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Medium roast coffee has varying taste notes and flavors from light and dark roast coffee. In this guide, we recommend the best coffee brands for your preference.

It can get overwhelming to differentiate between light roast, dark roast, and medium roast. Coffee brewing is an art that needs extra attention to deliver a smooth cup of joe. 

There are multiple coffee machines to help you make a smooth cup of coffee at home. You can select a manual or automatic coffee machine.

The benefit of home-coffee brewing is that it improves your barista skills. Besides, you make coffee that is within your taste preference

Are you looking for medium roast coffee recommendations? We’ll guide you through this type of coffee roasting and later list the best coffee brands for your selection. 

Bestseller No. 1
Maxwell House The Original Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee (30.6 oz Canister)
  • MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE: One 30.6 oz canister of Maxwell House Medium Roast Original Roast Ground Coffee
  • MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE: Medium original roast coffee has a classic, smooth flavor
  • GREAT TASTE: Maxwell House Medium Roast Original Roast Ground Coffee has a consistently great taste
  • 100% COFFEE: Made with 100% pure coffee
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR COFFEE: Great served black or with cream and sugar, or try it with Maxwell House International Cafe as creamer
Bestseller No. 2
Caribou Coffee, Medium Roast Ground Coffee - Caribou Blend 20 Ounce Bag
  • Contains one (1) 20 Ounce Bag of Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee
  • Caribou Blend: Medium Roast with a combination of sweet, spicy, and berry notes, Caribou Blend is harmoniously balanced for a relaxing, down-to-earth cup
  • Quality Ingredients: Rainforest Alliance certified, 100% Arabica coffee, small batch roasted and hand-packed in Minneapolis
  • Brewing Methods: Our ground coffee is formulated to make drip or a pour over in your Chemex. For other brewing methods - espresso, cold brew, or French press - consider our whole bean coffee and griding at home
  • About Caribou: Coffee isn't just our business, it's our unrelenting passion. We love to roast it, brew it, smell it, and (DUH) drink it. But most of all, we love how it brings people together and inspires adventure, big and small
Bestseller No. 3
Kicking Horse Coffee, Smart Ass, Medium Roast, Ground,Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher Coffee, 10 Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • Medium roast, ground: Cheeky, bright, and precocious. A bright, chocolaty concoction for the smart thinking, deep drinking, good at their game in the morning crowd
  • Tasting notes, brew method: Tart red currant, notes of sugar cane and milk chocolate, with a honeyed berry body. Recommended methods: Drip machine, pour over and cold brew
  • Origin Africa, Central & South America: Grown in a socially and environmentally responsible way, by farmers with sustainable businesses they can depend on
  • Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher, Shade Grown, Arabica coffee: Coffee that is good and fair for the coffee drinkers, the farmers and the planet. 100 % certified.
  • Roasted in the rocky mountains: It’s all deep, dark and delicious, roasted right below the towering Canadian rocky mountain peaks

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So, let’s begin!

What is Medium Roast Coffee?

medium roast coffee
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If you’re new to coffee, this must be one of the top questions you already have in mind. During coffee roasting, the beans are cooled off after the first crack.

Medium roast coffee is in between dark roast and light roast. The coffee beans have a medium brown color, and the roasting temperature is about 428 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Difference Between Medium Roast, Dark Roast, and Light Roast

Are you looking for a guide to dark roast and light roast coffee? We have comprehensive guides on each roasting level and the best coffee to try.  

Check this table for the difference between the three types of coffee roasts

Light RoastMedium RoastDark Roast
Associated with the first crackDoes not have a crackAssociated with the second crack
High acidityLess acidityNo acidity
More caffeine Less caffeine compared to a light roastLess caffeine content
Light brown colorMedium brownDark brown or black
Dry on the surfaceDry surfaceOily surface
350-400 degrees roasting temperature400-430 degrees430-450 degrees

How To Achieve Medium Roast Coffee

medium roast coffee
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Coffee roasting needs accuracy and attention to achieve the perfect taste and flavor. To roast coffee beans at home, you require a coffee roasting machine. 

