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The KALDI Home Coffee Roaster was designed to meet all the needs of medium-sized quality coffee roasters. The roster has a full range of professional functions and high performance, which will ensure high-quality frying and reliable control.

  • Capacity: 200g, Max.: 250g 
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Type: Motorize
  • Where Produced: Korea
  • Shipping: $62.24 shipping
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Notable Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster Features

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  • It can roast more than 320g.
  • Make coffee really good taste.
  • Can control temperature
  • Messy chef, beans everywhere
  • You have to fully concentrate while roasting, unlike the other machines,
  • Need separate accessories.

High-quality construction, quiet to run, and using your gas cooktop, you have instant temperature control. They now include roasting guidelines in English. As you use it, you will fine-tune your criteria to get the roast you want. You control the time, temperature, and final product. Using this roaster will improve your skills and understanding of the process.

Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster full review

The entire KALDI range is equipped with a gas burner. It is a reliable and efficient heat source that provides maximum resource savings. The roaster is safe, economical, and reliable, but at the same time provides a huge number of programmable settings for the roasting profile.

No complaints about the construction. However it is a pain to set up, you have to have a separate heat source, we use a camping burner, reading the temp accurately with the temp gauge is a pain as we have to stop the drum momentarily. We have used a laser temp gauge, and the original and laser are off by at least 20 degrees. 

The coffee chaff goes everywhere and falls into the flame, causing smoke to go through the drum, and that smokes the beans. Taking the chaff collector is not easy. Tilting the roaster to get beans out has to be done carefully, or you will get burned by the roaster, its housing is steel and hot at least 200 degrees hot.

However, soon, we’ve noticed that the benefits of using this unit come with actually your expertise. As far as this machine goes to the professional ones, so you need to meet this requirement as well.

The Bottom Line

A decent fast roast can be achieved by just leaving the burner on medium, or you can customize and develop your roast profiles with burner adjustments. Inherent convection airflow is adequate and needs no adjustment or additional blower fan. All roasts were done with the copper sleeve removed from the drum. All beans roasted in the fully perforated drum have been of excellent and uniform quality.

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