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For an espresso enthusiast who wants to enjoy the flavors of your espresso coffee, one machine that you may want to have at home is Mr. Coffee espresso machine.

Established about half a century ago, the manufacturer has frequently been designing different, innovative, excellent, and highly efficient espresso and  coffee makers.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Single Serve Coffee Maker with Milk Frothing Pitcher and Steam Wand, 20 ounces, Stainless Steel,Black
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use
  • STEAM BREWING: Powerful steam-brewing process makes dark, rich espresso, great for making Cuban coffee;MEASURING SCOOP: Measuring scoop for easy coffee scooping and leveling
  • SAINLESS STEEL FROTHING PITCHER: Stainless steel frothing pitcher for steaming and frothing milk
  • WATER PITCHER: Water pitcher features measurement markings for consistent brewing and steaming
SaleBestseller No. 2
Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Programmable Coffee Maker with Automatic Milk Frother and 15-Bar Pump, Stainless Steel,Silver
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew..Cord Length (In): 26
  • 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted.
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use
  • Semi-automatic 3-in-1 espresso, cappuccino and latte maker
  • 15-bar pump system brews rich-tasting espresso coffee
SaleBestseller No. 3
Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use
  • Steam Heat forces hot steam through the filter for dark, rich espresso brew
  • Frothing Arm makes creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes
  • The Drip Catcher is a removable, washable drip tray to collect coffee drips and keep brew space neat and clean

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This company has established its niche in every section of coffee making. That is cappuccino makers, espresso makers, lattes, frappes, iced-tea makers, and more.

What’s more, they offer a wide variety of models for each of these categories, to ensure that you have a wide range of options for coffee lovers to choose from.

In our Mr. Coffee espresso machines review, we’ll look at 5 of the best Mr. Coffee espresso makers that are made so they make your coffee-making experience joy and delight for any coffee lover. 

Why Get a Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine?

To start with a Mr. Coffee espresso machine gives you more variety in your daily coffee routine. Even with these reasonably basic, entry-level espresso machines, you can froth milk for specialty drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

For someone who doesn’t like carbonated beverages, you can make an Americano and even a Long Black from one or two espresso shots mixed with some hot water. These drinks will give you a comparable vibe to the regular drip-brewed coffee. But, they often offer better thickness and flavor.

Also, if you find breaking into the espresso domain intimidating, Mr. Coffee’s product lineup makes the perfect place for you to get started!

Top 5 Best Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine Reviews in 2021

1 Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso and Cappuccino System

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The Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/ Cappuccino System is intended for making you the best crème-topped espressos & cappuccinos for impressive results. It comes with a detachable 40 ounces water tank which makes refilling and cleaning it fast and easy.

This Mr. Coffee espresso machine also provides you with a tamping tool and interesting recipes to try. If you enjoy lattes and cappuccinos, the milk frother produces rich foam ensuring that you have creamy coffee drinks. Plus its Dual-shot coffee-brewing gives you two cups at a go for convenience.

Even though it’s a pocket-friendly product, its Thermoblock heating system along with its 15-bar pressure pump brews you an excellent espresso. And if you regularly get your espresso from coffee houses, Mr. Coffee’s Dual-shot will help you start having your espresso-making escapades at home.

Also, its pump system is reliable and efficient in creating enough pressure you’ll need when making espressos and cappuccinos coffee varieties. What’s more, this apparatus has a detachable vertical water tank that’s easy to clean and even refill.

This coffee machine includes a light indicator alert that shows you when the brewing process is completed. This feature is important since it lets you focus on other things around the kitchen instead of watching the coffee machine to identify when brewing is complete.

Additionally, this espresso maker is easy to operate and is even perfect for beginners.

  • Includes a large capacity reservoir
  • Detachable water reservoir for easy refill
  • Uncomplicated control panel
  • Includes a tamping tool for coffee grounds layer in a portafilter
  • Detachable washable drip tray
  • Bold and sturdy design
  • Its thermal block heating is efficient
  • Large footprint hence occupies a huge space

2 Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Café Barista

Sale Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Programmable Coffee Maker with Automatic Milk Frother and 15-Bar Pump, Stainless Steel,Silver

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Mr. Coffee Café Barista espresso & cappuccino maker is a simple semi-automatic espresso machine. It has a One-Touch control panel that lets you quickly and easily make single and double shot cappuccino, espressos, and latte drinks.