To start with, you need green coffee beans. You can buy them from a local coffee store. Besides, you can request a coffee roaster to deliver the coffee beans. 

To begin roasting, measure your preferred amount of coffee. Place the green coffee beans in a coffee roasting machine and power on the roaster. 

Use a timer to monitor the roasting time for the coffee beans. The green color will begin to fade as the temperature increases. The first noticeable light-medium color is for a light roast. 

The first crack is for a light roast. Do not power off the coffee roaster. Continue roasting the coffee beans to medium brown color. Power off the coffee beans at about 428 degrees, or you will have a second crack for a dark roast.

A tip to coffee roasting is to cool off the beans immediately. Since they retain the high temperatures, cooling them off stops the roasting, which could affect the flavor of the coffee beans. 

After roasting, the coffee weighs less than the green coffee beans. That’s because they have released most of the vapor during the first crack. 

Best Medium Roast Coffee For Coffee Brewing

Once the coffee beans have cooled down, the next step is to grind them for coffee brewing. Make sure you store coffee in a zipped bag or air-tight storage can to keep them fresh for a long time.

You only need to grind coffee when you need to caffeinate. However, if you have a single-serve coffee maker, check for compatible coffee pods.  

You can use ground coffee, coffee capsules, or coffee beans. To brew coffee from your favorite brand with a capsule coffee maker, you need a reusable coffee filter.

So, which is the best medium roast coffee to use for coffee roasting? Let’s get started!

Illy Coffee, IperEspresso Capsule

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If you’re using a capsule coffee brewer, make sure you check the compatibility of the capsule. Otherwise, you will buy coffee capsules that you can’t use for coffee brewing. 

With an Illy coffee maker, you will need an IperEspresso capsule. A single tin from Illy has 21 single-serve capsules. 

Do you love your caffeine strong or decaf? This selection of Illy coffee capsules is caffeinated. Each coffee capsule has a Lungo flavor with a smooth and balanced taste.

The medium roast coffee is 100% Arabica. Illy coffee is certified for quality and sustainability. 

The IperEspresso coffee capsule is compatible with most Illy coffee machines. The brand guarantees a refund for coffee lovers who do not love the product.

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine

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To use the Nespresso capsules, you need a Nespresso VertuoLine coffee maker. The espresso capsules are not compatible with the Original Line coffee makers. The Nespresso coffee is a blend of Arabica coffee from South and Central America.

Nespresso capsules are caffeinated and deliver your espresso beverage with a mild flavor and a range of earthy and woody taste notes. 

With a VertuoLine capsule, you can brew 4 cup sizes. That is espresso, double espresso, Gran Lungo, and coffee. However, with these capsules, you can only brew a double espresso.

Disposing coffee pods can be stressful as they are not environmentally friendly. Lucky for you, Nespresso has a recycling program for used aluminum pods. You only need to pick a program that works best for you. 

As a coffee lover, brewing various coffee preferences is a perfect way to enjoy your coffee. With the Nespresso medium roast coffee pods, you can brew hot or iced beverages. 

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

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One of the ways to identify authentic coffee is by checking the certifications. Green Mountain Coffee pods are certified by Kosher and are 100% Arabica. 

A pack has a count of 72 pods. Although the pods are recyclable, this program is not available in all regions. Hence, you need to check for disposing options before buying the coffee pods. 

You can use the Green mountain coffee pods with your Keurig coffee maker. The taste from the capsules is a result of a complex mix of flavors. The tasting notes to expect from the coffee pods are chocolate, caramel, and dried fruits.

Koffee Kult – Medium Roast Coffee Beans

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If you love your caffeine, you already know how refreshing it is to brew coffee using coffee beans. Grinding fresh coffee beans results in a cup of joe rich in flavor and aroma. 

Therefore, you need a coffee grinder to grind the coffee beans. Koffee Kult roasts the coffee beans after 24 hours of shipping. The roasting date on the packaging bag helps you estimate how long you can use the coffee beans. 

