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Today, we have many items on the shelves, and with a single look, they appear similar. Finding the best Bonavita coffee maker may seem like a simple pick, pay, and use for a beginner.

For those who love coffee, they know the importance of a good coffee maker. You need to consider taste and preference.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Thermal Carafe, Stainless Steel
  • One-touch brew operation with auto-off
  • Carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe
  • Powerful and precise 1500-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195°-205°F (91°-96°C)
  • Optional pre-infusion mode wets freshly roasted ground coffee to allow degassing before brewing
  • Flat-bottomed filter basket and larger showerhead allow for even better saturation and uniform extraction
Bestseller No. 2
Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Thermal Carafe, BV1500TS
  • One-touch brew operation with auto-off
  • Powerful and precise 1100-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 198°-205°F (92°-96°C)
  • Optional pre-infusion mode saturates freshly roasted ground coffee to allow degassing before brewing
  • Specially designed showerhead for ideal extraction in small batch sizes
  • Durable stainless steel lined thermal carafe.Performance coffee brewer makes an 5-cup carafe in approximately 6 minutes
Bestseller No. 3
Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Hanging Filter Basket and Thermal Carafe, BV1901TS
  • Performance coffee brewer makes an 8-cup carafe in about 6 minutes
  • Powerful and precise 1500-watt heater maintains an optimal brewing temperature between 195°-205°F
  • Optional pre-infusion mode mimics the artisan pour-over brewing method by pausing the water flow allowing the coffee grounds time to bloom
  • Showerhead design facilitates even saturation of coffee grounds
  • Audible signal when brewing cycle ends

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Also, there are several things to consider to ensure you have the top best Bonavita coffee maker that will be durable and worth the cost.

So, How Do We Know Coffee?

It’s a type of beverage made by infusing roasted beans of the coffee plant in hot water. There are several types of coffee beans.

Though your coffee maker’s type will determine the flavor, the coffee bean plays a significant role in that.

A coffee maker is an apparatus used for brewing and dispensing coffee, usually used in the kitchen and sometimes in offices.

Bonavita coffee makers come with great features for coffee making and a variety of options to choose from. We represent you the best of Bonavita coffee makers out in the market.

Elements That Make A Good Coffee Maker

These are several things to look for if you want the best Bonavita coffee maker in 2020.

Brew Size

 You don’t need the family-sized carafe if you are the only coffee enthusiast in your family. A single-cup carafe will brew just the amount you need. Bonavita coffee makers give you a variety to choose from. They can be as big as 10 to 12 cups but take a note “cup” of coffee in a machine is only 5 to 6 ozs, not 10 or 12 as labeled. If you want it for commercial use, you need to go for a coffee maker to give you that.

Heating Element

They come with glass or thermal carafes. A hot plate keeps the coffee warm under the glass carafe, but sometimes it can overheats. A thermal carafe is insulated, keeping coffee warm with less power use. If you or your family drink coffee often over time, consider a thermal carafe that will keep it warm for a long. That will work if you don’t mind about the flavor caused by brewing time.


 If you follow a tradition of a cup of coffee in the morning before going to work, you need to consider a programmable coffee maker that will have your coffee ready as you wake up. Less automated electric machines or manual pour-over coffee makers will need your attention for your desired cup. Pod machines are for families that prefer large quantities and different types of coffee.


 If you are investing heavily in your coffee maker, consider one with a warranty. Unintended damage or mishandle by children can cause significant loss. If you have pets, they may cause you loss and even more reasons to consider this. Most warranties are up to 12 months from the day of purchase.


 This is an important feature when it comes to safety. It is vital for programmed machines. It is normal to get distracted when you have Bonavita coffee maker on, and this saves you damages from a fatal accident

Size Of The Machine Versus The Space Available

 Your coffee maker will not sit on top of other items. It would be best if you had your Bonavita coffee maker resting on a flat base that is stable and spacious enough. If you have a squeezed space, consider buying a coffee maker sizeable for that space. Consider the top area if you need to open and add water. Account for your mug size too. Large mugs may not fit under your brewer.

Get The Best Out Of Your Coffee Maker

No matter which coffee maker you go for, the process of making coffee remains the same.

  • Bring into contact coffee beans and water.
  • Extract flavor from it.
  • Drain the water through the filter.
  • Grit-free coffee pours in the carafe or mug.

The process may seem different, but straightforward coffee makers produce different coffee flavors. To maximize the product you get from your coffee maker, consider the quality of your coffee bean. Your coffee bean’s type and quality play a significant role in determining the end product’s flavor.

Temperature or the heating consistency and the time will affect the flavor and strength of your coffee too. However, it depends on individual preference. Extracting your bean to the maximum makes the coffee bitter and process slower. Mostly, hot coffee is the preferred one, but there are cold coffee makers cold coffee maker. They are a unique category and use cold water to make either a coffee concentrate or a less concentrated version ready to drink.

