12 cups of coffee.
  • It has a non-drip spout.
  • The filter basket has measurement marking on the side. It guides you on the amount of ground coffee to use for coffee brewing.
  • The bottom of the coffee sits on surfaces without scarring. You can use it on smooth countertops or kitchen tables comfortably.
  • The transparent knob is made of plastic and breaks easily.

5. Elite Gourmet EC812 Electric Coffee Percolator

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To make coffee with percolator, you may want to consider modern designs. The coffee percolator from Elite Gourmet has a keep warm function. This feature helps to keep your coffee hot after brewing.

It has an on/off switch that turns the coffee maker on and automatically switches to the keep warm function. The 360 degrees swivel base helps to wrap the cord for storage. 

You can serve coffee with the coffee maker and drink it while it is still hot. The transparent brew knob on the coffee percolator pot lets you monitor the progress of your coffee as it brews. 

Elite Gourmet percolator has a stainless steel exterior, snap-on lid, and a cool-touch handle. 

  • It is safe to clean in a dishwasher.
  • After coffee brewing, it switches to keep warm function automatically.
  • The 12-cup capacity makes it convenient for serving a crowd.
  • The electric coffee percolator makes coffee within 5 minutes.
  • Its versatility allows you to brew coffee and boil water for tea, cocoa, or hot cereals.
  • It is portable.
  • It’s not ideal for camping. You need to plug the cord into a power source.

6. Farberware FCP412 Percolator

Sale Farberware 12-Cup Percolator, Stainless Steel, FCP412

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It’s fast to make coffee with percolator. The Farberware percolator has a speed of a cup-a-minute. You can brew coffee for multiple servings, as it makes upto 12 coffee cups. 

The stainless steel exterior makes it attractive. If you’re looking for an appealing design that’s attractive to have in your kitchen, the Farberware coffee percolator electric has got you sorted. 

It’s portable. You can use it for serving as it has a detachable cord. The automatic keep-warm function keeps your coffee hot after brewing. It comes with a pump tube, stainless steel basket, lid, and spreader.

  • It makes coffee rich in flavor and aroma.
  • The coffee percolator handle protects your hands from burning.
  • It has a detachable cord.
  • It’s durable and made of stainless steel.
  • Automatic keep-warm functions retain the temperature of the freshly brewed coffee.
  • It does not have a transparent knob to monitor the coffee brewing.
  • Some reviewers complained the plastic bottom had a meltdown

7. Presto 02822 6-Cup Coffee Percolator

Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

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The Presto percolator has a traditional design and stainless steel body. You can brew 2-6 coffee cups with the electric coffee percolator.  

It has a 1-year warranty. Unlike the coffee percolator stovetop, the Presto percolator has a ready-to-serve signal. It makes a percolating sound when brewing coffee

It brews coffee by circulating hot water on the ground coffee. The percolator has a stay-cool bottom and an automatic keep-warm function. 

  • The signal indicates when the coffee is ready for serving.
  • The stay-cool handle protects your hands from burning.
  • It features a drip-free spout.
  • The ready-to-serve feature signals when the coffee is ready to serve.
  • Automatically keeps your coffee hot after brewing.
  • It is not suitable for multiple servings.

How to Make Coffee With Percolator

coffee percolator
Image Source: Pexels

Making coffee with a coffee percolator is simple but may require some skill. It’s not as easy as using a single-serve coffee maker where you add water and place the coffee pod. 

Most of them, especially the coffee percolator stovetop, do not have a keep-warm function or auto on/off feature. So, how do you use a coffee percolator to make coffee?

What you need

  1. Ground coffee
  2. Filtered water
  3. Electric or stovetop coffee percolator

Brewing Method

Add water into the coffee percolator and place the stem. Add ground coffee into the filter basket and place it on the stem. 

Place the lid on the percolator. Use medium to low heat if you’re using a stovetop, or plug it into a power source for an electric percolator. 

As the water heats up, it forms bubbles. The water bubbles float to the water surface as the water begins to boil. As water travels up the stem, it splashes on the ground coffee, and percolating begins within minutes. 

Most electric coffee percolators have the auto-off feature. After the brewing completes, the percolator switches automatically to the keep warm function. A stovetop percolator does not have this feature. You will need to turn off the heat source. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you know a coffee percolator is done brewing? 

Some electric percolators come with a ready-to-pour signal. If you’re using one, it will notify you when coffee is ready. However, you can use a timer for a stovetop as it does not have a signal indicator. You have to turn off the heat source. Otherwise, it continues to over-extract. 

Which is the recommended grind size to use with a percolator?

Coarse grind size is the best. The finely ground coffee may pass into the percolating coffee. Besides, fine grinds may over-extract, resulting in a bitter brew. 

Final Verdict

Coffee percolators have different designs. You can pick a stovetop or electric percolator from multiple brands. They are more affordable to buy than most coffee makers. 

You can make coffee at home or at a campsite. To brew coffee, avoid using finely ground coffee. Use coarse ground coffee. A drawback to using a coffee percolator is that it could make bitter coffee from over-extraction. 

Coffee percolators can be electric or stovetop. Make sure you check the price and features before making a purchase. 

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