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You must be wondering – what is the most creative and functional way to present a coffee pod holder? If you’re using a Keurig or Nespresso coffee maker that uses pods to brew, you most certainly need a pod holder. 

The coffee cup holders come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your countertop space, you can always get a pod holder that works for you. In fact, there are pod holders designed for travel. 

So, what should you expect from our buying guide? We will look at how many pods each holder holds and the aesthetic value it brings to your space. We will also look at the best coffee pod holder that helps to save your kitchen space.

Bestseller No. 1
K Cups Holder,K Cup Carousel, Coffee Pods Storage Organizer Stand,Comes All in One Piece,No Assembly Required,1 Count,Black (Capacity of 40 Pods, Black)
  • GREAT CAPACITY HOLDS 40 SINGLE SERVE COFFEE PODS Simple and elegant look, Keeps your k-cups well organized,Holds up to 40 k-cups and the coffee pod fits very nice in the unique slots.
  • 360 DEGREE REVOLVING BASE VERY EASY TO ACCESS ANY COFFEE POD Large knob on top, Spins smoothly with just a touch, Very convenient to access any flavor of coffee.
  • ULTRA SPACE SAVING Small footprint (6-1/8” Width x 6-1/8” Depth x 13-1/8” Height), Takes less space than most of other carousel holders.
  • CLASSIC BLACK FINISH Compatible with any single cup coffee maker, A very nice accessory to hold your k-cups. Perfect for the countertop next to your Keurig or icoffee.
  • DELUXE METAL CONSTRUCTION It’s very sturdy and durable, 5 year warranty,Coffee pods not included. USPTO Utility and Design Patents Pending. CAUTION! This item holds k-cup pods only.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Nifty Coffee Pod Mini Drawer – Black Finish, Compatible with K-Cups, 24 Pod Pack Holder, Non-Rolling, Under Coffee Pot Storage, Sliding Drawer, Home Kitchen Counter Organizer
  • COFFEE POD STORAGE: The Nifty Coffee Pod Storage Drawer is compatible with K-Cups and will hold up to 24 of your favorite pods where space is a necessity. Even the heaviest of coffee drinkers will have a variety of choices at their fingertips with this accessory rack.
  • SLIDING DRAWER: Built with a sliding construction, set your favorite pod flavors in neat rows to make your selection fun and easy. Replace the pods when running low to make your morning routine a bit simpler while brewing a hot drink.
  • KITCHEN ORGANIZER: The functional and hassle-free style allows you to stand any coffee brewer on top of the drawer. With a chic black powder-coated finish, this holder will fit perfectly into your kitchen, dorm countertop, or office coffee bar.
  • DIMENSIONS: This convenient home coffee drawer takes up a small amount of counter space while still large enough to store your coffee maker on top: with a length of 13 inches, width of 9 inches, and height of 3 inches. Coffee pods not included.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT: Nifty Solutions will solve your kitchen dilemma’s with high-quality and practical products. Keeping design in mind for your home, this coffee accessory is made to last, hard to break, and easy to clean.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Mind Reader Single Serve Coffee Organizer with 3 Drawers 36 Pod Capacity, 13.5" L x 12.25" W x 2.5" H, Black
  • Maximize Countertop Space: This single serve pod drawer is the perfect solution to save valuable countertop space as it can be conveniently placed under your existing coffee maker
  • Streamline Your Morning Routine: With the ability to store up to 36 pods, this organizer is designed to make your morning routine hassle-free by allowing you to easily see and access your single serve pod options
  • Durable and Easy to Maintain: Made with solid construction and stabilizing rubber grips, this drawer is designed to withstand daily use and is effortless to clean with mild dish soap and water
  • Sleek and Versatile Design: The streamlined and unobtrusive design of this countertop organizer compliments any kitchen decor, providing a stylish storage solution for your single serve pods
  • Perfect Size: Measuring 12.25 inches long x 13.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall (31.12 x 34.29 x 6.35 centimeters), this organizer is the ideal size for any countertop

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So, let’s get down to business. 

Factors to consider when selecting a coffee pod holder

Having a pod coffee brewer does not mean you have a disorderly countertop. In fact, you should have the most attractive coffee table

Have you thought about buying a coffee pod holder? If yes, do you have an idea of which size or design? Now, this should be the least of your worries.

Here’s a list of factors to consider when buying a coffee pod holder:

  1. Assortment of coffee pods

So, here is the deal – do you want one flavor or brand on the coffee pod holder? Do you want several brands? Does arrangement according to the type or flavor matter to you?

Coffee pods come in various flavors and taste notes. You can have each flavor in the coffee pod and replace them once you empty the pods. 

  1. Capacity

How many pods do you want to store? If you have to organize multiple coffee pods, you need a big coffee pod holder like a drawer. An example of a drawer-type coffee holder is the Mind Reader Hero coffee pod drawer.

