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If you suffer from acid reflux, you should consider taking low acid coffee. You can get this coffee from the top coffee brands like Volcanica. Coffee lovers have varying sensitivity when it comes to caffeine and acidity. 

When you’re buying coffee, do you remember to check the acidity level? If not, you can start now. 

Coffee lovers take either decaf or caffeinated coffee. To help you pick a favorite, we will look at the best low acid coffee brands you can select from. 

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Lucy Jo's Coffee, Organic Mellow Belly Breakfast Low Acid Blend, Medium Roast, Ground, 11 oz
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  • Smooth, sweet and earthy, with nutty undertones
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  • One 11 oz bag of Medium Roast Ground Coffee
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Café Don Pedro American Roast Low Acid Ground Coffee Large Can - Rich, Smooth, Aromatic - 100% Arabica Stone Ground For More Flavor For All Coffee Makers (1)
  • Low Acid thanks to naturally low acidic beans and single batch roasting
  • Smooth and aromatic flavor, regular caffeine content
  • Medium roast with 100% Arabica coffee beans, stone ground for optimum flavor
  • Huge 34.5 oz can has over 2 lbs of coffee

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Let’s get started.

What Is Low Acid Coffee?

low acid coffee
Source: Pexels

One of the biggest motivations for a coffee lover in the morning is the smell of coffee brewing. If you have stomach upset when you take caffeinated coffee, you need low acidity coffee.

A PH scale helps to measure coffee acidity. The lower the PH, the higher the acidity. The PH is from 0 to 14, with coffee acidity having a PH scale of 5. 

If you drink low acid coffee, it should have a PH of around 5. Coffee with 0 or 2 PH values has more acidity. 

Best Low Acidity Coffee Brands

Now that you already know what we mean by low acid coffee, we can look at the top brands that offer this type of coffee. But before we do, you should know that several factors contribute to coffee acidity. 

The high-altitude coffee growing areas. Other factors are roast level and brewing methods. We’ll look at these later in our guide.

For now, let’s find out more about the top low acid coffee brands.

Puroast Low Acid Coffee

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For a coffee lover with stomach problems, the Puroast low acid coffee is ideal for you. A pack has 24 caffeinated single-serve capsules.

It has 70% less acid, making it suitable for people with gastrointestinal problems and acid reflux. The brand roasts the coffee beans the way growers do without adding extractions or additives. 

You can take Puroast coffee when you’re on a Keto diet as it has 7 times the antioxidant levels of green tea. The reason why you should consider taking this coffee is that it’s Kosher certified and sustainably sourced. 

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee

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From Tieman’s Fusion Coffee, you can select medium roast coffee, dark roast, or decaf coffee. The brand sources 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. 

Tieman’s ground coffee has low acid with a PH scale of 5.85%. The ultra smooth flavor of coffee is best for coffee lovers with health issues like heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems.

With a 10-ounce bag of Tieman’s Fusion Coffee, you can make upto 40 cups of 8 oz coffee. Using the low acid coffee gives you 5 times the antioxidant protection the body needs daily.

You can select ground or whole coffee beans from Tieman’s Fusion Coffee. However, the coffee beans have a higher price.

HealthWise Low Acid Decaf Coffee

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Coffee lovers have varying preferences when it comes to caffeine content. While most people prefer caffeinated coffee, others prefer taking decaffeinated coffee. 

HealthWise low acid decaf coffee has a medium roast and is Kosher certified. The brand uses the Swiss water process to decaffeinate the coffee beans. 

The whole coffee beans are 100% Arabica from Colombia. The TechnoRoasting process reduces acid production, which causes heartburn in coffee. It reduces bitterness and harshness compared to other roasting methods. 

Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee – Decaf House Blend

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From Puroast, you can buy ground coffee, single-serve, or whole bean coffee. The ground low acid coffee is Kosher certified. If you’re looking for organic coffee, Puroast coffee is chemical-free. 

It is high on antioxidants as it has 7x antioxidants in green tea. The decaf low acid coffee is sourced from the Andes Mountains. Puroast coffee has a smooth taste since the roasting method does not use any additives. 

The roasting process uses clean, renewable technology. The resulting coffee has low acid, making it best for anyone with stomach problems. 

You have several flavors to select from – hazelnut, vanilla, House Blend, dark roast, etc. 

Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground Coffee

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Organic coffee does not use chemicals from growing, harvesting, to processing. Tylers Coffee is certified by the USDA organic and is decaffeinated. 

Unlike most coffee brands with high acid coffee, Tylers coffee has a neutral PH. It’s best for coffee lovers with acid reflux problems. 

The benefits of drinking low acid coffee are that – it reduces heartburn and acid reflux, reduces the damage of tooth enamel, and minimizes stomach irritation. You can select decaf ground coffee or decaf whole bean coffee.