Its automatic milk frother produces milk automatically for cappuccino and latte selections. This functionality removes the guesswork when frothing milk.

Also, it comes with a transparent water tank with a 34 fl oz (1 L) capacity. Additionally, this reservoir can quickly alert if it needs a refill. Besides its detachable, this allows for easy refilling.

The Mr. Coffee espresso machine makes an excellent machine for your espresso-making adventures at home. If you enjoy espressos, cappuccino, and even latte drinks, this cafe barista machine may be your best choice.

  • Detachable easy to refill the tank
  • Brews quick and easy cappuccinos, espresso, and latte drinks
  • Includes a 15-bar pressure that extracts full coffee grind flavors
  • Its automatic milk frother reduces milk frothing guesswork for lattes and cappuccino drinks.
  • Small footprint
  • The water reservoir has a small capacity

3 Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine with Starter Set

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Brewing quality and coffeehouse grade coffee from home is an exciting and fun experience. And when you get the BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso machine from Mr. Coffee, this is the convenience you’ll be enjoying.

This Mr coffee espresso machine that’s developed after taking into consideration the demands and needs of professional baristas. As such, it’s made to offer you the best service in terms of making the best espresso coffee.

It’s a high-end coffee maker by Mr. Coffee that includes a glass decanter with a drip-free spout plus a stay-cool handle. Also, this decanter has serving measurements that have been marked onto the glass surface giving you easy viewing. Besides, the decanter can be cleaned easily for an organized coffee-making experience.

As with other Mr. Coffee espresso machines, the BVMC-ECM180 espresso maker also provides a remarkably powerful frother that makes lattes and cappuccinos perfectly frothy. 

Also, it brews the best café-rich espresso drink. Its stainless-steel frothing pitcher is solid and sturdy for outstanding reliability and durability.

The Mr coffee BVMC-ECM180 machine is an all-round espresso machine that’s designed to help you brew lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos, easily even with no prior experience. Its steam system has a brewing capacity of about 20 ounces for the finest and tasty espresso coffee.

The detachable drip tray helps keep the brewing area clean and tidy after each brewing session. What’s more, this Mr. Coffee espresso machine has a 24-inch cord length that supports the flexible use of your coffee maker in your kitchen.

Furthermore, this espresso maker is power efficient since it produces a 900 watts rating hence it won’t increase your power bills by a huge margin.

  • Includes powerful milk frother
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Detachable drip tray allowing for easy cleaning
  • All-round brewer perfect for a variety of beverages
  • Includes a glass carafe that helps keep your brew warm
  • Its glass carafe can break if handled poorly

4 Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine

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This Mr. Coffee One-Touch coffee maker combines automation, affordability, and ease of use, to give you a unique and reliable espresso machine. This brewer makes flavourful cappuccino and espresso from any coffee beans and grind sizes.

Its reservoir will automatically mix a cappuccino or latte for you in perfect balance. The Mr coffee one touch coffeehouse espresso and cappuccino machine is designed to be used by all coffee lovers including beginners and amateurs.

This Mr. Coffee espresso machine includes a simple and sensitive one-touch control panel with controls for adjusting between single or double shots of latte, cappuccino, or espresso. The good thing with this control panel is it’s well-labeled, thus using your coffee machine is quite easy.

Plus, it’s worth noting that this appliance’s controls have preset functions. And, the simple single-button interface on the control panel ensures that you can instantly choose your preferred settings.

Mr. Coffee 19 bar pump espresso machine provides enough pressure for brewing dark and strong espresso brews. Also, its pump allows you to easily brew latte and cappuccino coffee varieties. This coffee maker has a detachable milk reservoir and it has a capacity for making 6 cappuccinos or 3 lattes.

Also, it has an automatic milk frother that makes you any kind of milk to easily transform it to frothy, light foam. As a result, this makes it easy for you to make your favorite beverage without hassles or any setbacks.

