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As a coffee lover, do you prefer using Arabica or Robusta Coffee beans? Have you sipped coffee from the Vietnamese coffee beans? Vietnam tops as the second-largest coffee exporter in the world. 

If you want to remain caffeinated and enjoy every cup of joe before you start your day, you definitely need to consider Vietnamese coffee beans. A coffee beans about the coffee beans from Vietnam is that they are Robusta.

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Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee. Strong Dark Roast Vietnamese Coffee - Moon Bear Premium 20 Ounce Bag
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Trung Nguyen — Premium Blend — Roasted Ground Coffee Blend — Strong and Bold — Arabica & Robusta — Chocolate Flavor — Vietnamese Coffee 1 Can (15 oz)
  • ☕【TRUNG NGUYEN’S G7 PREMIUM BLEND】 — Trung Nguyen offers a premium blend of arabica and robusta beans with notes of chocolate — 15 ounces per can
  • ☕【BOLD FLAVOR & FRAGRANT AROMA】 — With an exclusive recipe and meticulous bean selection process, TRUNG NGUYEN Premium Blend is bold, strong, and creates a lasting aroma
  • ☕【VIETNAMESE BLEND】 — By using Vietnamese traditional roasting techniques, TRUNG NGUYEN Premium Blend delivers a quality cup of coffee
  • ☕【VERSATILE PREPARATION】 — Trung Nguyen Premium Blend is ground to be suitable for various brewing methods including a Vietnamese Phin Filter, drip brewer, moka pot, and French Press
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Trung Nguyen Espresso Whole Bean Coffee - 100% Arabica - Espresso Coffee Specialist - 1 Bag (17.6oz)
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Trung Nguyen Espresso Whole Bean Coffee - 100% Arabica - Espresso Coffee Specialist - 1 Bag (17.6oz)
  • HIGH-QUALITY WHOLE BEAN COFFEE - Trung Nguyen takes pride in our commitment to delivering a premium cup of coffee by growing and harvesting our own beans on our plantation
  • 100% ARABICA - Indulge in the delightful combination of fruity and aromatic flavor notes that our Arabica beans bring to your cup. We carefully select and roast our beans to ensure a truly satisfying coffee experience
  • VERSATILE BEANS FOR YOUR UNIQUE TASTE - Trung Nguyen's whole espresso beans are not limited to one brewing method. Whether you prefer pulling a rich shot through an espresso machine, enjoying a pour-over, using a drip brewer, a French press, or a moka pot, our beans adapt to your preferred style
  • SUSTAINABLY GROWN - By investing in environmentally friendly methods, we produce some of the world's most delicious coffees while caring for the planet
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Since 1996, Trung Nguyen has been the leading Vietnamese coffee as we prioritize delivering exceptional quality to our valued customers

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Vietnam has both Arabica and Robusta coffee. However, the highest percentage of Vietnam coffee is Robusta. The traditional method of preparing Vietnamese coffee involves dark roasting the coffee beans and using a Vietnamese filter to brew. 

Are you looking for the difference between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans? Check out our guide for more information. 

If you need help with Vietnamese coffee beans, then this guide is for you. We’ll also give you details of the top Vietnamese coffee brands. 

Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Vietnamese Coffee Beans

Robusta coffee beans have higher caffeine content as compared to Arabica coffee. The caffeine in the Robusta coffee beans makes it strong, dark, and easily bitter. When brewing this type of coffee, the Vietnamese add sweetened condensed milk or sugar to improve the taste. 

Robusta coffee contributes to 97% of the coffee produced in Vietnam. You can mix the Vietnam coffee with other coffee blends to enhance the taste and deliver a perfect cup of joe.

If you’re looking for a change, you may consider Vietnamese coffee beans. You can buy the pre-packaged coffee grounds or pre-roasted Vietnamese coffee beans.

So, let’s get started with the best Vietnamese coffee beans to try in 2021.

1. Trung Nguyen – Premium Blend

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If you cannot start a day without coffee, you may consider trying a different flavor of Vietnamese coffee from the Trung Nguyen brand. It is for coffee lovers who prefer an intense coffee flavor.

The Trung Nguyen premium brand is a traditional Vietnamese coffee made from Arabica coffee beans, Robusta coffee beans, and hints of chocolate. The Arabica coffee beans contribute a higher percentage of 59.9%.

To make the brewing process easy for you, the coffee pack has caffeinated ground coffee with a medium roast.  

