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Have you walked into a coffee shop for a cup of coffee and noticed the options are either blend or single origin coffee? You can only rely on your instincts to select a favorite.

But not anymore. We’ll take you through a comprehensive guide on single origin coffee and the best choices you can try if you love brewing coffee at home. 

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Bones Coffee Company Ethiopia Single-Origin Whole Coffee Beans | 12 oz Medium Roast Low Acid Coffee Arabica Beans| Coffee Gifts & Beverages (Whole Bean)
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Bones Coffee Company Ethiopia Single-Origin Whole Coffee Beans | 12 oz Medium Roast Low Acid Coffee Arabica Beans| Coffee Gifts & Beverages (Whole Bean)
  • A Taste Of Ehtiopia: Grown in the fields of the Huila region, our Colombia Single-Origin Gourmet Coffee brings you the unique taste of Ethiopia. This Colombian flavored coffee offers a light roast body with bright acidity, with notes of berries, citrus and floral for a smooth finish.
  • Artisan Roasted Coffee Beans: Our carefully selected gourmet coffee beans are roasted to perfection in small batches so you get the freshest coffee delivered to your door; a gourmet coffee experience with a rich, full-bodied, exceptionally smooth taste out of every cup; packaged in resealable bags to maintain peak freshness!
  • Whole Bean & Ground Coffee: Available in 12-ounce bags of whole coffee beans or ground coffee beans; for a full gourmet coffee experience, get whole bean and grind to the required coarseness for French press, pour over or cold brew methods; our ground coffee is best suited for use in auto-drip machines
  • Vegan and Keto Friendly: Enjoy our Colombian coffee beans without the guilt; our single origin coffee beans are keto friendly, vegan friendly and dairy free with no added sugar or carbs; a low acid coffee for a perfectly super guilt-free coffee experience in every cup
  • 100% Arabica Beans: Our single origin coffee beans are ethically sourced, and each batch is roasted and packed in the USA; a medium roast Arabica blend giving you a smooth flavor with low acidity; our gourmet coffee flavors provide a rich and exceptionally smooth taste
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Groundwork Organic Single Origin Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee, Ethiopia, 12 oz
  • SINGLE ORIGIN FROM ETHIOPIA: This gourmet organic roast combines both our washed and natural processes for a dynamic blend of flavor profiles. It's a silky and elegant small batch roast with notes of citrus, dark fruit, and milk chocolate
  • SINGLE ORIGIN: We search the world for coffees that best express the qualities of a particular variety, region, or process. We build relationships with farmers & communities to acquire the best certified organic, fairly traded & direct traded coffees
  • SUSTAINABLE SOURCING: We were one of the first certified organic coffee roasters in Southern California & a pioneer in sustainable, relationship-based coffee sourcing. We're determined to create a sustainable model for our business & the products we sell
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our organic certification attests that our coffee and its growers are not exposed to harmful pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. All of Groundwork’s coffees are also certified kosher, non-GMO & fine-tuned by our licensed Q Grader
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illy Coffee, Arabica Selection Whole Bean Colombia, Single Origin, Smooth with Notes of Citrus Fruits, 100% Arabica Coffee, All-Natural, No Preservatives, 8.8 Ounce Can (Pack of 1)
  • Unique roast and aroma profile with a smooth finish and citrus notes; single-origin caffeinated coffee
  • Made with sustainably grown 100% Arabica beans grown in Colombia; Sourced from the top 1% of Arabica beans grown worldwide
  • Air-free, pressurized, recyclable can seals in aromas and oils for freshness
  • KOSHER CERTIFIED - Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America.
  • illy 8.8 ounce can of Arabica Selection Colombia whole coffee beans

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So let’s get to it!

What is a Single Origin Coffee

Single origin coffee is from the same region, country, or coffee farm. It is perfect for coffee lovers who love the taste of the coffee bean. 

If you love black coffee, you’ve likely tasted single origin coffee. When buying this coffee, check the information on the packaging bag like, where it is grown, processing method, and taste notes. 

Single Origin Coffee vs Blend

single origin coffee
Source: Pexels

Coffee can either be a blend or single origin. Single origin coffee is from the same region, while a coffee blend is a mix of coffee from different regions or varieties, like Robusta and Arabica.

Coffee blends differ from single origin as you cannot trace a specific bean. Coffee roasters mix coffee beans from various sources, then roast the beans together. 

There are drawbacks and benefits of using each. Coffee blends balance the acidity and flavor of different coffees, while in single origin, coffee lovers taste the unique flavor of the coffee bean. 

What Makes Single Origin Coffee Special?

whole coffee beans
Source: Pexels

If you love light roast coffee, you should try the single origin coffee. It has become popular among coffee lovers, and here’s why: 

  1. Traceability

It’s easy to trace the growing and processing details of single origin coffees. This information guides you in determining quality coffee and its origin.

