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Most coffee lovers prefer the convenience of brewing great-quality specialty coffee drinks at the comfort of their homes. If this is what you’re after then you know a Jura coffee machine is right for you.

Jura coffee machines are well-sought after due to their feature-packed, easy-to-use, and self-explanatory operation.

These coffee machines are sophisticated and offer coffee lovers premium quality beverages and an aroma of elegance, whether they’re in the kitchen or office.

While each of the Jura espresso machine models offers you coffee-making magic, it’s important that you know if the model you choose gives you the magic you seek.

Bestseller No. 1
Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine
33 Reviews
Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine
  • ONE TOUCH: Prepare 5 barista quality specialties including espresso, coffee, Ristretto, Café Barista and Lungo Barista at the touch of a button
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: Ultimate coffee quality thanks to JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process
  • CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Professional Aroma Grinder guarantees ideal grinding results over the entire service life
  • ECO FRIENDLY: JURA is always freshly ground, not capsuled - fresh taste with very limited waste - single serve machine
  • CAPACITY: 64 ounce water tank, 10 ounce bean container
SaleBestseller No. 2
Jura ENA 4 Full Nordic White # 15351
  • ONE TOUCH: Prepare 5 barista quality specialties including espresso, espresso doppio, coffee, coffee doppio at the touch of a button
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: Ultimate coffee quality thanks to JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process
  • AROMA G3 GRINDER: Is twice as fast for fully preserved aroma.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: JURA is always freshly ground, not capsuled - fresh taste with very limited waste
  • CAPACITY: 37 ounce water tank, 4.4 ounce bean container
Bestseller No. 3

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Here’s a look at some of the best Jura automatic espresso machines for the ultimate home or office use.

Best Jura coffee machines

#1. Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Platinum

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  • Sleek design
  • One of Jura’s least expensive Super-automatic machine
  • Automates frothing
  • Lacks a bypass doser
  • Limited to three coffee recipes
  • It is compatible with coffee beans only

Who is it for? 

If you’re looking for a super-automatic espresso machine that brews cappuccino at the press of a button (or the command of an app), The D6 Jura automatic espresso machine is a great option. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a coffee maker with more drink options, look the other way because Jura D6 can only make three drinks – espresso, regular coffee, and cappuccino. Also, Jura D6 will disappoint you if you want to use pre-ground coffee for decaf.


Design, Aesthetics, and Build Quality

As one of the least expensive models from Jura, it still features a sleek and modern feel design with polished looks.

It stands at 13.6 inches in height, 16.5 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and weighs 19 pounds (8.6kg). D6 consumes less counter space and is lighter than Jura Z6.

The user interface is easier to interact with. The D6 comes with a LED plain text display and two large knobs on both sides of the front panel. The simplicity of the control panel makes it less high-tech while keeping the cost low. 

On the left side of the Jura espresso machine D6, you find a 64-ounce removable water tank that simplifies refilling. The water tank comes with filters that maintain better water quality for a great tasting coffee and saves you the trouble of descaling. 

The Jura D6 features a bean hopper with a tight cover that helps preserve the aroma and freshness of the coffee beans. Also, the brewer features a height-adjustable coffee spout to suit different cup sizes.

Brewing Capabilities

As an entry-level espresso machine, Jura D6 lacks high-end features as those in advanced models – but it can still brew a decent espresso and other coffee drinks.

The machine features an in-built Aroma G2 conical burr grinder that comes with 12 adjustable grind settings for tweaking the boldness of the espresso in your cup.

And like most high-end Jura models, Jura automatic espresso machine D6 uses the Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) for optimum espresso extraction.

The technology works the same on all Jura models – pulsing short bursts of hot water on coffee grounds for a richer espresso with a thick crema.

The pulse extraction gets powered by a 15-bar pump that delivers the right pressure for the process. Also, the machine features a single boiler system fixed with an efficient thermoblock heater with two programmable brewing and hot water temperature levels. 

Additionally, the machine has an Intelligent Water System (IWS) for automatic filter detection. The thing is RFID technology wirelessly links the filter cartridge and the coffee machine for automatic detection of water filters.

Specifically, the water reservoir comes with CLEARYL water filters that protect the brewer from limescale and eliminates particles impairing flavor and aroma. Automatic detection of the water filter helps notify you when there’s a need for replacement. 

What’s more, the Jura D6 is wireless-ready with a smart connect capability to link the machine to the Jura Operating Experience (JOE) platform. This way, you can brew espresso via your tablet or Smartphone.

Note that the Smart Connect doesn’t come built-in with the Jura espresso machine. You must buy it separately and connect it to the device.