  • The Trung Nguyen blend has low acidity. The chocolate blend and fruity fragrance delivers a quality cup of joe to start your morning routine and keep you caffeinated.
  • It is a perfect gift for a coffee lover who appreciates a quality cup of coffee.
  • Trung Nguyen brand delivers ground coffee with intense flavor and smooth texture.
  • The artisans roast the coffee beans at different temperatures to ensure that the Vietnamese coffee beans deliver the ideal aroma and flavor.
  • The aftertaste from the coffee is bitter.

2. Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee

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Grinding fresh coffee beans at home ensures that you have a fresh cup of coffee every time you need to sip. The Chestbrew coffee beans are dark roasted

Do you have a favorite coffee brew style? You can use Vietnamese coffee to brew using a Chemex, cold coffee, iced coffee, hot brew, french press, and drip coffee. 

The Chestbrew Vietnamese coffee beans are 100% Arabica. They are freshly roasted in a USFDA approved roasting facility. The premium roast saves you coffee roasting time for a busy day. 

Coffee beans are packed in an air-tight bag with a seal to prevent air from getting in and interfering with the original taste of the coffee beans. The packaging bag has a capacity of 20 ounces of whole coffee beans. 

  • The Chestbrew whole coffee beans have a rich flavor. It comes with bold, strong, sweet, and exotic flavors.
  • The packaging of the coffee beans keeps the coffee beans fresh.
  • The coffee beans are suitable for various brewing styles.
  • For cold brew coffee lovers, the Chestbrew coffee beans deliver a sweet cup of coffee that is not sour or bitter.
  • The coffee beans maintain a consistent and sweet cup of coffee.
  • Smooth taste, not suitable for lovers of strong coffee

3. Loyalty Blend Whole Peaberry Robusta Arabica Coffee Bean

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Loyalty coffee beans are from the Nguyen brand. The coffee beans are a 50/50 blend from Arabica and Robusta. If you prefer a medium roast for your coffee beans, the Loyalty coffee beans are an ideal option. 

The coffee beans are used for all brewing styles. These are pour-over, French press, drip coffee, and espresso machines. The coffee beans are medium roasted to produce coffee with a strong flavor.

The pack has a capacity of 12 ounces of whole Vietnamese coffee beans. However, the coffee beans are from Vietnam, while the roasting is done in Brooklyn. 

  • The roasting process maintains the flavor of the coffee beans. The roasters do not use additives or fillers to enhance the taste of the coffee beans.
  • The tasting notes for the Loyalty blend are smoked caramel, Almonds, Cacao, and Pomelo.
  • The coffee beans have low acidity.
  • You’re free to select from the available sizes a pack that works for you. The pack sizes are 12 and 80 ounces.
  • The coffee beans have a medium roast.
  • The available pack sizes make it easy to select and purchase coffee beans based on your coffee preference.
  • The coffee beans can be pricey.

4. Dakoli Coffee – The Pure Vietnamese Coffee

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Dakoli coffee is from the Dakoli coffee brand. It offers whole coffee beans and pre-ground coffee. Hence, if you prefer to grind your coffee beans at home, you can budget for the Dakoli coffee beans. 

Each Dakoli coffee pack has a capacity of 12 ounces, which is 340 grams. Both the ground coffee and coffee beans have a medium roast and traditional flavor.

However, they differ in the type of flavor. The coffee beans have an original flavor, while the grounds have a traditional, dark chocolate flavor. Dakoli offers a brewing recipe on the packaging bag.

  • The brand allows you to return the coffee beans or grounds with no conditions.
  • Dakoli coffee has more caffeine to keep you caffeinated.
  • The roasting is achieved at the ideal temperature to help you brew coffee that is rich in flavor.
  • Brews coffee with a Vietnamese coffee maker with a Phin filter and an espresso machine.
  • You can improve the taste of the coffee by adding sugar or condensed milk.
  • Vietnamese coffee is not suitable for someone who does brew a strong cup of coffee.

5. Trung Nguyen – G7 3 In 1 Instant Coffee – 100 Packets

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The Trung Nguyen coffee pack has 100 packets, and each has 16 grams. The caffeinated ground coffee has an original flavor. If you do not have a portable coffee maker, the 3 in 1 packet is suitable for coffee-making while on the go.

Besides, it is easier to make coffee at home if you do not have a coffee maker. Each packet has ground coffee that is mixed with a creamer and sugar. Hence, referred to as 3 in 1. 