The amount of water over the coffee varies with your coffee maker, affecting the flavor. Some coffee makers are non-electric pour-over, or electric shower heads water dispensers. Others have a pre-infusion feature whereby the water gets to the ground beans before brewing.

Top Bonavita Coffee Makers Of 2020

The best item depends on several factors like the intended taste, your budget, and how often you intend to brew your beans. The following are our top 6 Bonavita coffee makers of 2020.

Bonavita Coffee Maker BV1800SS 8-Cups

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  • Color: Stainless
  • Model Name: FBA_BV1800SS
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Bonavita
  • Capacity: 8 cups

This Bonavita coffee maker is highly recommended for a beginner. It has simple features, and they are few and easy to master. The coffee is one-touch away from perfection. You will brew consistent coffee every time.

The large showerhead covers the ground coffee in uniformity, ensuring the water distribution is even and flavor uniform. 

It is cost-friendly and will serve you for long. The stainless steel material is easy to maintain without scratches and durable.

If you like your cup of coffee perfect, warm, and available throughout the day, the thermal carafe will ensure you have just that with a brewing temperature of 91-96 Degree Celsius.

  • Its small size enables you to fit in well in any sizable kitchen. It is very important to have your maker standing on flat ground, stable and spacious enough.
  • The showerhead, carafe, and filters are easy to detach and clean. Ensure you read your manual on how to clean the thermal item.
  • The stainless steel lining of the thermal carafe protects it from damage and makes it easy to clean.
  • It takes a short time to brew, but you have to time the whole process and end it manually. It is not programmable.
  • The one-touch button doesn’t allow programmability.
  • Do not have auto-timer settings. You, therefore, have to wait till the brew is complete.

Bonavita Coffee Maker BV1900TH 8-Cup with Thermal Carafe

Sale Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Thermal Carafe, Stainless Steel

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  • Color: Black
  • Model Name: Bonavita BV1800TH
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Bonavita
  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • This item is ideal for those of you who want their cup of coffee hot and tasty with each pour. Its thermal carafe ensures that the coffee is always ready. The auto-shut is an important feature for safety, making it safe to use even with children or pets in the house.
  • It is light weighted hence easy to move around. The black color is easy to blend in the kitchen, and the carafe and the water lid are easy to clean in a dishwasher.
  • However, this coffee maker is big for a squeezed space in a kitchen. It will need a big space to fit in and account for the working area too.
  • It doesn’t have permanent filters. You have to fit in the disposable filters manually. If you cannot buy them at such a moment, it becomes hard to use this maker.
  • You will not be able to program this Bonavita coffee maker, and extra care is needed with the glass carafe from damage.
  • Plastics are prone to scratches, although it is easy to dispose of them. They are recyclable.
  • The glass carafe is very fragile.
  • It is not programmable
  • The filters are not permanent.

Bonavita Coffee Maker BV1500TS 5- Cups

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  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Model Name: 5-Cup One-Touch
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Bonavita
  • Capacity: 5 cups

This product is just a touch away from your perfect cup of coffee. It has a one-touch brew operation with an auto-off. It’s safe to use even for younger or older people who may be forgetful.

This Bonavita coffee maker has a special feature of optional degassing before brewing. The pre-infusion feature enables you to extract maximum flavor with uniformity.

The extraction can happen in batches. You can choose to extract the flavor as preferred, especially if your taste changes over time. The coffee will remain hot for the day since it comes with a silver thermal carafe.

  • It takes only 6 minutes to have your desired cup of coffee ready. You can choose the flavor you like and whether you want it, weak or strong, in each cup.
  • Its showerhead is designed so that it extracts in batches, and the water infused is uniform. It ensures that each extraction is uniform too.
  • The stainless steel thermal carafe is durable, making this item cost-friendly. You don’t have to worry about replacements from constant damages.
  • However, plastics are easy to scratch, recyclable, and easy to clean. This item uses high power too.
  • It has a two years warranty though not SCA-approved.
  • The stainless thermal carafe may cause a bitter taste if left to brew for long.
  • It is not SCA-approved.
  • It has a small capacity for a large family

Bonavita Coffee Maker Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch

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  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Model Name: Connoisseur
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Bonavita
  • Capacity: 8 cups

This product is regarded as the best coffee maker for a modern home in the long run. It is powerful with 1500 watts for optimal temperature all day long.

This coffee maker has a sleek design, pretty to look at. The stainless steel material and color are easy to notice dirt and very durable.

This product comes with a meshed basket. The filter has a solid bottom to carry the weight of damp ground coffee for 8 cups of coffee brew. It is also easy to wash in a dishwasher. 