Sale Mind Reader Hero Coffee Pod Drawer, One Size, Black

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If you’re looking to store several coffee pods, you need a small coffee pod holder. There are several designs with higher capacity, like the Shurffy Coffee Pod Carousel Holder. It’s compatible with pods from all brands and holds up to 36 coffee pods. 

Sale SHURFFY Coffee Pod Carousel Holder Organizer Compatible with 36 Cup Pods

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  1. Space and functionality

The size of your counter space informs the type of coffee pod holder that you need. If you have limited storage, you may need a pod organizer that holds your single-serve coffee maker as well. An example is the GoldLion K-cups holder that holds your coffee maker and up to 36 pods. 

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Another option for a kitchen with limited storage is a circular pod holder. You can arrange all your coffee pods in the holder and replace them whenever needed. An example is the Everie pod carousel holder.

Sale Mind Reader Hero Coffee Pod Drawer, One Size, Black

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As you plan to buy a coffee pod holder, consider your counter space. If you have limited storage, you will need a coffee holder that fits the available space. A pod holder with a smooth, flat-top surface is a plus, as you can place your coffee maker on top of it.

  1. Do you only want to store coffee pods?

If your answer is no, you may consider a multifunctional holder. That is, you can organize both tea and coffee accessories.

  1. Color

What is the theme of your kitchen, and which coffee holder color fits your space? Coffee holders have different colors. Therefore, you will need to consider the color of the coffee machine and your kitchen before you proceed to buy a holder.

coffee pop holders post
10 Most Creative Coffee Pod Holders For Your Kitchen 35

10 Most Creative Coffee Pod Holders for Your Kitchen

Ok, I know what you’re thinking – how did these options get to the top ten? We’ve selected each based on several factors like price, capacity, and size. 

If you’re looking for coffee pod holder ideas and not sure where to start, you need to look at our list below. So, let’s dive in!

Sale Nifty K Cup Holder – Compatible with K-Cups, Coffee Pod Carousel | 35 K Cup Holder, Spins 360-Degrees, Lazy Susan Platform, Modern Black Design, Home or Office Kitchen Counter Organizer

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Unlike drawer storage that hides your colorful coffee pods, this carousel coffee pod holder displays the pods and makes the whole arrangement look like a flower. 

When the carousel is empty, it is still a beautiful piece of art to display on your space or kitchen top. It is designed to hold 35 pods. 

The Nifty pod carousel spins 360 degrees to help you pick a pod of your choice. It is ideal for kitchens with limited counter space. 

A carousel is a fantastic choice to help you maintain a neat and organized countertop. However, you can only store K-cups on it.

2. DecoBros K-Cup Storage Drawer

Sale DecoBrothers K-Cup Holder Drawer for 36 Coffee Pods Storage, Black

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Imagine organizing your kitchen in a way that you have your coffee maker and coffee pods within the pod holder. 

The DecoBros K-Cup storage drawer helps to organize your coffee table. It has a smooth surface and is strong enough to hold your coffee maker. 

The Keurig coffee pod holder features a sliding drawer and has a capacity of 36 coffee pods. However, there are drawbacks to using the pod holder. 

You do not get the aesthetic appeal of exposing the colorful coffee pods. Besides, if you are not a big coffee drinker, some coffee pods may expire since they are not always visible.

3. Flat Countertop Coffee Pod Holder K-cup Organizer Tray

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The Flat counter pod holder holds 24 coffee pods. It’s compatible with K-cup pods. You can use the pod holder on a kitchen or office countertop.

The benefit of using a pod holder is the ease of access to the coffee pods when brewing coffee. It’s also easy to clean, with a flat design that is stylish to have in your kitchen.

Depending on the size of your countertop, you can select a coffee pod holder that fits your kitchen space. The available models have a capacity of 6, 12, 18, 24, and 35 coffee pods. 

The flat coffee pod holder matches the style and theme of your kitchen as it is made of clear acrylic.

4. Keurig Under Brewer Storage Drawer

Sale Keurig Under Brewer Storage Drawer, Coffee Pod Storage, Holds Upto 35 Keurig K-Cup Pods, Black

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When brewing coffee with a single-serve coffee maker, you need to figure out how to store your coffee pods. With the Keurig coffee pod holder, it holds up to 35 of your favorite pods. 

One of the reasons for having a pod holder is to save counter space and organize your coffee table. Place your Keurig coffee maker on the pod holder and save counter space.

The coffee pod holder has a wheeled design to roll the drawer under cabinet storage and access the coffee pods. Keurig under brewer storage drawer is made of high-quality, durable metal, and it’s compatible with all Keurig coffee pods.

5. Nifty Single-Serve Wire Coffee Basket

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There’s so much convenience that comes with a coffee pod holder. It helps to maintain an organized coffee table in your office or kitchen. 

