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Surely, everyone loves a good cup of coffee. What could be greater than kickstarting your day with a steaming cup of delicious coffee? For many, coffee is a morning ritual, a booster for the day which sets them off on the right foot to an energetic day, but do you know what goes into making that amazing coffee you so much love? Many retailers put in great effort together with serious expertise to make their signature cups of coffee goodness. Did you know that you can also make yourself great coffee from the comfort of your own home?

Well-ground coffee is essential in transforming coffee beans into an aromatic brew with a rich flavor. With properly ground coffee, the flavor is sure to come out distinctly, giving a unique experience with each sip.

Bestseller No. 1
KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder - Onyx Black
  • Clear Top Cover and One-Touch Control allows for operation at the touch of a button—simply push down on the cover to begin grinding and release to stop. The clear cover also allows you to easily see the consistency of grinds.
  • Stainless Steel Blade offers durability and powerful performance, quickly grinding enough whole coffee beans to make up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • Removable 4-Oz. Stainless Steel Bowl features measurement markings on the inside, so you know at a glace the quantity of coffee beans needed to make 4, 8, 10 or 12 cups of coffee. The bowl lifts out, making it easy to transfer grinds to the coffee maker.
  • Model BCG111 includes heavy duty motor housing, stainless steel 4-ounce capacity bowl with stainless steel coffee grinder blade, clear top cover.
  • 1 year hassle-free replacement warranty.
SaleBestseller No. 2
KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder - KCG8433 - Empire Red, 10 Oz
  • Our grinder automatically produces the ideal amount and consistency of grounds for every drink selection with Smart Dosing Technology.
  • Getting consistent grind size means delicious brewing every time. Achieve consistent grind sizes for all brew methods from French Press to Espresso with the KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder.
  • Discover your perfect grind, for every kind of brew. With 70 precise settings for a wide variety of grind sizes - from coarse for Cold Brew and French Press, to fine for Espresso and espresso drinks.
  • Commercial-grade, stainless steel conical burrs provide superior grinding precision, producing uniformly-sized grounds for optimal flavor extraction.
  • No need to flip your machine upside down—simply twist and lift the removable bean hopper to empty, exchange or refill with fresh beans between brews.
SaleBestseller No. 3
KitchenAid KCG0702CS Burr Coffee Grinder, Contour Silver
  • Controlled rate grinding with 15 grind settings allows for excellent grind consistency and lower grinding temperatures.
  • Stainless steel cutting burrs offers durability and powerful performance.
  • 7 oz. glass bean hopper and grind jar minimizes the static “cling” of coffee grinds.
  • The sleek, streamlined design allows it to be stored on your countertop or in a cabinet. Durable and easy to wipe clean.
  • Burrs turn at 450 rpm, minimizing frictional heat build-up and preserving flavor.

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The secret to getting the best coffee grinds for your brewing style lies in Kitchenaid coffee grinders. With different types of coffee grinders to suit your brewing style, Kitchenaid offers amazing performance across the product line. Moreover, the product line covers a wide range of prices as well, ensuring that everyone gets a coffee grinder that matches their budget. Kitchenaid Coffee grinders ensure that everyone gets the type of grind they desire, and that it comes with a reasonable consistency.

Best Kitchenaid Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders are generally of two types, the burr and blade type grinders. Burr coffee grinders consist of two closely revolving abrasive surfaces (burrs) through which the coffee beans pass a little at a time. The distance between the burrs can be adjusted to give the desired grind size. Blade coffee grinders on the other hand consist of a blade that revolves at high speed, constantly striking the coffee beans and breaking them up. Burr coffee grinders generally provide a greater grind consistency due to the constant spacing between the burrs.

However, Kitchenaid ups the game one step further. You can get the Kitchenaid burr coffee grinder, Kitchenaid blade coffee grinder for your morning brew, or take a bold step ahead with the Kitchenaid coffee and spice grinder. The Kitchenaid coffee and spice grinder is a combined grinder that gives you the privilege of not just perfecting your morning coffee but also improving your choicest dishes with the smoothest spices. Tasty coffee and meals can be crafted with the Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder.

Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder

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With prices starting slightly above $200, you get an advanced work of art that delivers greatly on its performance promises. This Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder is an impressive looking tabletop addition that you will not regret. The aesthetics of this coffee grinder are exceptional. In fact, your morning routine will thank you for the massive upgrade.

However, the Kitchenaid burr coffee grinder does not sacrifice performance for good looks. This grinder comes with a whopping 70 different precise grind levels to help match just about any coffee type you are looking to create. The Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder delivers results, from the smoothest, finest grinds for your espresso, to medium grinds for your drip coffee, to medium-coarse grinds for your percolation coffee and even up to crafty coarseness for your French press with impressive consistency.