  • This Bonavita coffee maker has a one-touch operation with minimal programming. You can have your coffee ready very fast when you wake up in the morning. It takes 6 minutes to brew.
  • The auto-shut feature makes it safe to use even with young ones around. The spray head ensures even distribution of water on the ground beans. You end up with a uniform flavored coffee.
  • This product is reliable and durable with simple but essential performance abilities. It is affordable.
  • The wire meshed filter can brew more coffee, and it is easy to fit, remove, and wash.
  • The carafe has a removable top. It will require you to remove the basket every time you fit back the carafe.
  • This coffee maker consumes high power voltage, and it has no drip-stop feature, so you have to wait for the brew cycle to end
  • There is no drip-stop feature, so you have to wait for the brew cycle to end
  • The design is not attractive enough
  • High power consumption

 Frequently Asked Question Section

1.     How do I use the coffee maker?

The key benefit of the Bonavita coffee maker is that it is simple to use and has a top-quality coffee pot. These considerations may guide you on how to use it.

Before starting to brew, ensure the base sits on a flat surface. It will ensure it is stable and avoid any accident. Decide how much coffee is needed. Coffee concentration determines the flavor at the end of the brewing process.

The ideal way is to measure coffee by volume, but coffee density varies for various reasons. Therefore, use the scale for better precision and consistency. For a relatively strong flavor, use 2tbs of coffee ground beans- ¾ cups of water.

2.     How do I clean my coffee maker?

Did you know that water leaves mineral deposits over time? Yeast and mold settle into coffee machines if they are not cleaned. This build-up may slow the heating and brewing process. Although the dirt may not kill you, a slow pot and an off-tasting coffee will make cleaning and descaling once in a month worth your time.

Do this every day.

After every brew, immediately remove the sifted grounds and the dirty one-time use filters and throw them in a bin. Use a clean damp towel to wipe down the outside and any spills on the machine and the table.

At the end of the day;

Wash the removable parts to help remove the coffee, oils, and grinds leftover. Use warm water, dish wash soap, and a soft sponge. If you are using running water, clean the detachable but not the thermal parts. Wipe dry, including the water reservoir and air-dry. To use again, reassemble.

After a month;

Descale your coffee machine. Clean it according to your manual. There are DIY processes to use at home. Use water and white vinegar solution. Do two or three cycles of emptying each time. Do another two cycles with clean water and rinse- with running water. It’s done.

Some machine manuals advise the user to do a cycle with coffee and vinegar solution. This link will help you understand better.

3.     After how long should I replace the coffee maker?

After how long should you say goodbye to your coffee maker and get a brand new one? That depends. A good coffee machine will last for five years, and with reasonable care and descaling, it can last for about ten years. You may want to wait for your coffee maker’s lifespan to lapse, but some factors, as discussed below, may influence your decision to have it replaced a bit earlier.

Here are situations that will warrant replacing your coffee maker.

   If the machine gets broken and starts to leak, breaks down, or simply stops to work ultimately, you may need a replacement. Some Bonavita coffee makers come with a warrant. In that case, you may have a brand new one at no extra cost. If not, you end up incurring an additional charge for replacement.

Suppose the coffee maker does not heat up any longer or does not heat up to the desired temperatures. After some time, for various reasons, the coffee maker may stop heating up eventually. Some machines may heat up but not good enough to give the desired brew. Troubleshooting and repair may not always work, warranting a replacement.

If the taste of the coffee changes. Life changes at different intervals. You may love coffee flavor by a drip coffee machine. Later your taste changes to favor one for expresso coffee machines. Change is inevitable.

Suppose the machine can only work with specific cups or pods. Some Bonavita coffee makers can only work with individual pods and k-cups. When the manufacturer stops making them, the coffee maker becomes useless, especially if they need replacement. Eventually, you will need to replace the whole coffee maker.

 Suppose the machine does not meet your needs anymore. You had a coffee maker of single-serve capacity. Later you get more coffee enthusiastic or bring a family. You need a machine with bigger capacity hence replacement.

  If your machine gets old, well-kept machines can last for a long time. Then you realize it is outdated and needs replacement. You may see and admire a better functioning machine or design and decide to have that one instead.

Should I consider the ratings and customer feedback?

It is advisable to gather enough information about an item before purchase. It would save you many headaches and unnecessary loss—the following some of the advantages of considering an item’s rating and customer feedback.

  •  It helps make a sound decision in terms of quality and performance.
  •  It may give you a heads-up on how to prevent a future challenge or solve it before it escalates.
  •  It gives one idea of better alternatives.

Lastly, there are more brands of Bonavita coffee makers in the market. To get the best, consider the information given in this guide. You will get one that will fit your needs.

You can visit a random check with those that have used the item before and listen to their feedback.

It will also help if you involve a more experienced friend while making a decision. A word from a trusted friend goes a long way.

Go ahead and get yourself the top Bonavita coffee maker of 2020. We wish you all the best purchase and experience in your brewing.