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There are multiple health benefits of using organic coffee beans. Have you walked to a coffee store and realized a ‘USDA organic’ seal on the coffee packing? 

What does organic coffee mean? We have details of what organic coffee is and the best organic coffee beans to buy in 2021. Let’s dive in.

SaleBestseller No. 1
2LB Subtle Earth Organic Coffee - Medium-Dark Roast - Whole Bean Coffee - 100% Arabica Beans - Low Acidity and Non-GMO - 2lb bag
14,386 Reviews
2LB Subtle Earth Organic Coffee - Medium-Dark Roast - Whole Bean Coffee - 100% Arabica Beans - Low Acidity and Non-GMO - 2lb bag
  • ORIGIN - Subtle Earth Organic Coffee features beans sourced from Honduras that gives the coffee a full bodied, deep, rich, chocolatey flavor with a clean finish and low acidity.
  • AROMATIC NOTES - This whole bean coffee blend tastes of smooth milk chocolate with notes of honey, caramel, and cocoa. The slight caramelization of the natural sugars in the bean gives this Medium-Dark coffee a touch of roastiness, while retaining its natural flavor character with a sweet and pleasant aftertaste.
  • EXPERTLY ROASTED - We artisan roast our coffee beans in small batches just prior to shipping to ensure peak flavor and optimal freshness.
  • QUALITY (& RESPONSIBILITY) - Our Medium-Dark roast beans are “Specialty” rated and expertly roasted for consistent quality. . Our coffee is ethically sourced and USDA Organic Certified. Keto and vegan friendly and gluten and nut free.
  • REFUNDABLE - Try Don Pablo Risk-Free: Buy now, and if you don't love our coffees, contact us directly through Amazon, and we will happily refund your order.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Lavazza Organic Tierra! Whole Bean Coffee Blend,Light Roast,Premium Arabica,USDA Organic,Canada Organic,UTZ & Euro Leaf Organic certified;100% sustainably grown,2.2 Pound (Pack of 1)-package May Vary
  • One 2.2 lb. bag of Lavazza Organic Tierra Italian whole coffee beansRich bodied Italian roast with notes of honey, malt, and chocolate
  • USDA Organic, Canada Organic, UTZ & Euro Leaf Organic certified;100 percent sustainably grown 100 percent Premium Arabica Blended and roasted in Italy
  • Best used for espresso but also suitable in any coffee maker
  • Light Roast 2.2 lb. bag of Lavazza Organic Tierra! Italian whole coffee beans
  • Tasting Notes: Flowers and fruit Preparation Method: Drip Coffee Machines, French Press, Pour Over, Cold Brew
Bestseller No. 3
Mt. Comfort Coffee Organic Peru Medium Roast, 2.5 lb Bag - Flavor Notes of Nutty, Chocolate, & Citrus - Sourced From Small, Peruvian Coffee Farms - Roasted Whole Beans
  • Premium Grade Whole Bean Coffee - The Organic Peru Medium Roast is a single-origin smooth coffee
  • Luscious Flavor Note Profiles - Flavor notes of Nutty, Chocolate, & Citrus make amazing coffee
  • 100% Roasted Whole Beans - 2.5 Lb resealable bag for maximum longevity, freshness, and flavor
  • Internationally Sourced Beans - Grown on mountainside farms at high elevation in Peru
  • Mt. Comfort Coffee - Our goal is to provide the most excellent single-origin coffee to our customers

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What Are Organic Coffee Beans

coffee beans
Top 10 Organic Coffee Beans | 2021 Review 29

In simplicity, organic coffee beans are grown and processed without using fertilizers or chemicals. The coffee farmers do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It also translates to roasting, processing, and packaging.

The organic standards vary depending on one country to another. For instance, in the USA, the organic standards are USDA. For coffee to pass as organic certified, there are various factors that you must achieve.

First, farmers should not use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers to grow coffee. Second, producers should also avoid using chemicals for processing, roasting, decaffeinating, and packing coffee beans. The USDA organic certification is the most commonly used organic label on coffee bags. 