Koffee Kult coffee beans have a sweet finish and balanced medium acidity. The caffeine content for the medium roast coffee beans is 10. 

The family-owned company has a refund policy for coffee lovers who don’t love their products. Koffee Kult’s coffee beans are 100% Arabica, with a balanced and smooth flavor.

Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee

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The Starbucks medium roast coffee beans have notes of toasted nuts and chocolate. If you’re brewing coffee for a family, you may want to consider Starbucks coffee.

It comes in 6 bags, each with a 12-ounce capacity. The caffeinated coffee beans have a Pike Place flavor, sourced from 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Starbucks has a program where coffee lovers can subscribe and save money. You have the convenience of coffee delivery when you’re out of stock and save up to 15% off when purchasing.

Starbucks medium roast iced coffee

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If you love a cold sip, the Starbucks medium roast iced coffee is what you need. It is sourced from high-quality Arabica coffee beans.  

This coffee is in powder form. The 6 bags have 6 sticks. With the coffee sticks, you do not need a coffee maker to make a cup of joe.

To make coffee, mix the Starbucks medium roast instant coffee with cold water, leave it for 10 minutes, then stir to make your beverage. Brewing coffee is fast and easy. 

The coffee sticks are ideal for single-serve coffee brewing. On that lazy day and late mornings, instant iced coffee from Starbucks is what you need. 

McCafe Decaf Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Sale McCafe Decaf Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods 84 Count

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Coffee lovers have varying coffee preferences, especially with the caffeine content. The best method of decaffeinating coffee beans is the Swiss water process. 

McCafe medium roast coffee pods are from 100% Arabica coffee. The K-cup pods brew coffee rich in aroma, smooth, and clean finish. 

A pack has 84 recyclable single-serve K-cup pods. However, you need to check whether the recycling program works in your local region. Temperature control in the roast process brings out the best taste of the coffee beans.

The K-cup pods are compatible with Keurig coffee makers. McCafe coffee is Kosher certified. In addition, this coffee is 100% sustainable for the benefit of the farmers and the planet. 

Verena Street medium Roast Coffee Beans

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Verena Street uses the Swiss water process to extract caffeine from the coffee beans. 

The coffee beans are sustainably sourced to protect farmers and prevent harmful chemicals to the environment.

One of the ways to find out if you’re buying the best medium roast coffee beans is the Kosher certification. You can also select decaf ground coffee from the brand.

Tim Hortons Whole Coffee Beans

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Tim Hortons coffee beans are 100% Arabica from South and Central America. If you’re looking for a perfect cup of coffee that delivers a balanced and smooth flavor, consider the coffee beans from Tim Hortons.

The brand offers other beverage products besides coffee. You can also get tea, dark roast coffee, and other specialty drinks. A pack of the caffeinated Tim Hortons coffee has a capacity of 32 ounces. 

Groundwork Organic Whole Coffee Beans

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Groundwork coffee beans are USDA organic and Kosher certified. The method of coffee farming does not use chemicals, which could easily be a threat to the environment and farmers. 

The tasting notes to expect from the organic coffee beans are dark fruit, citrus, and milk chocolate. Groundwork sources for single-origin coffee globally.

The table below summarizes the medium roast coffee above. 

Medium Roast CoffeeItem formCaffeine contentPrice
Illy IperEspresso capsulepodCaffeinated$24.94
Nespresso VertuoLine capsulesCapsuleCaffeinated$33.05
Green Mountain Coffee RoastersCapsuleCaffeinated$50.00
Koffee KultWhole coffee beans10$29.99
Starbucks Whole Bean CoffeeWhole coffee beansCaffeinated$92.24
Starbucks VIA Instant CoffeePowderCaffeinated$122.49
McCafe Decaf CoffeeK-Cup PodsDecaffeinatedfrom $79.00
Verena Street 2 Pound Whole BeanWhole coffee beansDecaffeinated$30.99
Tim Hortons Whole Coffee BeansWhole coffee beansCaffeinated$18.98
Groundwork Organic Whole Coffee BeansWhole coffee beansCaffeinated$19.87

Factor To Consider When Buying Medium Roast Coffee

A buying guide helps you buy the best medium roast coffee for your daily cup of joe. So what should you consider when shopping for coffee?

