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Are you a true coffee lover who can’t resist the incredible taste of espresso shots? If so, Smeg, a home appliance manufacturer, claims to have the best coffee machines to make the espresso shots you dearly love. The brand is pretty popular in designing stylish and outstanding coffee machines that help keep you caffeinated.

So, will their mastery of incredible and enchanting designs add you to their list of customers? There’s only one way to find out. The following is a review of the best Smeg espresso machines available in the market today.

Bestseller No. 1
Smeg ECF01RDUS Espresso Coffee Machine, One Size, Red
  • User friendly control panel with 3 buttons to adjust preferred settings and select single/double espresso or the activation of steam function.
  • De-calc system alarm will alert you when a de-calc is required.
  • Single Thermoblock system to speed up the switching-on and heating of the water. Up to 15 bar professional pressure, for the best coffee experience.
  • Mix steam, air and milk in a small beaker to prepare a thick and rich foam for your Cappuccino. The wand can be adjusted in different positions.
  • Removable steel cup tray for easy cleaning and to accommodate taller glasses.
Bestseller No. 2
Smeg Espresso Machine Pastel Blue ECF01 PBEU
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1350W, the cord length is 1 meter, Slim dimensions: 12" x 13" x 6", 11lbs
Bestseller No. 3
Smeg ECF01PKUK Traditional Pump Espresso Coffee Machine, Adjustable Cappuccino System, Flow Stop Function, Removable Drip-Tray, Anti-Drip System, Anti-Slip Feet, 1350 W, 1 Litre Tank, Pink
  • Includes a flow stop function that lets you customise the coffee length to make your perfect cup of espresso
  • The measurer and 15 bar professional pressers offer complete control of your espresso making, adding accuracy to the brewing process for great tasting results
  • Thermoblock heating system rapidly heats up the machine to get you a drink of espresso in a matter of minutes
  • Descaling light and water level indicator keeps you on top of the machine's maintenance so it performs at is best
  • Choose from three different options - one cup, two cups or steam option - all available at the touch of a button

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3 Best Smeg Espresso Machines Reviewed – 2021

#1. Smeg ECF01 Espresso Coffee Machine

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For the case of design, the ECF01 Smeg Espresso machines are available in a variety of stunning colors. They range from glossy black, white, pastel blue, deep pink, pastel green, and unique decorative colors.

Also, the company makes Smeg espresso coffee machine red for more variety for customers. The attractive colors ensure the machine perfectly blends with the paints in your kitchen and worktops for a brilliant outlook. The device also comes in medium-sized as a good match with small kitchens.

The Smeg espresso machine comes with a cup warmer on top, a removable drip tray to allow you to fit different sizes of coffee mugs beneath the sprout, and easy cleaning. A milk frothing wand that also supplies hot water on the side.

Features and functionality

The machine also has three buttons that allow the user to set the strength, temperature, volume, and water hardness. The best part is, after selecting your preferences, the machine will recall the next time you use it. The device also comes with a portafilter with three inserts.

Other features include the 15 bar pressers to provide total control of espresso’s brewing process for additional precision to guarantee quality taste. The machine also has a 1.5 liters water tank, which is fairly enough to generate several cups before refilling. What’s more, it comes with an alert system when it needs descaling.

Furthermore, the espresso machine has a thermo-block heating system that gets your espresso drink in a matter of seconds. Within 40 seconds, the water gets heated to the desired temperature. Additionally, the machine allows you to set the time it stays on, with the options of nine and thirty minutes or three hours. It also comes with a user guide manual.

Generally, it’s worth noting that the machine is manual. This translates to; you will grind the coffee beans yourself. And if you are making a cappuccino or latte, you will have to tamp the coffee, steam it and then froth the milk yourself.


Similar to all coffee machines, the manual machine from Smeg must be kept clean at all times for optimum operation state. Despite having a warning mechanism when the device is decalcifying, it lacks an automated method to carry out the cleaning process.

Therefore, you get forced to carry out the process yourself, which may sometimes be tiresome and time-consuming. Besides that, the drip tray is removable to ensure the cleaning process is as easy as possible.

Pros & Cons:

  • Once the coffee beans are grounded, you can get your espresso in just 40 seconds, provided the thermo-block heating system is at its optimum temperature;
  • The machine’s design and style are splendid and medium-size, thus offering an excellent blend with your kitchen;
  • The machine comes with a milk frother which creates creamy milk coffee for milk coffee lovers;
  • Smeg espresso coffee machines come with a reasonably large water tank; thus, you can make more coffee before refilling it.
  • Customizing settings to meet your preferences is a complicated process;
  • The machine does not come with water filters. Thus it requires frequent decalcifying, which sometimes can be a tedious procedure.

#2. Smeg Retro Style Coffee Maker Machine

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This Smeg espresso coffee machine is among the top-performing devices in the market. If you are a coffee lover obsessed with old-school designs that guarantee the extraordinary quality, you might want to check out the Smeg Retro-style coffee maker.

Features and functionality

The machine comes in an old-school, stylish design throwing back to the 1950s. Its small size helps save on space, making it compatible with small kitchens. The machine comes with an anti-slip system to avoid slipping and cause accidents. Also, it comes with multiple brewing options, which include a 4-cup function. The Smeg espresso machine features a glass carafe with a capacity of up to 10 cups.

Furthermore, the machine has an automatic switch-on mode; thus, you get to set the turn-on time. It also has aroma intensity and adjustable water hardness functions to ensure you get your preferred taste.

What’s more, the machine comes with a keep-warm function that can last up to 60 minutes after brewing. You are therefore assured of having your coffee just at the right temperature. Also, the anti-drip system helps you to keep the espresso machine clean and dry always.