Top 10 Organic Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021

The benefit of using organic coffee beans is that they are eco-friendly. Most of the pesticides and fertilizers can be harmful to the environment. On the other hand, organic coffee helps to preserve the environment. 

If you love a perfect sip of organic coffee, make a selection from the organic coffee beans below:

1. 2LB Subtle Earth Organic Whole Coffee Beans

Sale 2LB Subtle Earth Organic Coffee - Medium-Dark Roast - Whole Bean Coffee - 100% Arabica Beans - Low Acidity and Non-GMO - 2lb bag

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The Subtle Earth coffee beans are from the Don Pablo brand. The coffee beans are 100% Arabica and GMO-free. If you love a strong cup of joe to help you start your daily routine, the Subtle coffee beans are caffeinated.

One of the advantages of using whole coffee beans is that you’re free to grind to your most preferred grind size. The Don Pablo coffee beans have a USDA organic seal on the packaging back.

Various people enjoy different roast levels. The Subtle Earth organic coffee has a medium-dark roast with low acidity. However, you can also select from light and dark roasts. To achieve a fresh, delicious cup of coffee, Don Pablo roasts the coffee beans in small batches. 

The origin of the Subtle Earth coffee beans is Honduras. The brand grows, picks, and processes the coffee beans in Colombia

What is your favorite brew style? You can use the coffee beans to brew coffee using the traditional drip machine, espresso, french press, and hand drip brewing methods. 

2. Mayorga Organics Whole Bean Coffee

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The whole coffee beans from Mayorga have a dark roast. With the coffee beans, you can brew different brew styles. That is pour-over, espresso, stovetop, and drip brewing.

The slow roasting process helps to achieve a distinct, high-quality taste. Mayorga coffee beans are eco-friendly as they are USDA certified and GMO-free.

The main types of coffee beans are Robusta and Arabica. While some brands will blend the two types of coffee beans, Mayorga organic coffee beans are 100% Arabica.

Based on your roast preference, you can make a selection from the various roast types that the brand offers. The signature roast for the coffee beans is Café Cubano with a dark roast. 

Mayorga offers a risk-free, money-back guarantee for clients who are not satisfied with the products. The coffee beans are Direct Trade and Kosher certified.

3. Kicking Horse Coffee

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Have you sipped coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee? How was your experience? If you’re looking to test coffee beans from a different brand, you may consider the Three Sisters coffee beans from Kicking Horse. 

Three Sisters caffeinated coffee beans are Kosher and Fair Trade certified. The brand recommends using the coffee beans for French Press, drip, pour-over, and cold brewing.  

Kicking Horse offers you a variety of aromas and taste notes. The coffee beans can either have a medium and dark roast. If you do not take strong caffeine, the brand has decaffeinated coffee as well.

The Arabica beans have a medium roast. Their origin is Indonesia, Central, and South America. The coffee beans have the taste notes of cocoa and stone fruit, with the aroma of toasted coconut, sweet dried fruit, and chocolate malt. 

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Holler Mountain Whole Bean Organic Coffee

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Coffee can quickly go stale if you leave it open. The safest way to store coffee beans is by placing them in air-tight packaging. You should use the coffee beans within two weeks after opening the packaging bag.

The packaging bag maintains the freshness of the coffee beans for 90 days. Besides the coffee beans, you can also purchase ground coffee from the brand. 

Stumptown coffee beans have a Holler Mountain flavor with citrus zest, caramel, and Hazelnut taste notes. Depending on your roast preference, you can select from light to dark- roast types. 

The brand has been in the coffee industry for over 20 years. Each bag has a capacity of 12 ounces, and the coffee beans are ideal for drip brewing.

Stumptown coffee beans are a blend of East African and Latin American coffee beans. You can as well use the coffee with milk. 

5. Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast, Whole Coffee Bean

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Kicking Horse coffee beans are Fair Trade certified. If you’re not sure what it means, Fair Trade upholds the satisfaction of the consumer and the farmers. 

