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Why is the Breville coffee grinder so special? It grinds fresh coffee beans for your coffee beverage. Grinding coffee with a Breville Coffee grinder is easy and does not require professional skills. It is electric and has steel conical burr grinders.

Bestseller No. 1
Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel, BCG820BSS, 2.3
  • Stainless steel conical burrs designed to minimize grinding heat and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean
  • 60 precise grind settings from the finest Espresso to the coarsest French Press Grind. Voltage: 110 120 Volts. Power: 165 Watts
  • Precision Electronic Timer allows users to adjust grind time in 0.2 second increments and consistent dose every time
  • 18 ounce coffee bean capacity with locking system for easy removal, storage, and transfer of the bean hopper
  • Grind directly into portafilter, grinds container, gold tone filter basket or paper filter
Bestseller No. 2
Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro Stainless Steel Burr Grinder
  • Maximizes The Potential Of Any Brew
  • Pre-Programmed Settings
  • 60 Grind Settings
  • Clear And Concise LCD Screen
SaleBestseller No. 3
Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker, 60 ounces, Brushed Stainless Steel, BDC650BSS,Silver
  • Product note: Please refer to user manual (provided below in PDF) before first use.Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted

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Breville has two coffee grinders, the Dose Control and a Smart Grinder. Most of the Breville espresso machines come with an inbuilt coffee grinder.

An example is the Breville bdc650bss grind control, coffee maker. The bean hopper has a lock system to remove, store and transfer coffee beans. 

Besides this, it is a drip coffee maker with flat stainless steel burrs.

Review of The Breville Coffee Grinder

In this section, we will look at the two types of Breville grinders- the Dose Control Pro and the Smart Grinder Pro.

Let’s get started. 

Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro

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If you love your cup of joe, your priority should be investing in a coffee machine. You can also consider having an external grinder, as not all coffee makers come with internal grinders.

The Breville Smart Pro coffee grinder has conical steel burrs to grind fresh coffee beans. Grind from fine coffee for espresso to a coarse grind for press coffee.

The Smart Pro has 60 grind settings. The beans hopper has a capacity of 18 ounces with a locking system. Just like the Breville coffee machines, the grinder has programmable settings.

It remembers your previous grind settings. You do not have to enter the same specifications over and over. In case of any changes, the Breville coffee grinder adjusts automatically.

  • The Smart Grinder Pro comes with two portafilter cradles. One is 58 mm, while the other is from 50-54 mm.
  • Grind directly into a portafilter, filter basket, grounds bin, or paper filter.
  • The Breville Smart Grinder Pro has a removable grind tray that holds grind spills. It is magnetically held to the grinder.
  • Easy to clean with a cleaning brush.
  • As a smart grinder, it has an LCD screen. It displays the grind time, shots, and grinds size.
  • The grinder has a start/pause button.
  • The dosing IQ gives you a perfect grind every time you need coffee.
  • The Breville Smart grinder has a higher price compared to other coffee grinders.
  • The Smart Pro coffee grinder is not as versatile as the Baratza Encore coffee grinder, which grinds coffee for different brew styles.
  • The coffee grinder does not have a scale to weigh the grind amount.
  • It has a less powerful motor as compared to other coffee grinders.
  • Despite the 60 grind settings, the numbers do not represent the size of the grind particles.

Breville BCG600SIL Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

Breville BCG600SIL Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Silver

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Another option from Breville is the Dose Control Pro grinder. It shares similarities with the Smart Coffee pro grinder. The coffee grinder is ideal for small scale grinding.

The Dose control grinder has a removable tray that collects coffee spills. It grinds coffee beans from coarse to fine grind for espresso.

There is one notable feature to notice with the Breville Dose grinder. It has an adjustable razor dosing tool. After tamping, use it to trim coffee in the portafilter. You get a consistent dose and ensure maximum extraction.

adjustable razor

The adjustable razors are used with 50mm, 54mm, and 58mm portafilters.

  • The dose control grinder has a pause feature to allow you to use the ground coffee in mid-grind.
  • The plastic areas in the coffee grinder are BPA free.
  • It has a removable drip tray that holds the coffee spills to keep your countertop tidy and clean.
  • The 60 grind size settings allow you to grind coffee for different brew styles. Twist the bean hopper to adjust the settings.
  • It has an adjustable timer to control the grind for any brew size.
  • The bean hopper has a 12-ounce capacity and has a locking system.
  • Grind directly into a portafilter, gold-tone filter, paper filter, or into a ground container.
  • The Breville Dose grinder has a slightly smaller motor compared to the Smart Grinder Pro.

Check the differences between the two Breville grinders.

 Dose Control ProSmart Grinder Pro
Grind time level1 second0.2 seconds
Bean hopper size12 Ounce16 Ounce
Motor Size130 watts165 watts
DisplayElectronic timerLCD display and a dial on the side
RazorAdjustable razorNo
DesignHas plastic partsHas metal parts

Considerations When Buying a Coffee Grinder

Whether you are buying a Breville coffee grinder, Baratza, Kitchenaid, or Capresso Infinity grinders, you need value for your money. A professional coffee grinder, for instance, needs to have more features.

Some of the factors to consider when buying a Breville coffee grinder are:

  1. Size

Does the coffee grinder require a large storage space? How much space do you need to store it? The Breville coffee grinder does not require a large countertop space. 

The coffee grinders require storage with a high space. 

  1. Design

The Breville coffee grinders have different designs. For instance, the Smart Grinder Pro has a 165-Watts motor that drives the conical burrs. Also, the grinders have a stainless steel body.

  1. Versatility

With a Breville coffee grinder, you can grind coffee for your espresso, drip, or french press coffee. It is best for home espresso coffee, unlike commercial purposes.