You can also check coffee certifications like FairTrade and direct trade. Consumers have high-quality coffee, while coffee farmers and producers have better pricing and wages. 

  1. Flavor

Single origin coffee has a unique taste profile than blends. You taste the unique flavors of the coffee bean, which are influenced by growing conditions in the region like the soil, climate, and altitude. 

  1. Price

Single origin coffee is more expensive than coffee blends. It is seasonal, which means that it is available in specific months. Since it is produced in limited quantities, the price tends to be higher than with the coffee blend. 

  1. Quality

The two main types of coffee are – Robusta and Arabica. Robusta coffee has less acidity and is bitter, while Arabica coffee is more acidic.  

Single origin coffee is mostly Arabica coffee. It is carefully cultivated and regulated by coffee organizations. The quality differs from coffee blends as coffee roasters sometimes mix low-quality coffee beans, affecting the taste and flavor of coffee.

Single Origin Coffee to Buy – Best Choice For 2022

Buying single origin coffee every day is very expensive. Instead, you can buy coffee beans or ground coffee for home brewing. 

It is best for black coffee. You can use it for cold brewing, pour-over, or with an AeroPress. Do you need help selecting the best choice for single origin coffee? Let’s find out more!

Starbucks K-Cup Pods

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Do you have a Keurig brewer and are looking for a change from your current pods? The single origin coffee pods from Starbucks are worth trying. 

The pack of 3 has 96 coffee pods. The ground coffee has a dark roast, caffeinated, and 100% Arabica coffee. The benefit of using the coffee pods is that they are recyclable. 

Starbucks coffee pods have an earthy and herbal taste note and Sumatra flavor. You can add creamers, milk, or syrup to your coffee. 

Illy Coffee, IperEspresso Capsule – Etiopia

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An Illy espresso maker uses the IperEspresso capsule to make espresso. From Illy, coffee lovers can select single origin coffee from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, or Brazil

The Etiopia flavor is 100% Arabica coffee from Ethiopia. A pack has 21 capsules. The IperEspresso capsule is compatible with Illy Francis Francis, X1, X7.1, X9, Y1, Y3, Y3.2, Y5, and Cuisinart for Illy IperEspresso capsules. 

With the Illy capsules, you experience a delicate and aromatic taste with gentle notes of jasmine. The IperEspresso capsule is caffeinated. The brand sources sustainable coffee from coffee farmers through direct trade. If you want a custom grind size, you can choose the Etiopia single origin coffee beans. 

BARISSIMO Whole Coffee Beans

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Coffee beans retain freshness longer than ground coffee. The Barrsissimo single origin coffee beans are organic and non-GMO. 

They are certified by FairTrade and USDA Organic. The coffee beans have a medium roast and are caffeinated. Storing them in an airtight container helps to preserve freshness.  

Barissimo whole coffee beans are from San Pablo Estate in Peru, where coffee cherries are cultivated at an altitude of 4500 feet. The tasting notes are creamy, sweet, and citrus. 

Starbucks Ground Coffee

Starbucks Colombia Ground Coffee, 12 oz

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The Starbucks ground coffee is 100% Arabica from Colombia. It has a medium roast and is best for anyone who loves caffeinated coffee. 

Brewing coffee with ground coffee is fast. It is cultivated at an elevation of 6500 feet. You will experience notes of fresh herbs and nuts. Storing ground coffee in an airtight container reduces oxidation as it loses freshness faster than whole coffee beans.  

Community Coffee Single Origin Coffees

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Community Coffee is grown on high-altitude Guatemalan coffee farms. The area has rich volcanic soils for sustainable coffee farming. The company sources 100% Arabica coffee. It is certified by Rainforest Alliance.

You can use the ground coffee with a french press, drip, or pour-over coffee maker. You can use it for iced, cold, and hot coffee brewing. Community Coffee gives back to local communities and partners from the coffee sale. 

BLK & Bold Single-Origin Ground Coffee

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Coffee lovers can choose ground coffee or the single origin coffee beans from BLK & Bold. The ground coffee has a light roast with a taste profile of caramel, honey, and a creamy body. 

The processing method for the coffee beans is the washed process. The 100% Arabica coffee is certified by B-corporation.

BLK & Bold coffee contributes 5% of the profits to support the youths locally and internationally. The company is part of direct trade. 

Wild Coffee Whole Bean Coffee

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Buying FairTrade coffee contributes to fair prices and wages for coffee farmers and workers. Wild Coffee is certified by FairTrade. 

The coffee beans are sustainably sourced, hand-selected, and roasted in Austin, Texas. The oily surface is because the coffee beans are roasted dark. 

You can add MCT oil or pastured butter to your cup of coffee. Wild coffee guarantees customers 100% money back in case of issues with the coffee beans. 