It shares the profits from the coffee sale with the farmers to empower and improve their lives. Additionally, it regulates the prices to make the coffee beans affordable for the consumers.

The whole coffee beans have a dark roast and are caffeinated. Kicking Horse Kick Ass coffee beans are Kosher and Organic certified. You can use the coffee beans with a French Press, cold brew, pour-over, and drip machine. 

As for the taste notes, the Kick Ass coffee beans have licorice, chocolate malt, molasses, and an earthy lingering finish. 

6. SF Bay Coffee Organic Rainforest Blend Whole Bean

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The fastest way to check whether coffee beans are organic is by looking for the USDA organic label on the packaging bag. Depending on your preference on the roasting level, the coffee beans have a medium, dark, and extra dark Italian roast. 

The temperature change within roasting takes 12-20 minutes to determine the strength of the coffee beans. After the coffee bean roasting process is complete, the next step is tasting. 

Depending on your brewing method, the San Francisco coffee beans are not limited to specific brew styles. You can use them with an AeroPress, Moka pot, espresso machine, drip, and pour-over coffee maker.

Coffee lovers can make a selection from multiple flavors. San Francisco coffee beans are 100% Arabica. They have a medium roast with taste notes of sweet berry and dark chocolate. 

7. Organic Coffee Co. DECAF Hurricane Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

The Organic Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee - DECAF Hurricane Espresso Roast (2lb Bag), Medium Dark Roast, Swiss Water Processed, USDA Organic

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As more coffee brands continue to process and package coffee beans, it means that you’re likely to find an option that works best for you. The Organic Coffee Co. is a brand with different flavors to choose from.

As a family-owned company, it offers a satisfaction guarantee for members who do not like their product. The decaf, espresso coffee beans are Kosher and USDA organic certified. 

In addition to the coffee beans, you can also buy ground coffee. The origin of the beans is in Central America, and the taste notes are dark berries, brown spice, and milk chocolate. 

The coffee beans from Organic Coffee Co. are 100% Arabica. The brand uses the water process to extract caffeine for decaf coffee. 

8. SF Bay Coffee DECAF Gourmet Blend Whole Beans

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For coffee beans to pass for organic, the coffee farmers and producers should use natural products instead of chemicals and synthetic pesticides. 

San Francisco Bay uses the water process to decaffeinate the coffee beans. The 100% Arabica coffee beans have a medium to light roast with tasting notes of chocolate, sweet mandarin, and toasted almond.

With the coffee beans, you can brew coffee for espresso, drip, french press, and pour-over. The coffee beans have a medium roast and are Kosher certified. 

The brand ensures quality by tasting the resulting coffee after a roasting process. The temperature change between 12-20 minutes within the roasting helps transition the coffee beans from the raw stage to perfection. 

9. Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso Whole Coffee Beans

Intelligentsia Coffee, Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee - Black Cat Espresso 12 Ounce Bag with Flavor Notes of Stone Fruit, Dark Sugars and Dark Chocolate

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Coffee beans can either be decaffeinated or caffeinated. Coffee brands offer consumers a selection between the two options. Hence, before you make a purchase, check whether the coffee beans are within your preference. 

A pack of Intelligentsia coffee beans has a capacity of 12 ounces. The Caffeinated coffee beans have a medium roast, but you can also choose ground coffee.

One of the ways of determining the freshness is to check the roasting date. From the packaging bag, Intelligentsia indicates the roasted date. The origin of the Black Cat espresso whole coffee beans is in Brazil and Colombia. 

The tasting notes for the coffee beans are dark chocolate, stone fruit, and dark sugars. Intelligentsia coffee beans are Direct Trade certified. If you love a perfect cup of espresso, you can consider testing the Black Cat espresso coffee. 

To remove the caffeine content in the coffee beans, the brand uses the water process. The resulting coffee beans are chemical-free and rich in flavor. Besides the Black Cat Classic flavor, there are a variety of flavors to select. 