1. Caffeine content

How much caffeine do you want in your coffee? Decaf coffee or strongly caffeinated? Whichever your preference is, you will always get a brand that has what you need. 

2. Single-serve, Ground, or Coffee Beans

If you have a single-serve coffee maker, check the compatibility of the coffee pod or capsule. Brands capture this information on the packaging bag to avoid buying coffee pods that you may not need. 

Pre-ground coffee saves you from coffee grinding. You have less control over the grind size when using pre-ground coffee. However, with coffee beans, you have a fresh cup of coffee any time you want to caffeinate.

3. Price

Price should be the first consideration when you’re buying medium roast coffee. Coffee with a high price translates to a high quality. Low-budget coffee may not deliver the exact taste you’re looking for in coffee. 

To help you stick to a budget, compare the prices from the various brands. That way, you will have a price range that works for you.

4. Roast date

If you’re buying coffee beans, you need to check the roasting date. It helps to estimate how long the coffee beans will stay fresh. To enjoy the flavor and taste of the medium roast coffee beans, make sure you buy freshly roasted coffee beans or one with a recent roasting date. 

5. Certifications

Coffee boards and organizations cannot certify coffee if they do not meet the standards and regulations. Examples of such certifications are – Fair Trade, Kosher, and USDA organic. Certified coffee should be of high quality and within the standards. 

6. Single-origin or blend

Single-origin coffee is sourced from the same farm, local area, or multiple farms. However, a blend has coffee from different regions or types. 

So, if you prefer a blend, check the origin of the coffee before you decide to buy. The choice between a single-origin or coffee blend is a personal preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is medium roast coffee associated with the second crack?

No! Do not be tempted to wait for the second crack during coffee roasting. The second crack is for dark roast coffee. 

Medium roast is between dark and light roast. Coffee beans from a medium roast are medium brown.

  1. What should you consider when tasting coffee?

To ensure that you have a quality cup of coffee, you should consider the acidity, flavor, aroma, and caffeine content.

  1. Is medium roast coffee more acidic than a light roast?

Medium roast coffee is less acidic compared to coffee from a light roast. Most of the acidity is destroyed by the high temperatures. 

  1. Can you use your favorite coffee for single-serve brewing?

Several high-end coffee machines allow you to brew both single-serve and carafe brewing for multiple servings. If you’re using a Keurig coffee maker, you can brew your favorite pre-ground coffee using a reusable coffee filter. 

Before buying a coffee capsule, you need to check its compatibility with the single-serve coffee maker. 

  1. How do you grind roasted coffee beans?

To grind coffee beans, you must have a coffee grinder. You can use an electric grinder or a manual grinder. They have varying prices depending on the brand, and you can get one from a local coffee store or a supermarket. 

To start grinding, you need roasted coffee beans. Measure your preferred amount of coffee and place it in the coffee grinder. 

Make sure you dial in the grind size on the coffee grinder. You can select fine, medium, or coarse. If you’re not using the ground coffee for coffee brewing, make sure you store it in an air-tight container to preserve its freshness and flavor. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s it for the medium roast coffee. Our guide reviews single-serve coffee, pre-ground, and coffee beans.

Dark, light, and medium roasted coffee have specific tastes and flavors. As a coffee lover who loves a perfect balance of acidity, aroma, and flavors, medium roast coffee is what you need.

Light roast coffee has more acidity than medium roast coffee. With a buying guide, you’re likely to pick the best medium roast coffee for your daily cup of joe.

When buying coffee, check the price, certification, and roast date. The date of coffee roasting will help you estimate how long the coffee beans will remain fresh before the next buying date. 

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