It has an automatic cleaning cycle that you can activate from a touch of the button on its control panel. This functionality ensures that you can enjoy a fresh and tasty cup of coffee from each brewing session.

This Mr. Coffee espresso machine has a thermo-couple heating system that quickly and evenly heats the water.  As a result, this greatly reduces your coffee brewing session. Its adjustable cup tray can fit both short and tall coffee mugs thus giving you flexibility when making your favorite brew.

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient and high -performance machine
  • Solid and powerful design
  • Includes a single-touch control panel
  • Includes a self-cleaning feature
  • Doesn’t have the ‘add water’ warning

5 Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine Steam Automatic

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The Café Steam Auto Espresso and Cappuccino maker from Mr. Coffee is a stylish and trendy espresso machine that’s perfect for making the best varieties of cappuccino or espresso coffees.

This Mr. Coffee espresso machine is developed to make about 20 ounces of great-tasting and delicious espressos. This compact espresso maker includes a dynamic build and design that’s perfect for any kitchen.

As such, if you’re shopping for an espresso maker that can help you extract robust flavors from your coffee beans or grind, you should opt for this brewer. That’s because the Automatic Café Steam coffee maker includes a 15-bar standard pump pressure system thus creating a frothy, yet bold espresso coffee.

Its built-in pump system will efficiently extract the optimal flavor of each coffee brew. It comes with a powerful milk frother that gives you the most flavorful café-rich espressos. Furthermore, this exceptional frother will make your cappuccinos and even lattes to frothy perfection.

Also, this automatic milk frother ensures that you only use the precise amount of milk to make a balanced and flavorful coffee brew.

Different from other coffee makers available on the market that are created to only make one coffee variety, the Café Steam Coffee maker is an all-round apparatus. That means you can use it for brewing different types of coffee drinks. From cappuccinos to espressos and even lattes, this coffee machine can help you make different beverages for amazing results.

This Mr. Coffee espresso machine provides a measuring scoop that can be used as a tampering tool for patting down grounds. Also, this espresso maker has a detachable drip catcher that is always for cleaning while retaining the brewing space clean and tidy.

Again, this machine also makes the best cream that you can use to top up your coffee. What’s more, this coffee maker is a great option for coffee lovers who want to sharpen their brewing skills as professional baristas.

  • Includes a measuring scoop
  • Best for extracting robust coffee flavors
  • Built-in powerful milk frother
  • Multipurpose machine for brewing a broad range of coffees
  • Has a detachable drip catcher that is easy to clean and maintains your brewing space tidy
  • Continued use makes the machine get excessively hot

Some Tips For Using Your Mr. Coffee Espresso Machines

If you have read many coffee makers reviews, you’ll want to take some time to think about the right machine for you.

Even then, you should consider reading some tips to help you use your coffee maker so it lasts long. Doing so will help you avoid making some common mistakes. You may be wondering where you should start. Well, first things first…

Read The Instructions Carefully Before Use

To start with, always read the given instructions carefully and follow them to avoid making some of the common mistakes. Also, be sure to check the water level in the back before you turn on your coffee maker.

Doing so ensures that there are enough water hoppers. Also, avoid running the coffee machine without water as the motor can result in fires. Some users often forget to refill water or even check the water level before making a cup.


Continue cleaning your water storage, water pump, and supply system regularly to ensure that the quality of your coffee is good and that your machine lasts longer. Also, take the time to clean your coffee machine where possible, baristas recommend that you clean it daily or after 3 or 7 days however this depends on your use.

Also, ensure that you use clean water only when making your coffee. Also, note that clogged machine parts can make your machine get damaged quickly.

Again, when you don’t use your coffee espresso maker for a long while, you could run the brewer with clean water before you store it.

Choice of coffee

Another factor that can affect your coffee maker’s life is coffee. You should ensure that the coffee you use is pure but don’t assume that the coffee beans you purchase to grind are all pure and of high-quality. With today’s technology, different coffee beans might still produce butter laced substances.