The Nifty single-serve coffee pod is fashionable and holds up to 48 of your favorite coffee pods. You can place the coffee pods on the wire coffee basket based on your preference. 

Whether you’re a heavy coffee drinker or not, you have access to all your coffee pods with ease. The Nifty Solutions coffee pod holder helps you save on counter space as they are stackable. 

The benefit of using the coffee pod holder is that it’s easier to monitor the quantity of the coffee pods and replace them. 

6. Coffee Pod (K-Cup) Storage Rack, Holds up to 6

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If you’re not a heavy coffee drinker, then you can save money by buying a coffee pod holder that holds enough coffee pods for your coffee needs. 

With this coffee pod storage rack, you can store up to 6 of your favorite coffee pods. Its simple design makes it a beautiful addition to have in your home. 

It’s compatible with the K-cup pods. The coffee pod storage rack is ideal for limited counter spaces. The benefits of using the storage rack are that it’s affordable and stylish to have in your kitchen. However, a downside to using it is that it holds a few coffee pods. 

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The Mind Reader coffee pod holders are available in black and white colors. You can make a selection that matches your kitchen theme and color. 

It’s ideal for a coffee lover who loves convenience and style. The Mind Reader coffee pod holder has a capacity of up to 30 coffee pods. 

You can tilt it 90 degrees to pick a favorite coffee pod without worrying about messing your kitchen countertop or coffee table.  

It has a lock system to lock coffee pods in place. 

8. KUSOVILI Coffee Pod Holder

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With the Kusovili coffee pod holder, you can store your favorite coffee pods, fruits, and snacks as it is multifunctional. Kusovili coffee pod holder is suitable for K-cups, Dolce Gusto, VertuoLine, and Original coffee pods.

It’s ideal for someone looking to store a large capacity of favorite coffee and espresso pods. The pod holder has a basket design, and it’s made of quality steel material.

Kusovili coffee pod holder has a smooth surface that is easy to wipe off coffee spills when cleaning. 

9. Amazon Basics Nespresso Coffee Pod Storage Drawer Holder

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So, you don’t have a Keurig coffee maker but a Nespresso coffee machine. Do not stress out. You may want to consider the Nespresso coffee pod holder. 

It can hold up to 50 Nespresso capsules. The coffee pod holder is compatible with OriginalLine coffee capsules. However, you cannot use it with VertuoLine coffee capsules. 

You can organize your coffee table by placing your Nespresso coffee maker on the Amazon Basics Nespresso coffee pod holder.

10. Qutrey Coffee Pod Drawer Holder for K-cups

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A coffee pod holder with a top surface to place your coffee maker helps save counter space. You can conveniently place your coffee maker and pick your favorite coffee pod anytime you need to caffeinate. 

One of the benefits of using the Qutrey coffee pod holder is that it can store 35-40 K-cups. It is also multifunctional as you can place tea and hot chocolate.

The coffee pod holder features an easy-to-slide drawer to access and organize the coffee pods. The Qutrey coffee pod drawer is ideal for home and office kitchens. 

Here’s a quick summary for the above coffee pod holders

Coffee pod holderPrice
Nifty Coffee Pod Carousel$22.99
DecoBros K-cup Storage Drawer$23.97
Flat countertop coffee pod holder$29.95
Keurig Under Brewer Storage Drawer$19.92
Nifty Single-Serve Wire Coffee Basket$13.99
Coffee Pod (K-Cup) Storage Rack$7.99
Mind Reader Carousel Coffee Pod Holder$19.95
Kusovili Coffee Pod Holder$20.49
Amazon Basics Nespresso Coffee Pod Storage Drawer$20.49
Qutrey Coffee Pod Drawer Holder$35.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep a coffee pod holder clean?

To clean a coffee pod holder, empty all coffee pods from the holder, and using a lint-free cloth, wipe gently to get rid of dust and sweep off the dirt from the tray. You can use a wet towel and dishwashing soap to clean the stubborn stains.

Where can I buy a coffee pod holder?

You can always find coffee pod holders in a mall or supermarket. However, online stores like Amazon have a large assortment.

Can I get a custom design for my coffee pod holder?

Unfortunately, shops only stock standard coffee pod holders. However, you can always contact a manufacturer to suggest a new product design or a local artisan or carpenter that can design something for you.

 How do I install a new coffee pod holder?

Look for the instructions from the pod holder manual. You can also search the guide on the manufacturer’s website or online store.

Is a Coffee Pod Holder Worth Buying?

Now, this is definitely a yes! You can combine capacity, functionality, and aesthetics by purchasing two or more coffee pod holders. 

You can buy a big holder like the Nifty 4-Tier K-cups drawer that stores 72 pods and a small pod holder for your kitchen countertop.

It is upon you to choose whether you want functionality or aesthetics. You get to decide how to balance all those considerations to land on one or more coffee pod holders.

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