Cleaning and Maintenance

One downside when cleaning the Jura D6 is that brew groups are non-removable. You’ll need Jura cleaning tablets and run them through the machine’s self-clean cycle to clean the brew groups. 

Apart from that, you must maintain a high level of hygiene on the milk frothing system, or you’ll have to bear with terrible flavor and odors in your coffee.

To clean the milk foam tubes immediately after every brew, you’ll have to navigate the menus on the control panel to manually enable the self-clean cycle, which sends hot steam through the milk tubes and sterilizes them. 

If you forget to clean the system immediately, Jura D6 will remind you after ten minutes. More importantly, the IWS technology and the CLEARYL filters eliminate descaling, which can be a hectic process.

#2.Jura 15148 A1 Super Automatic Jura Espresso Machine

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  • Convenient self-cleaning
  • Simple yet intuitive controls
  • Powerful pump with an efficient heating system
  • Programmable brew strength and type
  • Safe to use brewer
  • The bean hopper lid doesn’t work well


If you’re looking for efficiency and the effortless use of a super-automatic espresso maker, then the Jura coffee machine 15148 A1 makes a great buy. This highly efficient model employs the thermoblock heating tech that works with its 15 bar pump to give you the best extraction.

Also, this machine features some simple yet intuitive controls that help make operating it easy even for Newbies.

Because Jura manufacturers understand that different coffee enthusiasts have different preferences, the Jura A1 features 3 programmable specialties and coffee strength levels.

Its Aroma grinder ensures you have freshly ground beans on-demand for nice aromas and full of flavors. This along with the machine’s CLEARLY water filter ensures you have the tastiest and freshest coffee.

Also, this is a safe coffee brewing machine to use since it features an auto shut-off. In addition, you can be confident that maintenance will be easier, as it comes with a convenient self-cleaning feature. This is useful as it’ll remind you when it’s time to clean your machine.

In addition to the piano black A1 option, this machine also comes in a piano white Jura coffee machine option. That ensures that you have an option that works for your tastes as well as decor.

The Jura A1 bean hopper lid is the notable shortcoming as it doesn’t work very well. Even then, it looks nice, so it shouldn’t be an issue once you get used to the machine.

#3.Jura 15070 E6 automatic espresso maker

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  • Features a modern color TFT display
  • More hygienic and easy to maintain
  • Uses highly efficient coffee extraction process
  • Quieter and fast grinder
  • Makes different coffee strengths and brew types
  • Milk foam is a little thicker and hotter than usual


The E6 15070 Jura automatic espresso machine is designed to ensure brewing coffee is stress-free and more hygienic. This is because the cleanup afterward is a breeze. 

This model features an integrated maintenance program, which you can easily start by pressing a button. This ensures your coffee machine remains hygienic.

Also, this Jura model comes with a 63.6 ounces water tank and a bean hopper with a capacity of 9.9 ounces. The E6 milk spout can be interchanged making this brewer even more hygienic.

Brewing with this machine is made more efficient thanks to its pulse extraction process. This process delivers you optimal extraction to give you rich and flavorful espresso and some amazing aromas.

The E6 machine allows you to brew 6 specialty coffee drinks. Also, you can use one of the 8 different strength choices that the machine offers to ensure you brew your coffee as you like it.

Operating this coffee machine is made straightforward thanks to the TFT color display. What’s more, this machine has been built to give you the freshest brew possible. It also comes with a quiet yet fast Aroma G3 coffee grinder.

Even though the milk foam will be a little hotter and thicker, what you’ll get is good enough for making amazing cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk-based beverages.

#4.Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Black

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  • Features a generously sized water tank
  • Easy to operate
  • Includes easy cleaning routines
  • A limited number of grind settings
  • Lacks fine-grained controls


One thing you’ll notice with the Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Black is its sleek lines with unmistakable European styling.  It’s made from sturdy ABS plastic which is a good mix of black and silver.

Also, it has a fairly large footprint at 11” x 16.1” x 13.6,” and weighing at only 22 pounds. This Jura model features a stainless steel conical burr coffee grinder which helps keep costs down. But stainless-steel grinders often heat up during use, which burns your coffee grounds.

The grinder has Jura’s “Aroma+” tech and this makes it twice as fast as those grinders that don’t have the feature.  

The C65 Impressa offers a generously sized top-loading 64-ounce water tank that’s fitted with a filter. Also, it’s optional to use the filter which boils down to personal preference. 

If you decide to use the filter, it then means you’ll reduce system maintenance since you’ll eliminate the process of having to descale your machine.

With a single boiler made of aluminum and stainless steel lining, the D6 uses Thermoblock tech for rapid heating. This helps reduce your wait time since the coffee machine switches between brewing and frothing.