Spirit Animal Low Acid Coffee Beans

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There’s no better way to start the day than with a full-bodied cup of low acid coffee. Spirit Animal coffee beans are a single origin from Honduras and are fairly traded. 

The caffeinated coffee beans have a medium roast. They have a rich, creamy, and chocolate taste with fruity notes. Therefore, if you suffer from acid reflux after taking coffee, Spirit Animal coffee is a perfect choice. 

It is one of the top-rated coffee by the Specialty Coffee Association. The coffee beans are shade-grown in high-altitude regions. The brand uses the washed process to maintain the flavor and taste of the coffee beans. 

Manatee Gourmet Coffee – Caribbean Delight Low Acid Whole Coffee Beans

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Manatee Gourmet Coffee uses Arabica coffee beans from Columbia, Sumatra, and Brazil. You can select either ground coffee or whole coffee beans. 

If you love the convenience of brewing low acid coffee at home, you can use the coffee ground or whole beans for pour-over, press, and cold brewing. 

The benefit of drinking low acidity coffee is that it reduces heartburn and other stomach problems. Manatee Gourmet whole coffee beans have a medium roast. 

The brand also has decaf coffee for coffee lovers who drink low acid decaf coffee. The flavored coffee beans have hints of coconut, hazelnut, and caramel. 

Cambio Roasters Single-Serve Pods

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K-cup pods save you time when brewing coffee. The Cambio Roasters single-serve pods are 100% Arabica coffee.

The coffee pods are recyclable with an easy-to-peel tab. Cambio Roasters donate 20% of the coffee profits to benefit coffee farmers.

The caffeinated coffee is organic and certified by FairTrade. K-cup pods are packed in a compostable carton with 27 single-serve pods. 

Cambio Roasters coffee beans are roasted in small batches. The coffee pods have a Colombian flavor. 

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Coffee – 3 Pack Bundle

Sale Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Coffee - 3 Pack Bundle - Low Acid Dark Roast, Medium Roast & Decaf

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Lifeboost coffee has a single origin from Central America. The coffee beans are shade-grown in the mountains of Central America. 

The low acid coffee is rich in flavor as the coffee beans are hand-selected, washed in spring water, and sun-dried. Instead of taking regular coffee with high acidity, consider brewing coffee from one of the best low acid coffee brands. 

It is rich in antioxidants for coffee lovers with stomach problems. The benefit of taking Lifeboost low acid coffee is that it is certified by USDA organic and is from a single-origin. 

Java Planet Low Acid Organic Coffee Beans

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Java Planet medium roast coffee is certified by USDA organic. The 3-pack has Colombia organic, Guatemala organic, and decaf Peru coffee. 

Java Planet Arabica coffee beans are organic, as they do not use chemicals for pesticides. A drawback to buying coffee from the brand is that it has whole coffee beans. 

If you do not have access to a grinder, you may have to budget for one or use pre-ground coffee from a different brand. 

A Guide On How To Select The Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

Not all regular coffee in the coffee store will be low acidity coffee. For a coffee lover who suffers from acid reflux, you need to identify the best coffee for you. 

Here’s what you should consider when buying the best low acid coffee. 

1. Roast level

Before you pick your favorite coffee, check the roast level of the ground coffee or the whole coffee beans. Dark roast coffee has low acidity compared to light roast. 

Dark roast coffee roasts longer than light roast, resulting in dark coffee beans. Besides dark roast, you can also buy coffee beans with a medium roast

2. Stomach-Friendly Coffee

If you take coffee and have stomach problems after, you should consider buying stomach-friendly coffee. Check the PH value and the health benefits. 

For instance, most the brands will indicate that the coffee is best for people with reflux acid, heartburn, etc 

3. Go for Arabica coffee

low acid coffee
Source: Pexels

 There is a difference between the two types of coffee – Arabica and Robusta coffee. 100% Arabica coffee has lower acidity than Robusta coffee. Buy coffee from sources like Sumatra, Brazil, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. 

4. Decaf or caffeinated coffee

Decaf coffee has low acidity. Most brands use chemical-free methods to decaffeinate coffee beans. The most common process is the Swiss water process. 

As you buy coffee, check the packaging for the caffeine content. This information is available on the packaging bag. An example is the low acid decaf coffee by Puroast. 

5. Ground, Whole Bean Coffee or Single-Serve

Source: Pexels

Coffee connoisseurs prefer buying whole bean coffee to ground coffee. Grinding coffee beans ensures you have fresh coffee anytime you need coffee. 

If you have a single-serve coffee maker, you need to check the compatibility of the coffee pods with your coffee maker.

Ground coffee is best for coffee lovers who do not have a coffee grinder. Besides, it saves you grinding time when you’re brewing coffee in the early morning. 

6. Price 

One of the top factors you should consider when buying low acid coffee is the price. Since brands are different, you are likely to spend more on one brand than a competitor. 

