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Oxo Burr Coffee Grinder Description

Because the best coffee starts from the grounds up, we created the Oxo Burr Coffee Grinder to help your beans unlock their full potential. The design is simple, so nothing stands between you and your first cup. Just add beans and choose from 15 grind size settings – from fine for espresso to coarse for French press – turn the dial to select grinding time and push to start. Stainless steel conical burrs create uniform grounds, for gold-cup flavor, and the one-touch timer keeps your last setting, so you don’t have to reset it every time. 

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Features and Functionality

  • Built-In Scale – The integrated scale allows you to set the desired number of grams, which the grinder will then match.
  • Multiple Ways to Grind – Grind by the number of cups or grams into a coffee container, which can hold up to 12-cups, or grind directly into a portafilter.
  • Strength Adjustment – When grinding based on cups, the default setting is 8 grams per cup. If you’d like a stronger brew, simply move the indicator on the front to increase the number of grams ground per cup.
  • Easy To Use – The simple dial/button and LED interface – which displays grind icons, warnings and settings – make using this grinder a breeze.
  • A Smart Hopper – The 16 ounce hopper is UV-tinted to protect those precious beans and features a ‘trap door’ that holds beans in when the hopper is removed from the grinder.
  • So Many Options! – The Barista Brain grinder lets you choose your preferred method of grinding, helping you get the perfect dose for your coffee preparation method.
  • The Weighting Game – The built-in scale simplifies the grinding process.
  • Putting on the Pressure – The pressur(ized) portafilter, that is. The grind doesn’t quite go fine enough for use in a non-pressurized portafilter, but is a great companion to machines with a pressurized option.

How Does it Compare?

Occupying the same grinder category as Breville’s Dose Control Pro, the Oxo Burr Coffee Grinder lacks the ability to grind fine espresso but makes up for it with a built-in scale. Each with their own strengths, the choice will depend on the preparation methods for which it is used.

Tips and Tricks

We found the scale to consistently be 1 gram over, likely due to the remaining grinds in the chute falling into the container after the programmed amount was ground. Keep this in mind when using the Oxo Burr Coffee Grinder for methods that require a bit more precision, like pour-over.

Recommended For

  • Coffee Press
  • Drip Coffee