Also, this machine has two temperature settings (that is high and normal), which you can switch between drinks to customize your cup.

The Jura D6 coffee spouts do telescope but only can accommodate cups with sizes ranging from 2.6” to 4.4” high.

Brewing Control System

Its control system is quite simple and features a large selector knob located on the left side of the machine which is where all the brewing happens.  You can turn or press the knob to navigate the machine menu.

Since it uses LED technology, its menu systems are rather hard to navigate.  Even so, from the model’s relatively limited feature, using this machine doesn’t present a major learning curve.

This espresso machine was developed with Newbies in mind. As a result, Jura chose to use the beginner-friendly milk auto-frothing system.

This works by placing a milk container near your machine. Next, run the plastic tubing length from the machine into your milk container. Another feature that the D6 offers is a cup warming tray that passively heated the cup and is found on top of this unit.

So if you set the boiler’s temp as high as it’ll go, but still your coffee isn’t at the temp you want, you can place it on the warming tray for a few minutes before brewing your drink.

Note that when dispensing your brew into a cold cup, you’ll lose some heat. But when you warm the cup, you’ll mitigate this loss, therefore increasing the beverage temperature by additional degrees.  


When it comes to the maintenance of this unit cleaning your machine is quite easy. The manual provides good, concise Jura espresso machine instructions on all the various bits of maintenance that you’ll have to do. Additionally, the machine will promptly let you know every time it needs something from you.

Most of the D6 maintenance functions will either be fully auto or semi-automated to keep it clean. Since the process is fast, it ensures the unit is ready for use with a few things for you to manually take care of.

Some of the things you’ll have to do manually include emptying its drip tray as well as the dregs box. This is made easy since they are easy to access.   

#5.Jura S8 Coffee Machine

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With dimensions of 11 x 13.7 x 17.5 in (WxHxD), the Jura automatic espresso machine S8 features a 63.6 ounces water tank and a high-resolution display with a color touchscreen.

This machine allows you to make drinks like cappuccino, Ristretto, caffe latte, macchiato, espresso, coffee, milk foam, macchiato, flat white, and hot water

This Jura model is a new addition and high-end machine. It’s made by combining the advanced tech that’s usually reserved for Jura’s Z and GIGA lines with a compact style and frame of the Jura E line. 

The S8 includes a fast yet quiet Aroma G3 coffee beans grinder. Additionally, to brew your favorite cup you can choose from 15 different customizable specialty brews by touching a button. This ensures you have numerous ways of satisfying your coffee craving!

Since this unit is fitted with the Fine Foam and P.E.P technologies, you’re sure to get a perfectly prepared beverage.

The one noticeable high-tech feature found on the Jura S8 is the color 4.3” touchscreen display that makes programming your preferred drink a breeze. Also, the unit uses fun animations and colorful graphics to guide you throughout the entire brewing process.

How To Get The Best Jura Espresso Machine

Consider Your Budget

Generally, Jura coffee machines are quite expensive, so don’t just get one blindly. Therefore, your first step should be to determine your working budget.

Typically, you can buy a Jura coffee machine at $700 or $5,000. Even then, some of the top-of-the-line Jura models can retail for more than this. Still, you can find more affordable Jura espresso machines.

As you consider the price, we recommend that you have a budget and come up with the features you’re looking for. Next, look for a Jura coffee machine with most of the features you want but make sure it is within your budget.


The Jura coffee machines are technologically advanced, feature-rich, and made using top-notch materials. So you expect them to large to house all this.

Similar to their price points, Jura coffee machines are available in different shapes, weights, and sizes. Some of these units can neatly fit in a little condo countertop; while others occupy more room.

Despite this, make sure you don’t choose a Jura espresso machine that won’t fit on your kitchen counter.


Jura does a great good job in terms of innovation and convenience. This is apparent since all their coffee machines feature self-cleaning programs to prevent scaling or any other issues that challenge regular coffee machines.

Also, you should make sure you use a suitable cleaning product for the specific machine you have. Additionally, be sure to regularly run the cleaning program to keep your machines in tip-top shape.

And if your machine requires manual cleaning, you could also make cleaning your espresso machine much easier by using the right cleaning tablets

Which Jura Automatic Coffee Machine Should You Choose?

As a strategic buyer looking to buy a Jura automatic espresso machine, you have a specific goal in mind. You also want assurance that the espresso machine you’re buying is the perfect fit in terms of price, automation, brewing capability, and design. 

From the above reviews of different Jura super-automatic coffee machines, you can now easily decide which one offers you the features you’re looking for to deliver you that perfect cup you love.Our Jura espresso machine reviews can help you reduce your choices from the wide range of options available today.

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