Making coffee using the packets is easy. To make iced coffee, you need 4 ounces of hot water and coffee. Next, pour the resulting coffee over ice cubes in a cup. To make coffee in a mug, you require two packets of instant coffee

  • Brewing coffee using the packets is fast and easy. It takes 10 seconds to make a perfect cup of joe.
  • The 3 in 1 coffee packet makes it easy to brew coffee while on the move. If you cannot start a day without caffeine, the packets are easy to carry and make coffee.
  • You need 75 ml of coffee to brew coffee with the Trung Nguyen coffee packets.
  • Coffee from the packets is rich in flavor. It has a combination of coffee from Ethiopia, Vietnam, Brazil, and Jamaica.
  • The coffee packets work with various brew styles.
  • For multiple servings, you may end up using more packets.
  • This type of coffee may not satisfy your coffee taste buds.

Considerations When Buying Vietnamese Coffee

From the Vietnamese coffee beans review above, there are multiple brands offering coffee beans. So, how will you know that a particular brand will work for you? If you have not used Vietnamese coffee before, check out the buying guide below:

1. Coffee beans or ground coffee

vietnamese coffee beans
Top 5 Vietnamese Coffee Beans You Can Buy In 2021 18

Vietnamese coffee can be both coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. Are you a coffee lover who prefers grinding coffee beans at home or using pre-ground coffee?

With coffee beans, you’re free to choose the grind size for the different brewing styles. Besides, you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in each brewing. 

However, if you need to keep caffeinated as you travel, go out for adventure, camping, or hiking, you need the pre-ground coffee. The Trung Nguyen packets are ideal for making coffee while on the move as they are easily portable. 

2. Type of Vietnam coffee

Another factor to consider when buying Vietnam coffee beans is the type of coffee. As earlier mentioned, Vietnam coffee is 97% Robusta. However, coffee brands blend both Arabica and Robusta coffee to deliver high-quality coffee that is not bitter. 

Robusta coffee is bitter, has high caffeine content, and has low flavor. On the other hand, Arabica coffee is less acidic, sweet, and rich in flavor. 

Therefore, if you want to try Vietnamese coffee beans, consider checking whether they are 100% Arabica, Robusta, or a blend of both. 

3. Roast Type

roasting coffee
Top 5 Vietnamese Coffee Beans You Can Buy In 2021 19

Do you prefer coffee that is dark or medium roasted? Based on your preference, you can always get an option from the various brands. Before you conclude on a roast type, make sure you consider the brew style. 

Dark roast is suitable for coffee lovers who prefer a strong drink. Therefore, if you’re not in this category, you may opt for a light or medium roast. 

4. Flavor

Taste is a broad category that includes aroma and flavor. The Vietnamese coffee differs in taste based on the two. Check the flavor of Vietnamese coffee before you make a buying decision. 

5. Price

The price of Vietnamese coffee is another factor you have to consider. Do you want to spend a specific budget, or you’re open to various prices?

Various brands in the market are offering Vietnamese coffee, and they all differ in their prices. You can compare the prices and come up with a working budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there questions you have about Vietnamese coffee beans? Check out the answers in this section:

  1. How do you make Vietnamese coffee?

To make Vietnamese coffee, you need a Vietnamese coffee filter, also referred to as a phin. You can get the coffee filter from a coffee store. 

filter paper
Top 5 Vietnamese Coffee Beans You Can Buy In 2021 20

If you’re using Vietnamese coffee beans, grind them with a coffee grinder and add the grounds to the Phin filter. Place the filter on a brewing cup and add hot water. 

Wait for the water and coffee mixture to bloom. Add more water to the filter. The brewing process takes approximately four minutes. Once the brewing is complete, you can add sweetened condensed milk or sugar to enhance the taste. 

  1. Which are the brew styles to use with Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese coffee allows you to brew different coffee styles. It does not limit you to drip coffee brewing. Due to its versatility, you can brew using a French press, Chemex, cold brew, and iced coffee brewing.

  1. Which is better, instant coffee or traditional coffee?

To brew using instant coffee or traditional coffee depends on your preference. However, instant coffee may not always meet your coffee needs. 

With traditional coffee, you’re in control of the brewing process. It means that the resulting coffee will be to your desired taste. However, if you do not have a portable coffee maker like an AeroPress coffee maker, you can consider using instant coffee.

Are The Vietnamese Coffee Beans Worth Buying?

As a coffee lover, trying other coffee brands helps to satisfy your coffee taste buds. Vietnamese coffee beans are worth giving a shot. Consider making a selection from the various brands listed above.

Vietnamese coffee does not require you to have coffee brewing skills. You can select from pre-ground coffee or whole coffee beans. To make an authentic cup of traditional Vietnamese coffee, you need to use a phin filter. 

With Vietnamese coffee, you can brew various coffee styles. If you prefer using coffee beans, grind them to your preferred grind size before brewing. 

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