This burr grinder provides extreme flexibility in getting your desired grind sizes with precision. It features an automatic smart dosing technology that allows you to select the type of coffee you need and adapts grind time accordingly. Imagine that – a smart coffee grinder, who would not want one of these? All you need to do is select your desired coffee type and the number of cups, the Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder does the rest for you, including time selection.

Once the auto timer reaches zero, the grinder will automatically shut off and your coffee will be perfectly ground.

Coffee Grinding Selection Chart

Coffee TypeFrench PressPercolation (perc)Drip CoffeeEspresso
Grind sizeCoarseMedium – coarseMediumFine
Setting range1 – 2425 – 2536 – 5455 – 70
Dose selection1 – 12 cups1 – 12 cups1 – 12 cups1 – 2 shots

This unit comes with a built-in portafilter holder for making the perfect espresso, a cleaning brush, and also pairs perfectly with the KitchenAid Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine.

  • Sturdy, high-quality steel build
  • Impressive design
  • Easy to learn how to use (comes with a detailed manual as well)
  • Multiple grind sizes obtainable
  • Low friction and heat buildup.
  • Comes with a risk-free one-year warranty.
  • Quite easy to clean.
  • New antistatic technology reduces the mess created.
  • Smart coffee grinding (who doesn’t like a smart appliance?
  • Relatively high price
  • Fragile glass canisters.

Is the Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder worth it?

For the quality and looks it offers along with the price it goes for, the Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder is definitely worth purchasing. This Kitchenaid coffee grinder has great promise to deliver on and it will not let you down. The glass bowl allows you to see the grind progression in real-time as the grinder operates. With the automatic time selection, you do not even need to be around to monitor the grinding progress, just come back when it shuts off,

While the price may seem high, the fact that you will not need to replace this for a while makes up for the cost. In the long run, the cost savings are in favor of the Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder. Also, all manufacturer defects qualify for repairs or replacement under the free warranty so long as they are discovered within the first year (which is more than enough time to discover issues in my opinion).  

KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder

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With a sales price of just $30, the Kitchenaid Blade Coffee Grinder is a unique machine that promises good performance. This Kitchenaid coffee grinder comes with a clear top cover, allowing you to monitor the grind progression as it operates in real-time.

It also has a one-touch operation method; with a button (the cover) which you press to start grinding and release to stop. A stainless-steel blade mounted on the inside offers powerful performance while ensuring durable operations, with a capacity to grind enough coffee beans to brew up to 12 cups of coffee.

This blade grinder’s low price brings it to the reach of everyone, including those with tight or constrained budgets. One of the best blade coffee grinders in its price range, do not let the price fool you, this Kitchenaid coffee grinder packs a punch and will give the bang for your buck.

To obtain finer grinds, simply push down the cover for a longer period of time. As the blade rotates, it breaks the coffee beans more and gives increasingly finer grinds.

 The Kitchenaid suggested grinding chart.

Fill toMax amountSuggested grinding time
12 – cup fill line14 tablespoonsProcess for 21 seconds
10 – cup fill line12 tablespoonsProcess for 19 seconds
8 – cup fill line9 tablespoonsProcess for 17 seconds
4 – cup fill line5 tablespoonsProcess for 14 seconds

An innovative feature on this grinder is the presence of measurement markings on the steel bowl. These markings are there to act as a measuring guide, showing how much beans you need to make 4, 8, 10, or even 12 cups of coffee. No more underfilling or overfilling due to rough guesswork. You can now get just the right amount.

  • One-touch operation.
  • Measurement markings for coffee beans.
  • Transparent cover that allows real-time monitoring of grind smoothness.
  • Removable stainless-steel bowl.
  • Comes with a full year warranty.
  • Available in more than one color, to suit your kitchen style.
  • Capacity to grind for up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Single-speed operation.
  • Not as smooth as the Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder.
  • Needs constant supervision as there is no automatic mode.
  • Static build up makes some particles adhere strongly to the walls of the grinder.

Is the Kitchenaid Blade Coffee Grinder worth it?

For those shopping with a tight budget the Kitchenaid Blade Coffee Grinder is definitely worth it. It comes in at a very handy price and does a fantastic job with grinding the coffee beans. The sturdy design of this coffee grinder ensures that it would last longer and not need a replacement as often as other products on the market. The measurement markings which indicate suitable bean levels for multiple cups of coffee will also come in handy when setting up to brew for family or friends. The presence of a removable bowl also means it is a lot easier to transfer ground coffee to the coffee maker and clean the grinding compartment after use. 

Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder

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Need a grinder that offers the option of extracting amazing flavors from your coffee or drawing out those enriching flavors of spice? The Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder was made to do just that. With three separate grinding chambers for coffee and spices, this grinder aims to deliver the best of both worlds. Mind you, these grinding chambers are made of stainless steel and this makes them very durable.

Need to grind your regular coffee beans for that morning brew? This works fine. Need to grind tough spices for meals? Just swap out the chambers and work easy. With the Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder, there is no need for separate grinders. This combined coffee and spice grinder allows you to grind coffee, along with up to two different spices at a time without having to empty the chamber after each round of grinding. 

The separate chambers also ensure that there is no flavor transfer between species when they are ground at the same time. You do not want to end up with a spicy hot coffee, or worse, coffee-flavored soup. And I am also sure, you definitely do not want the taste of the salt you ground before your coffee mingling with your morning goodness.

Spice grinding tips for Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder.

Spice / NutMaximum amountSuggested grinding time
Black Peppercorn2 oz.Process for 25 seconds
Cumin2 oz.Process for 30 seconds
Whole allspice1.5 oz.Process for 25 seconds
Szechuan peppercorns1 oz.Process for 30 seconds
Coriander seeds0.5 oz.Process for 10 seconds

The Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder also offers easy cleaning options as the chambers are detachable and dishwasher safe. You can save yourself the hassle of battling with stuck particles in hard-to-reach places with this ergonomic design.

The coffee chamber of this grinder has the same capacity as that of the blade coffee grinder. As a matter of fact, this Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder is simply an upgraded Kitchenaid Blade Coffee Grinder on steroids. This product is even rated as the Best Multipurpose Coffee and Spice Grinder on

  • High-capacity coffee grinding chamber.
  • Separate grinding chambers for coffee and spices.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean.
  • One-touch operation.
  • Transparent cover that allows real-time monitoring of grind smoothness.
  • Comes with a full year warranty.
  • A bit noisy in operation.
  • Constant supervision needed.
  • Single-speed operations.
  • Few complaints of mismatched lids (Kitchenaid does offer free replacements though).

Is the Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder really worth it?

If the Kitchenaid Blade Coffee Grinder is worth a try, then the Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder is even more worth the purchase. This is an inexpensive upgrade to the blade coffee grinder. Spices and coffee can be ground without fear of mixing the flavors. No more salty coffees just because you ground some salt before your coffee beans. The durable stainless-steel chambers also make getting this product worthwhile. This is a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone solution. Spice up your morning and your cooking.

Opinions on the Grinders

Personally, I would suggest going for the Kitchenaid Burr Grinder where possible. This is a coffee grinder that has all the latest bells and whistles yet does not sacrifice performance for technology. This choice is particularly easy when money is not an issue. It is noteworthy that in the long run, savings on replacement will make up for the initial purchase cost of this coffee grinder.

In case your shopping budget is a bit constrained, you can go for the Kitchenaid Blade Coffee Grinder. This allows you to get decent performance for your price range. While not as efficient as the burr coffee grinder, it still delivers impressively for its class.

The combined Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder, on the other hand, will be your best bet if you need a multipurpose appliance. This grinder will save you the cost of purchasing another grinder specifically for your spices.

Kitchenaid is known for offering high-quality items with impressive durability. Any of the appliances purchased is certain to perform effectively and last a reasonable period of time.


How do I decide on the best grinder to buy?

Ans: Picking the best grinder is a matter of finding what works for you and is also within your budget. If you need just a coffee grinder and you fancy espressos, the Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder will do the job so long as you can afford it. If French Press is your thing and you are looking to save on your purchase, go for the Kitchenaid Blade Coffee Grinder. However, if you love to explore different cuisines and frequently try out spices in the kitchen, the Kitchenaid Coffee and Spice Grinder was made for you.

Do I get a warranty? What does it cover?

These Kitchenaid products come with at least a year of warranty. This covers repairs and replacements for issues caused during normal use or faults caused as a result of manufacturer defects. Do note that Kitchenaid is not responsible for owners who mishandle their appliances.

What is the power type?

The Kitchenaid products listed here are electrically powered. There are many other types of coffee makers but the Kitchenaid electrically powered powder is the best. 


Depending on your preference, you would need to grind your coffee beans a variety of sizes. Some people like a silky-smooth Espresso that glides down the throat effortlessly, while others prefer a more coarse solution like French Press. Grinding coffee beans is an important part of the brewing process, but equally important, is getting the right grind. The above mentioned best Kitchenaid Coffee Grinders are the best in the market. 

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