Besides this, the Breville coffee grinder allows you to grind coffee into a portafilter, a paper filter, or grounds bins.

  1. Ease of use

A coffee grinder should be easy to use. One of the coffee grinders that is simple to use is the Baratza Encore coffee grinder. This grinder does not require barista skills to use.

The Breville Smart Pro has a touchscreen display that shows the grind time, cups, grind time, and the number of shots selected. As the name suggests, the Dose Control Pro uses a dose control to grind.

  1. Consistency

Breville coffee grinder has 60 grind settings. The settings help you grind coffee for different brew styles. For example, the grinder grinds fine coffee grounds for espresso.

Depending on the type of coffee you want to make, you can grind fresh coffee beans based on your preference.

  1. Locking system
locking system

The locking system applies to the bean hopper. The locking system has three functions. It locks the beans in place to prevent them from spilling.

Also, it helps to transfer the coffee beans to a storage can or into the conical burrs. 

  1. Programmability

Have you used the Breville products before? Well, if you have, then you are aware of the quality of their products. Some of their coffee machines have programmable features, and so is the Smart Grinder Pro.

You can program the grinder to remember specific grind settings. Also, it has a digital timer that gives you total control of your grind.

  1. Price

Price is the determinant of whether you will buy a grinder from one brand or the other. The Breville coffee grinders have a higher price compared to other entry-level coffee grinders.

Before investing in one, you need to have a budget to give you a range of how much money you should spend. Amazon is an eCommerce platform that helps you compare the prices from various top brands.

To have an idea, check out our buying guide on different grinders to help you make a selection. 

Pros and Cons of Breville Coffee Grinder

Having an external coffee grinder gives you more control over the size of the grinds. Breville coffee grinder is one of the top external coffee grinders available in the market. 

You do not have to use it with a Breville coffee machine only. One of the advantages of a coffee grinder is that you can roast coffee beans at home before grinding.

  • Easy to use: a Breville coffee grinder does not require professional skills to use.
  • Adjustable grind settings: as for the dose control, you have to turn the bean hopper to adjust to the specific grind settings. The Smart Pro makes use of a dial.
  • Easy cleaning: to clean the Breville coffee grinder, use a brush to remove coffee residue from the burrs.
  • Versatility: the Breville coffee grinder grinds coffee for espresso as well as drip and french coffee.
  • Reliable: the user can grind coffee into a portafilter for espresso, a paper filter, or a grounds bin for drip coffee.
  • Time control: the Breville coffee grinder has a timer to control the grind time.
  • Razor control: although it is not common in all Breville coffee grinders, it helps remove excess coffee from the portafilter. It works for the 50mm, 54mm, and 58mm portafilter.
  • Bean hopper: the bean hopper has an air-tight lid. It has a seal to keep the beans fresh.
  • Additional settings: the Breville steel burrs have adjustable 10 grind settings. It helps you achieve finer grind settings and it’s common in Breville grinders.
  • Safety plug: the electric code has an assist plug that prevents the user from electric shock.
  • The Breville coffee grinders make minimal noise when grinding.
  • The price of the Breville coffee grinders is higher than that of other Brands.
  • The Breville coffee grinders have different motors.
  • Some reviewers complained of the durability of the coffee grinder.

How To Clean a Breville Coffee Grinder

A clean grinder will maintain the freshness of the coffee grinding. Cleaning a coffee grinder makes it more durable. You can use a soft brush or grind tablets to clean. 

Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Begin by emptying the bean hopper. 

Step 2: Start the grinder to grind leftover beans.

Step 3: Remove the hopper and clean it with water. Keep it aside to clean the rest of the grinder.

Step 3: Switch off the grinder and unplug it from the power source. Remove the top burr and scrub off the coffee residue with a soft brush.

Step 4: Brush the inner burrs gently. Pour out the residue and repeat the process. You can also use a cotton swab if you need a flexible cleaning tool.

Step 5: if you have a vacuum cleaner, use the hose attachment to suck out leftover coffee grounds. 

Step 6: (this part is optional) you can also use the cleaning tablets. Add the coffee grinder cleaning tablets to the bean hopper, then grind. The tablet removes coffee oils from the grinder. 

Step 7: grind fresh coffee beans to remove the leftover tablet-grounds. You can also suck the tablet and coffee grounds using a vacuum cleaner.

Step 8: Assemble the Breville grinder parts. Place the bean hopper back for coffee grinding.

That’s it! Cleaning a Breville coffee grinder is easy. However, be careful not to clean the bean hopper in a dishwasher. Also, do not use water to clean the steel burrs to prevent them from rusting.

Breville Coffee Grinder Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Q. Does the Dose Control grinder from Breville have programmable features?

A. No. The Dose control is not programmable. However, if you need a grinder with programmable features, you can consider the Smart Grinder Pro.

Q. Can I use ground coffee when using a Breville coffee machine?

A. Yes. for example, the Breville grind control coffee maker uses pre-ground coffee or grinds fresh coffee beans. 

Q. Which is better, a conical burr grinder or a flat burr grinder?

A. There is a difference between these burrs, but both produce coffee grounds for brewing. Conical burrs are affordable and less noisy as compared to flat burrs.

Why Is the Breville Coffee Grinder so special?

First, the grinder has 60 adjustable settings and an additional ten settings on the top burr. This way, you can achieve a finer or coarse grind based on your preference.

The Breville grinder has attractive features that make it stand out from the rest of the coffee grinders. You can grind coffee for your espresso and other brew styles.

The precision timer and grind dial control how much coffee will go into the portafilter. The motor prevents the burrs from overheating and extracting essential coffee oils from the beans.

If you want a coffee grinder for home use, a Breville grinder is one of the options that you can try. The coffee grinder is easy to use and clean.

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