10. Organic Peru SW Decaf Coffee Beans

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Fair Trade Organic Peruvian Water-Processed Decaf, 5 lb (80 oz), Kosher, Medium Roast Whole Bean

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The decaffeinated coffee beans are USDA and Fair Trade certified. The method of removing caffeine from the coffee beans is the Swiss water process. 

Peruvian decaf coffee beans have a medium roast with almond, sweet cream, and chocolate taste notes. The single-origin coffee beans are from Cajamarca, Peru. Available sizes to select from are 2 LB, 5 LB, and 12 ounces. 

Here’s a comparison table for the coffee beans above. It highlights the price, brand, and star rating according to Amazon. 

Organic Coffee BeansBrandPriceStar rating
Subtle Earth Organic Coffee beansCafe Don Pablo$23.954.6 out of 5
Mayorga Café Cubano RoastMayorgafrom $19.994.6 out of 5
Three Sisters whole coffee beansKicking Horse Coffee$26.004.6 out of 5
Holler Mountain Whole coffee BeansStumptown Coffee RoastersNot available yet4.4 out of 5
Kick Ass coffee beansKicking Horse Coffee$30.004.6 out of 5
SF Bay Organic coffee beansSan Francisco Bay$28.584.5 out of 5
Organic Coffee Co. decaf coffee beans The Organic Coffee CO.$31.454.4 out of 5
SF Bay Coffee decaf coffee beansSan Francisco Bay$27.904.5 out of 5
Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic EspressoIntelligentsiafrom $29.994.4 out of 5
Organic Peru SW decafFresh Roasted Coffee LLC $51.994.5 out of 5

Benefits of Using Organic Whole Bean Coffee

dark coffee beans
Top 10 Organic Coffee Beans | 2021 Review 30

Coffee, whether decaf or caffeinated, is a preferred beverage. According to statistics,  64% of adults in America drink coffee daily. In a year, approximately 146 billion cups of coffee are consumed by Americans. 

So, are you looking for the health benefits of taking organic coffee? Do you think organic coffee is bad for you? If you’re not sure why you should take organic coffee, here are the benefits you should be aware of.

1. Organic coffee beans have no chemicals. 

Organic coffee does not make use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers from the growing to the packaging stage. To extract caffeine without using chemical additives, the safest method is the water process.

Pesticides, fertilizers, and chemical additives are a threat to the health of consumers and farmers. The benefit of taking organic coffee is that it uses natural methods to grow and roast coffee beans.

2. Organic farming is eco-friendly.

Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used for coffee farming can be a threat to the environment. Since organic coffee does not rely on chemical additives, it is eco-friendly. Farmers use natural fertilizers, which are healthy for the soil and other crops.

3. Reduces health-related issues

As earlier mentioned, organic coffee does not have synthetic chemicals. Hence, it is safe for consumers. Coffee that is rich in caffeine, is an immune booster and enhances the proper functioning of the brain.

4. Coffee is an energy booster

Most coffee lovers cannot start a day without a cup of joe. Whether you take caffeinated or decaf coffee, it acts as an energy booster to start the day. Hence, drinking coffee that is free from chemicals and fertilizers is one of the ways of boosting your energy. 

5. Organic coffee is rich in taste

One of the contributors to the taste of coffee is the soil. If the farmers use natural methods to grow coffee, the soil will be rich in natural nutrients.

It translates to coffee-growing as it picks the nutrients from the soil. Non-organic coffee has pesticides and fertilizer, which may interfere with the taste of the coffee beans. On the other hand, organic coffee is rich in high-quality taste and flavor. 

Drawbacks of Organic Coffee Beans

Despite the health and environmental benefits the organic coffee beans have, they also have some drawbacks. 

1. Organic coffee is not always free of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. 

Not all farmers will manage to grow chemical-free coffee. It is not easy for the consumer to prove that the coffee beans do not have fertilizer or pesticide components. 

