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Are you tired of having the same old pack of instant coffee? If you are searching for that authentic taste of coffee, you must start with the best fresh roasted coffee, which comes with roasting your beans! But, don’t worry, it’s not rocket science, and with our guide to making freshly roasted coffee beans, you will learn it in no time! For a coffee lover, it is essential to get the best taste of coffee every day, and roasting your coffee beans at home is the best way to do that.

So hop on as we guide you through the entire process of roasting fresh coffee at home – from choosing your beans to how to store them properly. So let’s get started!

How To Roast Fresh Coffee At Home  

Following are the steps to get the best fresh-roasted coffee at home:

  • Use Green Coffee Beans

For starters, you need good-quality raw coffee beans. Then, you can do your research, learn about the various types and varieties, or get started right away with the varieties you are already familiar with and love.

While buying coffee beans online, always make sure to check their country of origin, how the country’s climate is, and what their processing method is. All these factors can drastically change the taste of a coffee bean. 

If you want to play it safe, buy from your local roaster or local coffee shops. Their experts can also guide you through buying while answering all your questions about the different types of coffee beans! 

  • Assemble All The Supplies

Now that you have your favorite coffee beans, it’s time to assemble all your roasting supplies. You can either use a commercial coffee roaster, home coffee roaster, popcorn machine, or an oven or skillet for home roasting. 

Most individuals opt for the oven or skillet roasting method since that is one piece of equipment you are likely to have in your kitchen. But for a first-timer, it might be a little challenging to control all the airflow during the roasting process.

For a beginner, it is always better to get a popcorn machine as this will give you a very even roast. But ensure your popcorn machine doesn’t come with a mesh screen as those tend to catch fire during roasting. 

A home coffee roaster is always the safest method to get the best roast, but then again, you might not be willing to spend that much right away. So it’s perfectly alright to stick with either of the other two types.

  • Research On The Type Of Roast You Want

As you know, there are mainly three types of roast for coffee – light, medium, and dark. Of course, this entirely depends on the time – the longer you roast them, the higher the roast level.

Look up the different levels of coffee roasting – this will help you get a clearer idea of what type of roast yields which taste, thus allowing you to decide which one you would like for your coffee beans.

  • Start The Roast

Now it’s finally time to let your coffee beans roast! Put the beans on the heating equipment of your choice at your desired temperature. Usually, the first crack occurs around 10-15 minutes into the roasting process, and you can slowly see your green coffee beans turn into various shades of brown! 

While roasting, we suggest staying in the kitchen throughout. It is a rapid process, and if you do not keep checking on them, you might end up with burnt coffee that cannot even be salvaged. 

Another tip to keep in mind is moving your coffee beans to get the best even roast. While home coffee roasters and popcorn machines will do this on their own, you have to do it yourself for an oven or skillet user.

  • Cool The Coffee Beans

Once you have reached your desired level of roast, it is time to take them out from the heat and let them cool down a little. Don’t worry; your beans will continue to roast even when taken out, so don’t worry about it.

Once they are completely cooled, start removing the dead outer skin or the chaff. The easiest way to do this is to shake the coffee beans between two colanders. This chaff can mask the taste of your coffee so take them out as much as possible. 

  • Store Them Properly 

Once the chaff has been removed, it is time to move them into a proper coffee container. We cannot begin to emphasize how vital the adequate storage of coffee beans is to preserve them and their taste. Make sure to use an airtight container like the Coffee Containers from KCROASTERS or maybe a foil-lined, sealed bag. Also, make sure to keep them in a cool, dry, dark place away from any direct sunlight. 

Keep them aside for at least 3 days before you start brewing – this will allow you to get the best taste of your fresh roasted coffee beans!


Learning how to roast your fresh coffee beans at home takes some time. But trust us, it is so worth it! And for an avid coffee lover like you, this coffee-roasting process can be the best thing you learn to do this year! So get started with roasting your coffee at home and enjoy a cup of authentic coffee! All the best! 

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