Better yet, the device is cost-effective in the sense that it comes with reusable filters. Therefore, the machine saves the trouble of frequently purchasing the filters.

Pros & Cons:

  • Customizable functionality assists users in obtaining desired coffee taste;
  • Has an automatic switch-on function;
  • Reusable filters help save on cost;
  • An anti-slip system helps in accident prevention as a result of slipping.
  • Not suitable when a large amount of coffee is required at once.

#3. Smeg 50’s Retro style Aesthetic Drip Filter Coffee Machine

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Smeg presents the Smeg 50s style espresso machine to all those searching for richly-flavored and aromatic coffee shots.


The machine’s small size makes it fit for small kitchens. The control panel is user-friendly to enhance easy interaction with the device. Also, it has 4-cup functions, perfect for those who begin their day with more than single coffee shots.

Additionally, it is fixed with a classic anti-drip system to keep your machine dry and clean. And as if that isn’t enough, it has an aroma intensity function that ensures you begin your day well with a highly flavored and aromatic coffee.

On top of that, the device comes with anti-slip feet that help prevent accidents and a 10-cup glass carafe. The machine has 60 minutes keep-warm function to ensure you get your coffee at the desired warmth.

The auto start mode in the machine enables you to give instructions on the time you want it. Another thing, the filters are reusable, sloughing off the costs of having to buy replacements.

Pros & Cons:

  • You can make more than one shot of coffee since it has a 4 – cup function
  • Keeps the brewed coffee warm for a relatively long time (60 minutes)
  • Auto-start mode
  • The cost is relatively high

Why You Should Consider Owning A Smeg Espresso Machine

  1. Smeg is renowned for manufacturing great coffee machines with impeccable designs. Their color choices and blend are magnificent to give your kitchen a perfect outlook.
  2. Smeg espresso machines are value-packed. Smeg, therefore, assures prime quality coffee with the taste you desire most. You’ll also get to prepare any coffee you like.
  3. Having a coffee machine in the comfort of your home saves you money. All coffee lovers crave the coffee shots over and over again. Having your coffee maker like Smeg Retro Style Coffee Maker Machine will ensure you get your shots whenever you want them.
  4. Unlike other coffee machines from some companies, you can program Smeg espresso coffee machines to turn off at the set time. It’s by nature for the mind to forget; thus you may forget to turn off the device. In such a situation, the machine can automatically shut down and save energy.

Choosing The Best Smeg Espresso Machine

Cost –not all machines are the same in price. Some are far much expensive while some are having a fair cost. The same applies to the Smeg espresso machines. As a consumer, you ought to be sure that the machine’s quality coincides with its price.

Efficiency – In purchasing a coffee machine, efficiency means that the device will serve you right; it will satisfy all your needs. Or in other terms, it will make you happy. Therefore, go for the espresso machine that will fit all your needs.

Quantity – before opting for any Smeg espresso machine, you should check on the amount of coffee you consume at once in a period. It is crucial to select the device that can brew the right amount you consume at once.

Space – Before purchasing a Smeg coffee machine, inspect the space available in your kitchen and then buy the one that can fit without consuming much space.

Which Smeg Espresso Maker Will Keep You Caffeinated?

Smeg espresso machines can serve you well despite some drawbacks like the high cost of purchase. The machines are worth the price because they are result assured. Buying an espresso machine from Smeg is a guarantee of ultimate quality coffee shots.

Plus, the remarkable designs come as a supplement. However, before purchasing one, you should consider the features and confirm that the machine you buy perfectly fits your needs. You should consider the efficiency, cost, space the device will consume in your kitchen, and the amount of coffee a machine can brew at a time.

Deciding the best machine depends on several things; your taste in terms of designs and features, and your pocket; can you afford the machine?

From the above review, all the machines’ features are apparent and worth considering depending on your tastes and needs. With the features and all the necessary information at your fingertips, choosing your best fit shouldn’t be difficult.

Smeg Coffee Machines – FAQs

Do I get support from the company in case I have questions concerning the machine?

The company prides itself on having its customers at the forefront and ensuring they interact well with its products. The company also has technicians servicing their appliances to provide the best advice to solve the issues you have concerning the machine when you call or email.

Do the Smeg espresso coffee machines come with a warranty?

The espresso coffee machines from Smeg come with a guarantee. You will get compensated for any foreseeable damage or loss, and your device replaced or refunded for a major failure. You are also entitled to the machine to be repaired if the device fails to meet standard quality.

The espresso machine comes with two years of service warranty and one year of replacement warranty. The guarantee stands when you properly use the product for its designed purpose. If the damage is caused by a fault not covered in the warranty, you will have to meet all the service costs.

What is the quality assurance of Smeg espresso coffee machines?

The company is committed and passionate about producing quality products. Since 1948, when the company was founded, their approach has always been to craft classic and great appliances that are entirely credible and prime. You might want to buy the machine to determine whether they are worthy of having your name on their customers’ list.

Do I get support from the company in case I have questions concerning the machine?

The company prides itself on having its customers at the forefront and ensuring they interact well with its products. The company also has technicians servicing their appliances to provide the best advice to solve the issues you have concerning the machine when you call or email.

Below is a summary of the 3 best Smeg espresso machines

Product nameFeaturesRatings (Amazon)Price ( Amazon link)
Smeg ECF01 Espresso Coffee Machine1.5 liters water tank, 15 bar pressers, and 3 buttons for setting preferences.Stand-by function and a thermo-block heating system4.3View on Amazon
Smeg Retro Style Coffee Maker MachineAnti-sip system, automatic switch-on,10-cups capacity carafe and 60 minutes keep warm system4.5View on Amazon
Smeg 50’s Retro style Aesthetic Drip Filter Coffee MachineUser-friendly control panel and aroma intensity function4.3View on Amazon