2. Organic coffee is expensive.

Organic coffee beans have a higher price compared to non-organic coffee. You can check the prices from various brands before you make a final buying decision. If you’re working on a tight budget, you may need to adjust it to accommodate the cost of the coffee beans.

3. It is not easy to control pests and diseases.

Controlling the pests and diseases from destroying the coffee plants can sometimes be a daunting task. Despite using natural fertilizers, the methods are not always productive. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For a beginner looking for the best coffee beans, you need to have the necessary information before purchasing. With this buying guide, we have answered some of the common questions which you may already have. Let’s dive right in!

1. Which Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Organic Coffee Beans?

Organic standards are not always the same. It varies from one country to another. The most common and popular organic standard is the USDA organic. 

As the consumer, the main factors that you should consider before purchasing organic coffee beans are:

Organic seal

The ‘organic certified’ seal is visible on the packaging bag of the coffee beans. USDA is an abbreviation for the United States Department of Agriculture. 

It means that the coffee beans meet the required organic standards. Before you make a selection, find out if the coffee beans have the USDA organic seal. 


Some coffee brands will label the coffee beans as GMO-free or non-GMO. Genetically modified substances may be harmful to your health. Buying non-GMO coffee beans are a great immune and energy booster. 


Organic coffee beans have a slightly higher price compared to non-organic coffee beans. You can check the prices of various coffee brands before making a purchase. 

Preservation method

Before you place the coffee beans in a cart, check the roasting date and the preservation method. Avoid storing the coffee beans in the freezer or refrigerator.

You need to store the coffee beans in an air-tight bag to keep them fresh. Stumptown coffee, for instance, recommends using the coffee beans within two weeks after opening. 

Checking the roast date helps you plan and estimate how long you will need to use the coffee beans. 

Decaf process

There are various processes involved in decaffeinating coffee beans. The water process is a natural method of removing caffeine from organic coffee beans. 

It does not use chemical additives like in non-organic coffee beans. The resulting coffee beans are rich in flavor and aroma. 

Fair Trade certified

Fair Trade certification means that brands uphold the equality and equitable share of profits with the farmers. It reduces the exploitation of farmers, upholds gender equality, and regulates fair prices for consumers. 

2. How do you purchase organic coffee beans?

If you’re from the regions that grow coffee beans like Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia, you can shop locally from the coffee producers.

However, you can also order from online stores, buy from supermarkets or coffee stores. You can shop for coffee beans from a coffee store. 

3. Why should you consider taking organic coffee over non-organic coffee?

As mentioned earlier, organic coffee beans use natural fertilizers. Organic products are chemical-free, meaning they do not have additives harmful to the environment, farmers, and consumers. Organic coffee is rich in taste and produces high-quality coffee. 

Organic coffee does not have synthetic chemicals that can sometimes interfere with the taste of coffee. 

4. Which is the best grinder to grind coffee beans at home?

Various coffee brands that process and pack coffee beans also have other coffee options like grounds and pods. If you do not want to grind coffee at home, you may consider other forms of coffee. 

To grind coffee beans, you need a grinder. Coffee grinders are either electric or manual. Examples are Mr. Coffee, Hamilton, Cuisinart, Breville, and Javapresse. 

The grinders have conical or burr blades to grind. To grind for espresso, you need a fine grind and coarse grind size for french press. 

Depending on your brew style, make sure that you adjust the grind size on your grinder before you begin brewing

5. Are Organic Coffee Beans Healthy?

Organic coffee beans are healthy as they do not have chemicals that can compromise your health. If you’re looking for a change from the non-organic coffee beans, you make a selection from our top ten list of organic coffee beans.

Organic coffee is grown, processed, roasted, and packed without using fertilizer and chemical additives. The decaf process is also chemical-free. 

There are so many benefits of using organic coffee, as highlighted above. Buying coffee with the USDA organic label means that you uphold eco-friendly and natural methods that result in chemical-free coffee. 

If you’re looking for more options on coffee beans, you can check our buying guide here. Which organic coffee beans will you be buying first?

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