Note that mixed coffee might contain butter or it’s impure that substances end up sticking on the filters thus plugging the holes of the filter. If that happens, your only choice would be to replace the whole filter. Therefore, avoid using butter laced coffee for making your cup of coffee.

An important factor to ensure that you get a cup of freshly brewed coffee is by grinding your coffee beans right before you make coffee.

The best grind for making coffee is one that has been ground within 3 to 7 days from the day it was roasted. If your coffee machine can grind the coffee beans, consider adjusting the grind size to one that works for your type of coffee brewer.

Also, consider using pure, organic coffee, with no added chemicals or bean flour or cornflour as these can quickly damage your coffee maker. When buying ground coffee, always take note of the preservation plus opt for the right kind of grind size for making espresso.

Buyers Guide For Mr. Coffee Espresso Machines

Getting to know about the main features of an espresso machine isn’t enough. Realize that the best brewer should suit your individual needs and preferences as a coffee enthusiast.

Therefore, to help you settle for the right espresso maker for your needs, let’s look at some of the things you should consider before buying a coffee machine.


Mr. Coffee espresso machines have flexible pricing plans. The models that have basic features are considerably cheap whereas those brewers with top-of-the-range components attract higher prices. For this reason, you need to have a budget.

Generally, the cost of a coffee machine can be determined by its functions and features. When you have a budget, it’ll be easier for you to choose a model that you can easily afford. Even then, be sure to go for the best of them all.


Another thing you should factor in when buying a coffee maker is its capacity. Are you buying a brewer for making coffee for the whole family or is it just for your use? Realize that coffee machines have different capacities.

Therefore, choose a coffee machine that can meet the brewing capacity needed for those who’ll be using it. Also, consider the number of cups that each person takes to ensure you have the right capacity.

Ease of operation

The coffee machine you chose should not be hard to operate. Rather, the model you choose should be simple and easy to operate. As such, as you shop for the best model of Mr. Coffee machine, you must settle for models that come with pre-set functions to allow for easier operation.

Nevertheless, Mr. Coffee’s machines are developed using the latest technology which also ensures that they are easy to operate.


Another important factor that you should keep in mind is the available space in your kitchen counters as you shop for the best Mr. Coffee machine model for you.

The best model for you should fit on your counter and shelf for easy storage if not in use. Again, if you have limited space in the kitchen, then opt for a coffee machine that’s compact to avoid congesting your kitchen.

As such, large coffee makers have a large footprint and are bulky hence they are not easy to move around.

Cord length                                       

Although most people might not be aware of this, note that the cord length of your chosen coffee machine may be a limiting factor if you consider the practicability of your chosen machine in the kitchen.

A coffee maker’s cord should have a standard length of 24 inches. However, having a length longer than the standard is a plus for you. Avoid getting machines with limited cord length since this might be limiting you depending on your kitchen’s orientation.

Which Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine Model Should You Choose?

If you’re new to brewing coffee at home, start by looking through each of the choices within our Mr. Coffee Espresso Machines Review. This way you can avoid the hassle of visiting different coffee shops repeatedly.

With this review, we hope it helps you learn more about the different coffee machines from Mr. Coffee. This will then help you choose the best machine that fits your budget and requirement the best.

A summary of the best models of Mr. Coffee Espresso Machines in 2021

Espresso Maker ModelDetails
Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino SystemDetachable large capacity water reservoir; simple control panel; Detachable washable drip tray; Bold and sturdy design; Efficient thermal block heating
Mr Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Café BaristaDetachable water tank; Includes a 15-bar pressure for full extraction of coffee flavors; Has an automatic milk frother; Small footprint
Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Setpowerful milk frother; Compact and sturdy design; Detachable drip tray; All-round brewer perfect for a variety of beverages
Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffee House Espresso Maker and Cappuccino MachineEfficient and high-performance brewer; Solid and powerful design; Uses a single-touch control panel; With a self-cleaning feature
Mr. Coffee Café Steam Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino MachineIncludes a measuring scoop; Built-in powerful milk frother; Multipurpose machine for making a variety of coffee drinks; Has a detachable drip catcher

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