How To Reduce Coffee Acidity

Several factors contribute to coffee acidity. There’s generally coffee with high acidity, but some are due to roasting and brewing. 

First, coffee acidity can be affected by the growing conditions. If the soil is acidic, the coffee beans will also be acidic. 

Besides buying coffee from low acid coffee brands, you can also use these tips to reduce coffee acidity.  

Use the cold brew method

Cold-brew coffee brewing reduces acidity, unlike hot brewing. Steep ground coffee in cold or room temperature water, then leave it for 12-24 hours to brew. 

Coffee acids do not dissolve in cold water. However, in hot brewing, like a drip coffee maker, the acids mix with water, resulting in a high acid coffee. 

If you prefer light roast coffee but suffer from reflux acid, consider using the cold brew method to make your cup of joe. Low water temperatures increase the brewing time but reduce coffee acidity.

Add additives

coffee additives
Source: Pexels

Coffee has multiple additives you can add to enhance the taste and reduce acidity. You can add milk, honey, sugar, or coffee creamer. 

Use dark roasted coffee for coffee brewing

dark roast coffee
Source: Pexels

You can roast coffee beans at home or buy roasted coffee beans. To achieve a dark roast, you need to roast the coffee beans to the second crack. 

The longer the coffee beans roast, the more you burn the acids. However, you can also use medium roast coffee if you prefer some acidity in your cup of coffee. Otherwise, avoid using light roast coffee. 

The size of the coffee grounds

Finely grind coffee extracts faster, resulting in acidic coffee. Shorter brews are more acidic than longer brews. An example is using a drip coffee maker that brews much faster than a cold coffee brewer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While brand preference remains a personal choice for coffee lovers, it’s not as easy selecting the best low acid coffee for a beginner. 

But that shouldn’t worry you anymore. We have the solution to some of the most common questions coffee lovers ask. 

1. Which is the best roast level for low acid coffee?

There are 3 types of roast levels – dark, medium, and light. Each has varying acidity and bitterness. The best roast level for low acid coffee is the dark roast.  

2. Is low acid coffee good for you?

Acidity in coffee is a flavor. Coffee lovers have varying acidity preferences in coffee. Low acid coffee is best for coffee lovers with acid reflux, heartburn, tooth decay, and other stomach issues. 

3. What is the difference between treated-low acid coffee and inadvertent low acid coffee?

As you’re looking for the top low acid coffee, you must have come across these terms. Inadvertent low acid coffee has low acidity.

On the other hand, treated-low acid coffee is put through a processing method to reduce coffee acidity. Low acid coffee grows in areas like Peru, Brazil, and Sumatra.   

4. Does coffee have high acidity?

Taking low acid coffee can be a personal preference, but it’s best if you have stomach problems. Coffee acidity has a PH scale of upto 5. 

Coffee has chlorogenic acid that gives it healthy antioxidants. When the coffee roasters roast the coffee beans to a dark roast, most acids are burnt, resulting in low acid coffee. 

5. How do you ensure that you have low acid coffee? 

With green coffee beans, you can roast coffee at the convenience of your home. First, roast the coffee beans from medium to dark roast. Avoid light roast as it is more acidic. 

Second, shop for Arabica coffee beans. Robusta coffee has more acidity than Arabica coffee. Finally, use water at a low temperature, like a cold brew, to make coffee. 

Lower water temperature does not extract the acid in coffee. Hence, cold brew is best for low acid coffee brewing. 

6. What are the benefits of drinking low acid coffee?

So far, you can identify multiple health benefits of taking low acid coffee. With so many low acidity coffee brands on the market, you will always find coffee within your budget and coffee needs. 

If you have a stomach upset every time you drink coffee, you should take low acidity coffee. You can enjoy your cup of joe in the morning without worrying about health issues. 

Low acid coffee is best for a coffee lover with GERD and heartburn problems. It also helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay. 

7. Does regular coffee have acidity?

Yes, regular coffee has more acidity. Acidity in coffee has a PH of 5. Coffee roasting is one of the contributors to coffee acidity. 

Light roast coffee has more acidity than medium roast and dark roast. Since coffee lovers react differently to coffee acidity, it’s best to buy coffee according to your preference. 

For instance, low acid coffee is for coffee lovers with stomach and digestive problems. Otherwise, taking regular coffee may compromise your health. 

Final Thoughts

If you love a perfect sip of coffee in the morning, but you suffer from GERD, reflux acid, and heartburn, you should drink low acid coffee. 

To identify the best low acid coffee, go for 100% Arabica coffee with a dark roast. You can use the cold brew method to make coffee or add additives like milk to reduce coffee acidity. 

Coffee acidity does not mean that you will have bitter coffee. Coffee lovers are different, and most have varying acidity preferences due to health problems.

Coffee acidity is about the aroma, flavor, sweetness, and bitterness of coffee. Cold brew coffee brewing has less acidity than hot coffee brewing.  

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