They are suitable for pour-over, cold brew, french press, and AeroPress brewing. The caffeinated coffee beans are gluten-free. 

Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee pods

Gevalia Kaffe Special Reserve Costa Rica Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods (10 Pods)

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You do not need professional skills to use a single-serve coffee maker. The Gevalia coffee pods are compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0. 

The company sources 100% Arabica coffee from Costa Rica. The highlands have rich volcanic soils for coffee farming. 

Gevalia coffee pods have a medium roast and are Kosher certified. The coffee beans are slow-roasted and snap-cooled. 

The special reserve pack has 10 recyclable coffee pods. You can choose ground coffee or coffee pods from Gevalia.

Aroma Ridge Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

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The Aroma Ridge coffee is certified by Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The coffee company has a variety of flavors to try, including decaf and flavored coffee. 

The hand-selected coffee beans are freshly roasted, packaged, and shipped for delivery. The small batch roasting method ensures the coffee beans are fresh and consistent. 

Aroma Ridge coffee beans have a medium roast, caffeinated, and certified by Rainforest Alliance. The Peaberry coffee beans have a round shape. They make up to 5% of the harvested coffee and are acidic with an intense flavor. 

Illy Whole Bean Coffee

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If you have an Illy coffee maker, you can use coffee beans or IperEspresso capsules to make coffee. Illy coffee beans are packed in a can to preserve freshness and flavors. 

The Illy canister has 8.8oz of coffee beans from Brazil. They are carefully roasted and have caramel notes. To make coffee, you can grind them to your preferred grind size. 

The coffee beans are caffeinated. If you love decaf coffee, you can select Illy decaffeinato coffee beans. The company guarantees customers a refund if they don’t like the Illy coffee beans. 

How to Choose Single Origin Coffee

single origin coffee
Source: Pexels

As defined earlier, single origin coffee is from one country, region, or coffee farm. Nicaragua, Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru are some of the countries that produce this coffee. 

Selecting the best choice from multiple single origin brands is not easy. So, how do you choose single origin coffee? 

Check the origin

You can identify the coffee origin from the packaging. Most brands indicate the country, farming method, processing, and roast level.

Ground coffee or whole beans 

Do you prefer buying ground or whole bean coffee? Pre-ground coffee loses freshness faster than coffee beans. 

Pre-ground coffee is a better choice if you do not have a coffee grinder. For a single-serve coffee maker, check the compatibility of the coffee capsules.

Flavor profile

Coffee will have different flavor profiles and taste notes. The flavors vary depending on the brand and other factors, like the soil and climate. 


Single origin coffee is more pricey since it has limited availability than blends. Besides, this coffee is high quality, which contributes to the price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is single origin coffee different from coffee blends?

Yes. Coffee roasters mix coffee from different regions, while a single origin is from one area. Another difference between single origin coffee vs blend is traceability. 

You can identify coffee details like growing regions and farming methods. You cannot trace individual beans from a coffee blend. 

What is single origin coffee?

It is coffee grown from one region, or coffee farm. Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Peru are some of the countries that produce single origin coffee.

Is single origin better? 

If you love a perfect cup of coffee in the morning, you should buy single-origin coffee. However, not all coffee blends have low-quality coffee. Coffee from a single origin is better since it is traceable, while coffee blends are not. 

Can you make espresso with single origin coffee?

Yes. With coffee beans, you can grind finely grounds for espresso brewing. Single origin is best for black coffee using a pour-over, AeroPress, and cold brew. 

Coffee roasters roast the green coffee beans to a light roast. Coffee lovers get to experience the unique qualities and flavor of the bean. 

Where to buy single origin coffee?

You can order a delivery from the coffee roasters or coffee stores like Amazon. Most companies offer customers subscription benefits. 

What are the pros and cons of single origin coffees?

If you’ve not used coffee from a single origin for brewing, here’s what you should have in mind:

  • Single origin coffees are high-quality. They are cultivated in high elevation farms and hand-selected.
  • Coffee lovers taste the unique qualities of the bean.
  • Single origin coffee is traceable. You can identify where the coffee is grown and other characteristics of this coffee.
  • It has a higher price than coffee blends.
  • It can lack consistency. For instance, high-altitude countries like Kenya have acidic coffee, which is a drawback for coffee lovers who take low acid coffee.

Final Verdict

If you’re considering trying single origin coffee, it is worth the purchase. It is high-quality coffee that allows you to taste the unique attributes of the bean. 

Brewing coffee at home saves you money. It is traceable, as you can identify the growing region and other farming details. 

Single origin coffees have better reviews in terms of flavor and quality. However, it is more pricey than coffee blends. Availability and farming methods are the contributing factors to the high price. 

And that’s it for the single origin coffee. To have a fresh cup of joe, use coffee beans as they do not oxidize quickly like ground coffee. 

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